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2012 Fantasy Football Rankings: Quarterbacks 11-20

These 2012 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings will be updated often throughout the summer, so make sure you check back from time to time. Also, be sure to check out my other 2012 Fantasy Football articles, which will include sleepers, busts, tons of 2012 Fantasy Football mock drafts and other material. Follow me @walterfootball for updates.

2012 Fantasy Football Rankings - Quarterbacks (Sept. 2):
Top 10 | 11-20 | 21-35

  1. Robert Griffin, QB, Redskins. Bye: 10.
    AUG. 11 UPDATE: Robert Griffin went 4-of-6 for 70 yards and a touchdown in the preseason opener, but every single pass he attempted should have been completed (two drops). Griffin showed great poise in the pocket. He went through all of his progressions and even forced the Bills offside on one occasion. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought I was watching a 5-year veteran.

    It's very close for me, but I'd rather have Robert Griffin over Andrew Luck because of his potential to accumulate rushing numbers. Think of Young Griff as more upside, but Luck as being safer. Both, however, should be low-end QB1s at the very worst despite the fact that they are rookies.

    Projected 2012 Fantasy Stats: 3,600 passing yards. 20 passing TDs. 16 INTs. 480 rushing yards. 5 rushing TDs.
    Projected 2012 Fantasy Points (ESPN Scoring): 270.

  2. Jay Cutler, QB, Bears. Bye: 6.
    AUG. 25 UPDATE: Jay Cutler struggled versus the Giants. The horrid pass protection affected him, but he missed open receivers all evening. There was one sequence where he underthrew Matt Forte and then threw behind his starting running back. Cutler went just 7-of-17 for 72 yards in the first half against the New York starters.

    Jay Cutler must be a happy man right now. Not only is Mike Martz gone, but the front office went out and secured a No. 1 receiver for him.

    Cutler and Brandon Marshall posted monstrous numbers together in Denver prior to the hiring of Josh McDaniels. The last time Cutler played with Marshall, he threw for 4,526 yards, 25 touchdowns and 18 interceptions in 2008. He's a QB1 again, but don't expect anything too crazy. Remember that he won't have to throw as much as he did with the Broncos because he has a much better defense.

    Projected 2012 Fantasy Stats: 4,100 passing yards. 27 passing TDs. 16 INTs. 150 rushing yards. 1 rushing TD.
    Projected 2012 Fantasy Points (ESPN Scoring): 261.

  3. Andrew Luck, QB, Colts. Bye: 4.
    AUG. 13 UPDATE: Andrew Luck went 10-of-16 for 188 yards and two touchdowns (along with a 9-yard scramble) in his debut. He was amazing. He showed great poise in the pocket, played mind games with the Rams' safeties and converted plenty of third downs, leading the Colts to three trips into the end zone in four possessions. Luck is a stud and is fully capable of posting low-end QB1 numbers as a rookie. Feel free to draft him as a high-upside backup.

    You can't go wrong with either of the top two rookie quarterbacks this year. Andrew Luck will pick up rushing yardage, as he has very underrated athleticism. He's more Aaron Rodgers than Peyton Manning. It's risky to draft him as a starter, but he's a high-end QB2 with major QB1 potential. He'll be asked to throw a lot because his defense is terrible.

    Projected 2012 Fantasy Stats: 3,900 passing yards. 23 passing TDs. 17 INTs. 280 rushing yards. 3 rushing TDs.
    Projected 2012 Fantasy Points (ESPN Scoring): 260.

  4. Matt Schaub, QB, Texans. Bye: 8.
    Matt Schaub missed six games, but he was only on pace to throw for 3,970 yards - a number that would have been a career low for him in a 16-game slate. The reason is the defense. In the past, Schaub had to throw a lot because he was always trailing. Wade Phillips' presence changed that. Schaub is no longer a fantasy stud, but he's still a borderline QB1.

    Projected 2012 Fantasy Stats: 4,050 passing yards. 28 passing TDs. 10 INTs. 20 rushing yards. 0 rushing TDs.
    Projected 2012 Fantasy Points (ESPN Scoring): 256.

  5. QB Eagles No. 7, QB, Eagles. Bye: 7.
    AUG. 21 UPDATE: Eagles QB No. 7 suffered a rib injury on the second drive. He was slow to get up after a hard hit from Jermaine Cunningham. He then walked gingerly to the locker room to get X-rays. The X-rays were negative, but he's just going to suffer another injury once he plays again. The Eagles' quarterback is made out of glass; forum member Daniel Brown said it best: "Vick being hurt is like watching the sun rise. It's a routine." There no reason you should spent a pick in the first seven rounds on Eagles QB No. 7. He's a lock to miss at least four games.

