What is this: I'll be posting my thoughts about the NFL Draft here. That will include everything from the actual picks, to the ESPN personalities, to the commercials, etc. Anything goes. Emmitt Smith may even show up! This page will be updated every five minutes or so, so I hope you join me for the 2008 NFL Draft!

2:22: I'm up and running. Comments will be posted shortly. Special thanks to my friend Suj, who kept me updated all morning while I was running around trying to get stuff done.

2:27: It slipped my mind that Brian Brohm had a new coach last year. Maybe that's why he struggled last year. Major props to Kirk Herbstreit for bringing that up.

2:28: Before the draft begins, let's look at some of the non-crappy posts I had last year:

2:34: I love the draft. Prior to Oakland's pick, everyone was talking about how JaMarcus Russell was the greatest thing since chocolate-glazed donuts. Right after he was chosen, Mort said, "He'll have to sit out a year! Russell sucks!!!" OK, maybe not that last part. (2007 Post)

The same thing will happen with Matt Ryan. Mike Mayock loves him. After Ryan is picked, I expect Mayock to go, "WTF was that pick! Ewww! This Ryan guy is a loser!"

2:36: What the... Baltimore turned down a trade that would have them giving up their first-, second- and fourth-round picks? What were they expecting to give up, Kyle Boller and chocolate chip cookies? No wonder this team is drafting in the top 10.

2:37: Why is there a Larry Brown update? Are the Raiders considering him? He doesn't run a 4.3 40, Al.

2:38: Yeah it's Draft Day! Let's have some NASCAR news!

2:39: This just in: Arizona traded its No. 5 pick to an undisclosed team for a bag with a dollar sign on it and the No. 545,402 selection. (2007 Post)

I can't believe the Cardinals aren't in the top 10. This can't be right. I feel like a part of my soul just died.

2:42: Was it just me or did Brady Quinn smile after the Cardinals pick? His thoughts? "Phew, I don't have to go Arizona and have my career ruined!" (2007 Post)

It's funny how things change in a year. The Cardinals aren't craptastic anymore. They're just semi-craptastic. That's actually really good for them.

2:44: Mike Tirico just said Quinn is showing poise in the Green Room. What's Quinn supposed to do, pull out a knife, start randomly stabbing people and paint his face blue? He'd slip to the second round if he did that. (2007 Post)

Quinn almost fell into the second round, so maybe he should have done that. It couldn't have hurt his draft stock.

2:45: Wouldn't it be funny if Atlanta took Brady Quinn, and Michael Vick forced his way onto the stage and attacked Roger Goodell with one of his sick dogs? That would be the funniest moment in the history of anything. (2007 Post)

I'm still holding out hope that Vick will escape from jail and hunt down Goodell and the quarterback the Falcons choose. Make sure you have a shot for rabies, Matt Ryan.

2:46: Who needs Emmitt? "Six years is a significant time... for someone who a cocaine addiction..." -- Chris Carter. Now, if only we can get Carter to speak like a cocaine addict, we'll have an upgrade over Emmitt. I didn't think it was possible.

2:50: Steve Young: "Buffalo can steal this division." Young forgot to say: "steal this division and get the top draft pick out of it." Uh, Steve? The Patriots are in the AFC East. Did you forget? I know you've had a number of concussions, but forgetting about the Pats is inexcusable. (2007 Post)

Yeah, the Bills were THIS close to Grand Theft Division.

2:52: He already resurgenst his career." -- Steve Young. Resurgenst? I'm telling you, one too many concussions. Maybe Young can have a concussionest and forgetest that he said that. (2007 Post)

Concussions + Big Words = Confused Analyst. Poor Steve.

2:54: I would love to be wrong about Dorsey. I hope he has a great career. I just wouldn't take him in the top five with all of his injuries.

