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2012 NBA Mock Draft: Round Two

Written by Paul Banks of the Washington Times, and David Kay of the The Sports Bank.
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Updated: June 28, 2012.
Team needs and outstanding trades HAVE been taken into account with this mock draft.

  1. Charlotte Bobcats: Festus Ezeli, C, Vanderbilt, 6-11, Sr.
    The Bobcats add some more size inside; small forward could also be an option.

  2. Washington Wizards: Evan Fournier, SG, France, 6-6, 1992
    Drafting a foreign talent like Evan Fournier and stashing him overseas for a year or two would make sense.

  3. Cleveland Cavaliers: Tyshawn Taylor, PG, Kansas, 6-4, Sr.
    Tyshawn Taylor could fill a void at point guard behind Kyrie Irving, but also play with him at times, too.

  4. Cleveland Cavaliers: Drew Gordon, PF, New Mexico, 6-9, Sr.
    The Cavaliers need to add some depth to their frontcourt.

  5. Golden State Warriors: Scott Machado, PG, Iona, 6-2, Sr.
    The Warriors could use a true distributor behind Stephen Curry.

  6. Sacramento Kings: Miles Plumlee, C, Duke, 7-0, Sr.
    It pains me to put Miles Plumlee in my mock draft since he was pretty worthless during his time at Duke. However, NBA teams love size and athleticism which Plumlee possesses.

  7. Toronto Raptors: Darius Miller, G/F, Kentucky, 6-7, Sr.
    Darius Miller is the ultimate glue guy and could find a role off the bench for the Raptors.

  8. Denver Nuggets: Doron Lamb, SG, Kentucky, 6-5, So.
    Doron Lamb is just too good of a value for the Nuggets to pass up here, and I can't believe Lamb is going to fall this low.

  9. Detroit Pistons: Darius Johnson-Odom, SG, Marquette, 6-3, Sr.
    The Pistons have a need for a scoring shooting guard since trading Ben Gordon.

  10. Portland Blazers: Jae Crowder, SF, Marquette, 6-6, Sr.
    The Blazers are looking for depth at small forward since trading Gerald Wallace.

  11. Portland Blazers: Henry Sims, C, Georgetown, 7-0, Sr.
    The Blazers don't have a true center under contract for next season.

  12. Milwaukee Bucks: Kim English, G/F, Missouri, 6-6, Sr.
    Kim English is a versatile talent, and the Bucks need some depth on the wing.

  13. Atlanta Hawks: Jared Cunningham, SG, Oregon State, 6-5, Jr.
    Again, the Hawks need depth all over since they only have six players under contract for next season.

  14. Detroit Pistons: Tomas Sotaransky, SG, Czech Republic, 6-8, 1991
    The Pistons go the foreign route with their third pick of the draft.

  15. Philadelphia 76ers: Kevin Murphy, SG, Tennessee Tech, 6-6, Sr.
    The Sixers grab a shooter since Jodie Meeks is a restricted free agent.

  16. New Orleans Hornets: Kris Joseph, SF, Syracuse, 6-7, Sr.
    Trading Trevor Ariza created a need for depth at small forward.

  17. Utah Jazz: Orlando Johnson, SG, UC-Santa Barbara, 6-5, Sr.
    The Jazz should be looking for depth on the wing since C.J. Miles and Josh Howard are free agents.

  18. New York Knicks: Kevin Jones, PF, West Virginia, 6-7, Sr.
    The Knicks need depth all over and take the best player available.

  19. Orlando Magic: Khris Middleton, SF, Texas A&M, 6-8, Jr.
    Orlando likely takes the best player on the board at this point.

  20. Denver Nuggets: Kostas Papanikolaou, SF, Greece, 6-8, 1990
    Since their core is under contract for next season, the Nuggets could go the foreign route again.

  21. Boston Celtics: William Buford, SG, Ohio State, 6-5, Sr.
    The Celtics should look to add a shooter with one of their three picks given that Ray Allen is a free agent.

  22. Golden State Warriors: Furkan Aldemir, PF, Turkey, 6-9, 1991
    The Warriors go the foreign route with their fourth pick of the draft.

  23. Los Angeles Clippers: Bernard James, C, Florida State, 6-10, Sr.
    The Clippers need depth on the wing and in their frontcourt. Ergo, the team takes the best available player for one of those spots.

  24. Philadelphia 76ers: Tornike Shengelia, SF, Georgia, 6-9, 1991
    The 76ers have three picks in the draft, so going the foreign route makes sense.

  25. Dallas Mavericks: Hollis Thompson, SF, Georgetown, 6-8, Jr.
    Hollis Thompson is a solid value here for a team looking for depth on the wing.

  26. Toronto Raptors: Leon Radosevic, F/C, Croatia, 6-10, 1991
    The Raptors go the foreign route with their third pick of the draft.

  27. Brooklyn Nets: Mike Scott, F, Virginia, 6-8, Sr.
    The Nets need depth all over, especially at forward since Gerald Wallace and Kris Humphries are free agents.

  28. Minnesota Timberwolves: Kyle O'Quinn, C, Norfolk State, 6-10, Sr.
    Darko is not the long-term solution as Minnesota's backup center.

  29. San Antonio Spurs: Marcus Denmon, SG, Missouri, 6-3, Sr.
    The Spurs always seem to find second-round steals; that's exactly what Marcus Denmon could be at this point.

  30. Los Angeles Lakers: Tu Holloway, PG, Xavier, 6-0, Sr.
    The Lakers continue to look for an answer at point guard, especially since Ramon Sessions will be a free agent.

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Written by Paul Banks of the Washington Times, and David Kay of the The Sports Bank.
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