    Philadelphia's quarterback is always very overrated. The Monday night game against the Redskins in 2010 caused everyone to overreact to what they witnessed on national TV. He predictably struggled in 2011, throwing nearly as many interceptions (14) as touchdowns (18).

    I would not want this guy on my fantasy team - and not because I don't want to root for him. He's a lock to miss 3-4 games per year and be iffy for 3-4 other contests. Also, he'll be 32 in June, which would explain why he failed to carry the ball 100-plus times in a season in which he played in 12-plus games for the first time ever. His rushing numbers will continue to drop as his running ability erodes. Stay away.

    Projected 2012 Fantasy Stats: 3,100 passing yards. 20 passing TDs. 14 INTs. 550 rushing yards. 4 rushing TDs.
    Projected 2012 Fantasy Points (ESPN Scoring): 255.

  6. Russell Wilson, QB, Seahawks. Bye: 11.
    Russell Wilson finished 13-of-19 for 185 yards and two scores in his first-ever professional start. He also rushed for 58 yards on two scrambles. At this point, I'd be shocked if he's not named the starter over the mediocre Matt Flynn. Wilson will be worth drafting as a QB2 because of his rushing potential.

    Projected 2012 Fantasy Stats: 3,200 passing yards. 19 passing TDs. 15 INTs. 500 rushing yards. 5 rushing TDs.
    Projected 2012 Fantasy Points (ESPN Scoring): 254.

  7. Josh Freeman, QB, Buccaneers. Bye: 5.
    AUG. 11 UPDATE: Josh Freeman played just one drive in the preseason opener, but that's all he needed because he was able to lead his team down the field and into the end zone. Freeman went 4-of-5 for 41 yards. He was really sharp. It's still early, but it appears as though the undisclosed personal issues that plagued Freeman last year are history.

    Josh Freeman is another buy-low quarterback candidate. He really struggled in 2011 for a multitude of reasons. Some, I know, but can't exactly get into. Some, we already have when we reported that Mike Williams gave zero effort when it came to working out and staying in shape last season.

    Freeman has hopefully gotten over his personal issues. I'm not sure Williams will be in shape, but that won't matter too much because Vincent Jackson is the new No. 1 receiver.

    Projected 2012 Fantasy Stats: 3,750 passing yards. 24 passing TDs. 14 INTs. 210 rushing yards. 2 rushing TDs.
    Projected 2012 Fantasy Points (ESPN Scoring): 251.

  8. Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Steelers. Bye: 4.
    JULY 29 UPDATE: Ben Roethlisberger is probably going to lose one of his starting receivers. Mike Wallace will either hold out or move to another team via a trade.

    Ben Roethlisberger threw for the second-most yardage in his career last season (4,077), but I don't know if he'll be able to match or exceed that figure despite having two stud receivers at his disposal. He should have better protection from his offensive line, but the front office brought in Todd Haley and canned Bruce Arians because they want to run the ball more.

    Projected 2012 Fantasy Stats: 3,900 passing yards. 25 passing TDs. 11 INTs. 70 rushing yards. 1 rushing TD.
    Projected 2012 Fantasy Points (ESPN Scoring): 247.

  9. Tim Tebow, QB, Jets. Bye: 9.
    JUNE 19 UPDATE: Mark Sanchez has really struggled at OTAs. According to ESPN New York's Rich Cimini, Sanchez went 11-of-29 with three "near" picks and what would have been four sacks in a real game. Sanchez has regressed over the years and it appears as though his confidence has completely vanished. It's only a matter of time before Tim Tebow is named the starter.

    There's a good chance Tim Tebow will be the Jets' starting quarterback by the middle of the season. Even in the unlikely event that he doesn't take over for the regressing Mark Sanchez, he'll still pick up yardage and touchdowns as a Wildcat quarterback and goal-line fullback. He is definitely worth drafting in the middle rounds.

    Projected 2012 Fantasy Stats: 1,500 passing yards. 10 passing TDs. 5 INTs. 650 rushing yards. 7 rushing TDs.
    Projected 2012 Fantasy Points (ESPN Scoring): 197 (247).