2:55: Matt Ryan has "IT?" Yeah, I don't think so. He was so inconsistent. He had a great two minutes against Virginia Tech, a team he later lost to, and now he's the consensus No. 1 quarterback? In the words of Emmitt Smith, "I do not understand these."

2:57: Don't read much into the booing of Jake Long. These are Jets fans. They would have booed anyone the Dolphins took.

3:00: Ugh, what is this hi-tech draft introduction by ESPN? Just start the damn thing!

3:01: Here's my intro to the draft. I have Fictional Emmitt Smith down on the floor. Emmitt, any predictions?

"My predictions is that Jake Long will not be drafted in the top 10. They say he sign a contract, but I belief Chris Long will tear up those contract and steal the spotlight at the No. 1 picks."

3:03: With the No. 1 pick, the Miami Dolphins select Jake Long, OT, Michigan. Holy crap, I did not see this coming! Fictional Emmitt, you're fired!

3:05: If I were running the draft production behind ESPN, I'd have Chris Berman, Emmitt Smith, Cris Carter, Michael Irvin and Dennis Green on the set. I think the nation's IQ would decrease by an average of 10,000 points.

3:08: The Rams will take Justin Medlock, kicker from UCLA. Bank on it.

3:10: I don't like this 10-minute thing. I feel so rushed. It's so fast I feel like I may have a heart attack, so I may need a medic. If I go down, Ficitional Emmitt will take over this blog.

3:12: What a joke. I can't believe the Rams voted on the pick. I wonder if there were any voters who didn't understand the ballot.

3:13: With the No. 2 pick, the St. Louis Rams select Chris Long, OT, Virginia. Well, it looks like the Rams finally got it right. I think this is a great pick. Taking a defensive tackle so high just didn't make sense.

3:14: My friend Suj on Chris Long: "I think Chris Long is too good-looking and handsome to play DE." Chris Long looks mean. I like that in a defensive lineman. He looks like he'd do anything to get to the quarterback, including biting someone's ear off.

3:16: Matt Ryan and Peyton Manning in the same sentence? Maybe "Peyton Manning beat the Falcons and Matt Ryan, 41-3." You've got to be kidding me.

3:17: Yo, Falcons, you don't need a quarterback now. You can get one in the second round. Then again, there's a reason you're drafting third overall.

3:18: With the No. 3 pick, the Atlanta Falcons select Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College. I never would have thought a Ginger Kid would be chosen as high as third. Congratulations, Falcons, you just drafted an overrated quarterback.

3:20: No Glenn Dorsey second or third? Looks like he didn't really check out with team doctors. There must still be some injury concern.

3:21: If the Falcons weren't dumb, I wouldn't understand this pick. Ryan put up the majority of his great numbers against the likes of Army, Wake Forest and Bowling Green. He completed less than 60 percent of his passes. He was so inconsistent. He tossed 19 picks. Yeah, he's the next Peyton Manning. What a joke.

3:26: What's taking the Raiders so long? They should already know Al Davis can't get out of bed because there's sunlight outside.

3:27: With the No. 4 pick, the Oakland Raiders select Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas. Everyone in the Raider organization wanted Glenn Dorsey. Al Davis threatened to turn everyone into a vampire if they didn't take Darren McFadden. That's what went on for the past few weeks.

3:28: Some people are wondering why McFadden wasn't on the phone prior to being picked. Well, when Al Davis was a kid, they didn't have phones. He used carrier pigeons. The pigeon must have gotten lost.

3:30: The Chiefs are shopping this pick. Herm Edwards apparently wants to own 303,120 selections in this draft.

3:31: Fictional Emmitt on the McFadden pick:

I love these Darrell McFadden pick. McFadden are a good runnin' back from Arkansas State College. He is strong, fast and power. He will run for 2,000 yards every single week in his rookie years for Portland.

3:35: With the No. 5 pick, the Kansas City Chiefs select Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU. I can't believe Dorsey fell to the Chiefs. How dumb are the Falcons? It's sickening.

