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2012 NBA Offseason: Dallas Mavericks

Draft Grades, Offseason Needs, Free Agents

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Dallas Mavericks (Last Year: 36-30)

Live 2012 NBA Draft Grades:

24. Jared Cunningham, G, Oregon State: F Grade
I don't get the fascination with Cunningham one bit. He's an athletic shooting guard who can't do the shooting part. I had him graded out as a mid-second-round pick, so to grab him at No. 24 seems outrageous for me. Glass half-full; Dallas does need depth at the two, but I would have gone with Will Barton or Doron Lamb over Cunningham in a second.

33. Bernard James, C, Florida State: C+ Grade
A pretty incredible story for James, who will add some instant toughness inside for the Mavericks behind Brendan Haywood. James is 27-years old but could be able to step into a rotation role. This is a little too high for him though, hence the lower grade.

34. Jae Crowder, F, Marquette: A Grade
As a Marquette alumnus, I'm obviously biased here, but think Jae Crowder will add some more toughness and needed versatility for the Mavericks on the wing. There is some concern as to how he will transition to a small forward role, but knowing Crowder's work ethic, I don't think that will be a problem.

*** 2012 NBA Offseason Needs and Free Agents listed below this comment box. ***

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Dhienazho 01-03-2014 04:01 am (total posts: 1)
2     2

Colin, Afraid to say that there was no influence from S.O.A.P. on my novel (though I have suqeubesntly seen the movie). I do, though, much enjoy writing scenes that involve aircraft, as I spent 6 years in the Air Force, many years doing volunteer work with a group called The Commemorative Air Force (CAF) restoring a WW2 B-17 bomber, and have been around aircraft, in one capacity or another, for pretty much all my adult life. This likely shows in the writing where aircraft are involved in some way.233d
Frank Sieling 04-19-2013 03:14 pm (total posts: 1)
14     8

Jared Cunningham, the jury is still out on him because Rick Carlisle does not like to play rookies that much. Next will be a better indication of him as to whether he can play or not. The Mavericks needs some defensive toughness inside such as the center from Louisville.
Chris Garza 07-19-2012 04:33 pm (total posts: 3)
12     12

Well it sure looked the sky was falling when Deron Williams, Steve Nash and even Jason Kidd bailed on us but I feel very optimistic in the signing of Oj Mayo, and Darron Collison to go with Kaman and Brand! If you simply look at the west its pretty obvious that after OKC, LA, Sa and Memphis the 5-16 slot in the West is weak and up for grabs! I think the Mavs can challenge for the 5th playoff spot which would set up a nice 4-5 1st round playoff matchup.
Chris Garza 06-16-2012 04:43 pm (total posts: 3)
33     17

I am really worried about not signing Deron Williams! If the Mavs are able to sign him I think having him and Dirk will make other veteran free agents enticed to come to Dallas whether it's Cj Miles, Ray Allen etc. I think Dallas 1st move should be getting Kenyon Marshall from UNC in the draft, or if he is available get Perry Jones III from Baylor!
Wheres my comment 06-13-2012 08:03 am (total posts: 1)
29     14

chris garza 07-08-2011 10:49 am (total posts: 3)
54     32

peja got his ring so he can ride off into the sun. stevenson despite his toughness will not be resigned bcuz of the embarressment he cost the team after his arrest. butler to me is resignable if he choose to take less say 3 yrs 15 mill.
mprofetta 06-24-2011 05:14 pm (total posts: 2)
38     31

prediction: Grant Hill will be a Mav in 2012.
mprofetta 06-24-2011 11:25 am (total posts: 2)
26     31

I hate to pile on, but tp and Vince are dead right. Stevenson has carved out a role as a starting SG in the NBA BECAUSE OF his defensive ability.
lopnk 06-24-2011 10:18 am (total posts: 1)
31     29

Have fun watching Rudy CLANK all his wide open 3s off the rim. I'm not sure who reviewed this. But Rudy is not a proven vet. He was a one year wonder choke artist. Good riddance!!!
tp 06-23-2011 11:12 pm (total posts: 2)
29     32

we needed youth and got a steal at 26 in hamilton and then traded him for another vet?! dont get the trade but still great value for #26
mavs trade 06-23-2011 10:11 pm (total posts: 1)
25     28

hamilton for rudy fernandez
tp 06-23-2011 02:55 pm (total posts: 2)
29     33

how is stevenson not known for his defensive ability?! I'm english and i know that!
Ned 06-23-2011 02:39 pm (total posts: 1)
32     32

What they need to do is find some chump team to take on Haywoods contract to free up some cap space. Im not expecting much in the draft.