  10. Joe Flacco, QB, Ravens. Bye: 8.
    AUG. 24 UPDATE: Joe Flacco was terrific against the Jaguars, going 27-of-36 for 266 yards, two touchdowns and an interception that was the result of an attempted Hail Mary at the end of the first half. With Torrey Smith emerging as a stud receiver, Flacco's fantasy potential has never been higher. He's become an intriguing QB2 option.

    Joe Flacco says he's the best quarterback in the NFL, but the numbers say he's probably the most consistent in terms of being above average. Flacco has thrown between 3,610 and 3,622 yards in each of the past three seasons. He's been guilty of exactly 12 picks in three of his four NFL campaigns. The yardage total may get a boost if Torrey Smith takes a big step forward, but I wouldn't want Flacco as my starting quarterback in any fantasy league.

    Projected 2012 Fantasy Stats: 3,910 passing yards. 25 passing TDs. 12 INTs. 80 rushing yards. 1 rushing TD.
    Projected 2012 Fantasy Points (ESPN Scoring): 246.

2012 Fantasy Football Rankings - Quarterbacks (Sept. 2):
Top 10 | 11-20 | 21-35

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Kevin 10-12-2013 02:17 am (total posts: 2)
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Most important, know your sinocrg system within your league. Example, a QB is less valuable in a league that credits him with 3 points per TD and 1 point per 50 yards thrown as opposed to a league that credits him with 6 points per TD and 1 point per 25 yards thrown. Don't assume that the stats from a prior year are going to carry over to the next season. Older running backs that saw a lot of work in the prior year have a tendency to slow down or get injured. Major personnel moves on the offensive line may affect offensive players, particularly RBs and QBs. The loss of two to three key defensive players will affect a defense.Factor in injuries from the prior season. Especially for running backs. Major injuries may cause a decline for at least the first half, if not the entire season for a player. A guy like Ronnie Brown is someone that I'm very cautious about this year.Pass on rookie WRs and QBs. They very rarely do well, and in the case of QBs usually don't even start. Rookie RBs can do well, but look at the teams that drafted them to see if they're going to end up in the dreaded RBBC (running back by committee).Factor in player movement. A good example was Edge James going from Indy to Arizona. His yards per carry, receiving yards, and touchdowns have dropped in 2006 and 2007 as opposed to his last three years 2003-2005 with the Colts. His value is definitely down in a Cardinals uniform.Most people use a formula for drafting like RB RB QB or RB RB WR, etc. I don't. Based on expected points per game, I factor in prior seasons, personnel moves, and whether I think that player can repeat; I'll draft the best player available. I typically draft a RB in the first round, but if the seven RB's on my short list are gone, I'd take Brady if he's still there or Moss. I'm more likely to take two RBs and two WRs in the first four rounds. I've typically waited to draft a QB until round 5. I will skip drafting a QB in round 5 or even beyond if I can't find one that I think is a value pick for that round. Every season, you can typically find a guy like Derek Anderson on the FA list for last year. I drafted Tony Romo in Round 8 last year. Guys like Tom Brady were FA pick ups in 2001, Kurt Warner in 1999, Matt Hasselbeck in 2002. Derek Anderson, Jay Cutler, Kurt Warner, and Jon Kitna were all FA pick ups in my league last year. Its good to have a plan like RB RB WR, or RB WR RB; but don't take a player based solely on position if you know he's not a good value at that spot and have reason to believe you can pick that same player or a comparable one in a later round.Defenses are pretty similar to QBs, in that you can usually wait and draft a good one in the later rounds or pick up a good one off the FA list. Its true that there are usually 2-3 DEF that stand out above the rest, but there were easily more than 12 teams that logged over 75 combined sacks, fumble recoveries, and interceptions. You can also rotate your defense to whoever is playing a weak offense that week. I played with a guy last year that employed the strategy of adding and dropping defenses to start whoever was playing either SF, Buffalo, Atlanta, St Louis, Miami, or the Jets last season. At least one of those teams opponents was available on the FA list every week.I draft a kicker with the last pick in the draft. With your last pick, it makes it easy to drop the guy for someone else without hesitating. I drafted Nick Folk in the last round who ended up finishing fourth among kickers. Other top ten guys like Bironas and Phil Dawson were on the FA list over the course of the season.The other position I place a lower priority on is TE. After Gonzalez, Winslow, and Gates; the rest in the top 12 are fairly close in points per game. I picked Donald Lee of the FA list last year. He finished 9th in yards, and tied for 6th in TDs among tight ends.
Bagas 10-11-2013 03:06 am (total posts: 1)
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