3:37: Well, I've said all along that I wouldn't have taken Dorsey in the top five, but this was the right move for the Chiefs. He's such a steal there, even if he's out of the lineup a few games every year.

3:39: Funny quote by titan_qb_3: "I doubt Dorsey knows who KC's GM or HC is." It would be hilarious if Herm Edwards were on the phone and Dorsey responded, "Yo, I told you never to call here again! Stop yelling and stop trying to sell me your motivational tapes!"

3:42: People question if Vernon Gholston is consistent. Well, he had his best games against Michigan and Wisconsin. Good to know he steps it up when it counts the most.

3:44: With the No. 6 pick, the New York Jets select Vernon Gholston, DE/OLB, Ohio State. This pick makes me sad. It's a great move for the Jets. But I always love to see them boo and hate on their team. Another part of my soul just died. Well, I guess there's hope in the second round.

3:45: I can't wait to see Jake Long and Vernon Gholston battle each other for the next decade. I can already hear the ESPN Hype Machine brewing.

3:48: I hate these Under Armour commercials. I wish I still had TVAsia. Two years ago, I had the pleasure of watching Chupke Chupke on TVAsia, which was a confusing story about a woman with icing on her facr and a guy with an ugly moustache. That was compelling TV.

3:49: Adam Schefter said this pick was between Keith Rivers and Branden Albert. No one can doubt the power of the Schefter.

3:50: Michael Smith says Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. That would be pretty nuts.

3:51: The Saints are on the clock! Here comes Sedrick Ellis.

3:52: With the No. 7 pick, the New Orleans Saints select Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC. Obvious. Good move by the Saints, depending on what they gave up, of course.

3:54: Looks like the Ravens are taking Leodis McKelvin/Sedrick Ellis; the Bengals will get Keith Rivers; and the Patriots will...

3:55: ...Uhh... never mind. Jaguars move from 26 to 8? Holy crap. No wonder they stockpiled so many picks. Derrick Harvey will be their guy.

3:57: Pats-Saints trade: They swap firsts, the Patriots get a third and the Saints get a fifth.

3:58: Mel Kiper doesn't like Derrick Harvey. If the Jaguars make this pick, Kiper's hair may fly off of his head and attack random people in the crowd. Please, Jaguars, avert disaster!

3:59: Yo, Boom, who is Joe Socko?

4:01: With the No. 8 pick, the Jacksonville Jaguars select Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida. Meh. I agree with Mel Kiper's hair. This is a bit high for him. I had Harvey going 15th to the Lions.

4:02: Keith Rivers is happy. Maybe the Bengals told him they weren't taking him.

4:06: I think I'd rather go in the second round than have to deal with the Chad Johnson headache on a daily basis.

4:07: The Jaguars traded both threes and their four to move up to No. 8. Good deal for Baltimore. Jacksonville? They better hope Harvey is WHO THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE!

4:08: With the No. 9 pick, the Cincinnati Bengals select Keith Rivers, OLB, USC. Better buy some Advil, Keith.

4:10: Branden Albert? Leodis McKelvin? Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie? Jerod Mayo? Junior Seau?

4:12: Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4:13: With the No. 10 pick, the New England Patriots select Jerod Mayo, ILB, Tennessee. Wooowwwwwwwwwwwww. No one saw that coming.

4:15: Reach.

4:16: I can't believe the Bills have the cornerback of their choice here. How did that happen?

4:18: Is Jerod Mayo a good fit in the 3-4? I guess it's tough to question Bill Belichick. Wow. I don't think anyone else would have drafted Mayo in the top 14.

4:19: With the No. 11 pick, the Buffalo Bills select Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy State. The Bills are so lucky. How do you get the best corner, a top-seven prospect, at No. 11?

4:22: I didn't think Branden Albert would last this long, but it has to be him. Ryan Clady and Rashard Mendenhall also make sense. DeSean Jackson would be a major reach.