They will either get a Euro guy and stash him, or trade the pick
Vince 06-23-2011 01:31 pm (total posts: 1)
33     33

DeShawn Stevenson actually IS known for his defensive ability. It's his best quality.
Walter 06-23-2011 12:52 am (total posts: 1)
29     34

First comment... we're going to have comment boards like this all over the site soon. We're still working out the kinks, so this is not the finished product.

2011-12 Season Summary:
From winning the NBA Championship to barely squeaking into the Western Conference Playoffs and being swept out of the first round by the Oklahoma City Thunder; it was a drastic drop-off for Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks. It really isn't that shocking that Dallas dipped off like it did since the team was missing several key pieces from its title team. To put it bluntly, the replacements just didn't get the job done while some of the key veterans from the 2010-11 team underachieved which were contributing factors to their disappointing season.

Dirk Nowitzki saw his numbers slip a bit but still played at a high level, while Jason Terry and Shawn Marion provided solid contributions in their roles. The tank continues to approach empty for veteran floor leader Jason Kidd. His 39-year-old legs saw more time on the bench which led to his worst numbers as a professional.

Roddy Beaubois had an up and down third season in the league and didn't do anything to help his case for being the heir to Kidd's throne. Brendan Haywood is officially cementing his status as having one of the worst contracts in the NBA and might be entering amnesty territory this offseason.

One of the biggest surprises of the NBA season revolved around Lamar Odom. It seemed like an absolute steal when he was dealt to Dallas since all the Mavericks had to give up for one of the best sixth men in the league was a future first-round pick. Instead, Odom never meshed with the team, and just mentally never seemed engaged during the season, to the point where Dallas actually deactivated Mr. Khloe Kardashian late in the season.

Free agent acquisitions Vince Carter and Delonte West filled the void on the wing, but certainly didn't do provide the spark needed to get the Mavericks back to the promised land. Brandan Wright was a pleasant surprise, somewhat revitalizing his career after struggling once he arrived in the league.

2012-13 Projected Depth Chart:

C: Brendan Haywood

PF: Dirk Nowitzki/*Brandan Wright

SF: Shawn Marion/*Kelenna Azuibuke/Lamar Odom

SG: *Vince Carter/Dominique Jones

PG: Roddy Beaubois

NBA Free Agents:

PG-Jason Kidd (UFA)

SG-Jason Terry (UFA)

SG-Delonte West (UFA)

C-Ian Mahinmi (UFA)

PF-Brian Cardinal (UFA)

PF-Yi Jianlian (UFA)

*G/F-Vince Carter (TO)

*PF-Brandan Wright (TO)

*SF-Kelenna Azubuike (TO)

2012-13 Team Salary: Approximately $41.4 million

NBA Offseason Needs:

1. Go-to Wing Option: With Jason Terry and Delonte West free agents, and Dallas possibly cutting ties with Vince Carter, the Mavericks have a serious need for some scorers on the wing. Shawn Marion could be on the trading block this summer, but even if he is retained as the starting small forward, he is not a true scoring threat.

2. Point Guard: It appears as if the Kidd era in Dallas could be coming to an end as I stated above. However, Beaubois has not proved he is ready to take the reins. Deron Williams rumors have been floating around for quite some time, and while Dallas has the cap space to lure a player of Williams' value, it would limit what other moves the Mavericks could make in filling their other needs.

3. Get Something for Odom: One thing is for sure; Odom will NOT be a Maverick next season. The team can buyout his contract for $2.4 million and simply cut ties with its versatile lefty. Ideally, Dallas would love to find a trade partner to at least get something of value in return for Odom rather than just letting him walk away.

4. Frontcourt Depth: With Odom gone, Mahinmi a free agent, and Haywood pretty much a stiff seven-footer, the Mavericks need some frontcourt depth to help take some of the pressure off Nowitzki. Adding someone who can actually score with his back to the basket would be a plus.

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