4:23: With the No. 12 pick, the Denver Broncos select Ryan Clady, OT, Boise State. Sweet, I had this pick in my mock. The Broncos get the best left tackle in the draft, which is something they needed in the wake of Matt Lepsis' retirement. Ryan Harris apparently stinks.

4:25: The Panthers should be after Chris Williams or Branden Albert. Either guy fits their scheme and makes sense.

4:26: Maybe Keyshawn Johnson should tell the Panthers to draft DeSean Jackson so he can mentor him.

4:28: With the No. 13 pick, the Carolina Panthers select Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon. I guess the Panthers didn't get the memo that they used a first-round pick on a running back two years ago. Have fun running behind a terrible offensive line, Jonathan.

4:30: I can't get over how dumb this pick is. This running back class is deep. This offensive tackle class isn't. Your line sucks. You used a first-rounder on a running back two years ago. I thought the Panthers had a shot at the Doggone Playoff, but it looks like their 2008 season just got debacled.

4:32: NASCAR UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......

4:34: I love how these teams don't understand that you can get solid running backs in the second and third rounds in this draft. Fixing the offensive line is way more important.

4:35: With the No. 14 pick, the Chicago Bears select Chris Williams, OT, Vanderbilt. Great pick by the Bears. I thought this would be Jeff Otah because I had Branden Albert and Williams off the board.

4:37: "I know they have Kyle Orton... groan..." -- Chris Mortensen. I didn't think Kyle Orton's name would be mentioned today. Sweet.

4:38: "They have to protect Rex Grossman" -- Steve Young. Yeah, Grossman needs time in the pocket to throw interceptions. If he doesn't get time, he just gets sacked, which is something the Bears don't want.

4:39: I hope the Lions take DeSean Jackson. That would make my day. (Actually I think this has to be Rashard Mendenhall.)

4:41: Steve Young thinks Jon Kitna's the best quarterback in the NFC North. Umm... Aaron Rodgers? Concussions + QB Depth Charts = Confusion. Poor Steve.

4:42: TRADE! Chiefs are on the clock. I love the tribal Chiefs music. They need Branden Albert. So much for Herm Edwards' quest for 6,000 draft picks.

4:45: With the No. 15 pick, the Kansas City Chiefs select Branden Albert, G, Virginia. Albert looked frustrated. His thought process: "Ah crap, I have to block for 0-6 Brodie Croyle and work for a raging lunatic who can't coach his way out of a paperbag. I'm holding out!"

4:47: For the two Cardinals fans reading this... I had Rashard Mendenhall in my mock. I guess I have to stand by that, but I didn't anticipate Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie being available. Could be either guy.

4:49: For swapping firsts, the Chiefs and Lions exchange threes. Detroit also gets a fifth. Meh. I guess that's OK for the Lions unless they don't get the guy they were targeting at 15.

4:54: With the No. 16 pick, the Arizona Cardinals select Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB, Tennessee State. Like I said, I had Mendenhall in my mock, but this is the right move for the Cardinals. They can get a solid running back in the second round. I just didn't anticipate DRC being available here.

4:55: The Lions can still get Rashard Mendenhall, unless Matt Millen wants Mario Manningham.

4:58: With the No. 17 pick, the Detroit Lions select Gosder Cherilus, OT, Boston College. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4:59: I don't think Matt Millen has heard of Jeff Otah. He must be too busy blackmailing William Clay Ford.

5:00: Ravens trade up! Brian Brohm time? Good job by the Texans to trade down. They needed more picks.

5:01: Joe "Socko" Flacco on the phone. Were the Ravens scared the Eagles were going to take another quarterback or something?

5:02: Someone in Flacco's living room just said, "Cam Cameron's the best!" Agreed. The best at losing games? The best at watching soap operas instead of coaching the final preseason game? Definitely.

5:04: With the No. 18 pick, the Baltimore Ravens select Joe Flacco, QB, Delaware. In 2003, the Ravens spent a No. 1 pick on a quarterback who threw the ball 60 yards from his knees. Five years later, they spend a No. 1 choice on a 6-6 signal caller with a rocket arm, who can't move and doesn't have much experience against top-level competition. Is history repeating itself?

5:05: I guess this means the Kyle Boller era is over. This is a very sad day for me. Brian Billick, meanwhile, is crying in his bed.

5:07: Jeff Otah to the Eagles. Lock. Didn't think he'd be here.

5:08: Aww, it's OK Chad Henne, you'll have a chance to be inconsistent in another town.

5:09: Eagles trade. They needed to buy some time because Andy Reid's not back from Pat's Steaks yet.

5:11: With the No. 19 pick, the Carolina Panthers select Jeff Otah, OT, Pittsburgh. Surprised the Eagles didn't want this guy. Great pick by the Panthers, sort of offset's the earlier reach.

5:12: Why did the Carolina fans give Jeff Otah an F? Ridiculous. Maybe they're still mad about Stewart.

5:16: Funny rant by PuppyPuncher: "JOE FLACCO! WHAT THE F*CK! WHAT THE F*CK! WHAT THE F*CK! GOD F*CKING DAMMIT! WE DRAFTED KYLE F*CKING BOLLER AGAIN! F*CK." I wonder how he really feels?

5:17: Highway robbery. The Eagles get a second, fourth and Carolina's No. 1 in 2009. Holy crap.

5:19: I'm still holding out for Brian Brohm, but it has to be Devin Thomas.

5:20: With the No. 20 pick, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas. Weh? He fits their system... But... weh?

5:22: This has to be Phillip Merling, but the Redskins can also look at Mike Jenkins, Limas Sweed and Devin Thomas. Either of those four works.

5:28: Redskins are running out of time! Get your pick ready, Dallas! This is like an episode of 24.

5:29: Falcons move up for Brian Brohm. They're that nuts.

5:30: Is this Mike Jenkins?

5:31: With the No. 21 pick, the Atlanta Falcons select Sam Baker, OT, USC. Wow, is there anything lower than an F? Perhaps a G? What about a Z? This is ridiculous. The Falcons should just go back to Bobby Petrino. I have the feeling Arthur Blank is going to have to go into witness protection soon.

5:34: I think I'm still asleep. Someone whack me over the head with a Herm Edwards motivational tape. This has to be a bad dream.

5:35: No, thanks, Old Spice. That commercial where the guy keeps sliding along the base path is funny, but they should have shown a close-up of the umpire girl. She looks hot but it's hard to tell.

5:37: Suj on the Falcons' pick: "Mike Smith is trying to recreate the Jags in Atlanta." I responded, "I don't remember the Jags taking crappy players." But then I remembered Reggie Williams, Matt Jones and Byron Sandwich. I guess this does make sense.

5:39: With the No. 22 pick, the Dallas Cowboys select Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas. Good job, Jerry Jones. Way to draft a second-round running back at No. 22. I had Dallas taking Jones - at No. 61.

5:42: Steelers fans have to be crapping their pants with Rashard Mendenhall available.

5:44: With the No. 23 pick, the Pittsburgh Steelers select Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Illinois. Hey Cowboys, Panthers and Falcons. Look at the Steelers. They're smart. You're not. They have a Super Bowl recently. You guys have no collective playoff wins the past few years. Try again next April.

5:46: NFL Draft Countdown has the Titans going Calais Campbell. I like that pick - Tennessee is just dumb enough to make that choice.

5:49: "Jevon Kearse is back. Justin McCareins is back..." -- Chris Berman. THAT'S NOT GOOD! Those guys suck! The Titans are going to screw this up.

5:50: With the No. 24 pick, the Tennessee Titans select Chris Johnson, RB, East Carolina. I knew they were going to screw this up!!!!! LOL!!!!!

5:51: The Titans are so stupid. Apparently, they learned absolutely NOTHING from drafting Chris Henry last year. Wow. How do these people have jobs?

5:53: I want Vince Young to thrive in the NFL, and it sickens me that the Titans adamantly refuse to give him one ounce of talent at receiver.

5:58: Seahawks need a receiver, but Kentwan Balmer has to be an option.

5:59: The Cowboys trade into the spot. Hey, Jerry, McFadden's off the board, FYI.

6:00: With the No. 25 pick, the Dallas Cowboys select Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida. Makes up for the dumb Felix Jones pick. Mike Jenkins is a steal here.

6:02: Poor Texans, Mike Jenkins is off the board. They could be going after one of the receivers.

6:06: With the No. 26 pick, the Houston Texans select Duane Brown, OT, Virginia Tech. Damn it, I had him at No. 27. Pretty solid pick, I can't find anything wrong with this.

6:08: Thanks for being away on commercial when the Texans pick went down, ESPN. How can this happen in the first round?

6:09: Is Chris Mortensen on the phone? How rude! Tell your babysitter to suck it up and do her job despite having chicken pox.

6:10: With the No. 27 pick, the San Diego Chargers select Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona. Not sure what the Chargers are going to do at right tackle, but I will not question A.J. Smith, the Overload of the NFL Draft.

6:13: Might as well copy-paste what I had earlier: "Seahawks need a receiver, but Kentwan Balmer has to be an option."

6:16: With the No. 28 pick, the Seattle Seahawks select Lawrence Jackson, DE, USC. I don't get this. They needed a receiver, tight end and defensive tackle help. Not a defensive end. And Jackson's not even the best end available. Reach.

6:17: By the way, the Seahawks got a fifth and a seventh for moving down three slots. w00t!

6:18: Apparently, the Seahawks just signed someone named "Wilson Tatufa." This is being reported by Keyshawn Johnson.

6:19: The 49ers have to be crapping their pants. They can get anyone. Receiver. Quentin Groves. Kentwan Balmer. Etc.

6:20: With the No. 29 pick, the San Francisco 49ers select Kentwan Balmer, DT, North Carolina. Solid pick, although the 49ers probably should have traded down with so much talent on the board.

6:21: "That last isn't last. If there were 50 teams, they'd be 50th." -- Steve Young. Someone quickly get Steve Young's concussion medicene!

6:22: The Jets have traded up! I hope they make a crappy pick so the fans can boo.

6:25: The Packers get a fourth for swapping selections with the Jets.

6:27: Devin Thomas? Brian Bomb? Emmitt Smith IV?

6:28: With the No. 30 pick, the New York Jets select Dustin Keller, TE, Purdue. I don't think the Jets needed to trade up for Dustin Keller. Why not Devin Thomas? At least I got to see a few disappointed Jets fans. Not that I hate the Jets or anything - I just like to see disgruntled fan reaction.

6:32: Fictional Emmitt Smith is down on the floor. Fictional Emmitt, what do you think about these recent picks?

I has no idea who are Keyshawn Balmer. He is not listed on my prospect listing. I have... has to be believing that they will trade these prospect for a 2017 first-round picks. Now, Dustin Killer is a player. He can catch the ball... and other things. Now Green Bay have a incredibly weapon on their offenses.

6:35: With the No. 31 pick, the New York Giants select Kenny Phillips, FS, Miami. w00t I had this pick. Great move by the Giants replacing Gibril Wilson.

6:37: This first round lasted three hours and 36 minutes. Last year's was six hours and 22 minutes. I still think each pick should be at least 12 minutes. This draft seemed to rushed. Maybe that's why there were so many dumb picks.

6:38: I had Joe Flacco going to the Dolphins. This could be Brian Brohm.

6:39: With the No. 32 pick, the Miami Dolphins select Phillip Merling, DE, Clemson. Nice... I forgot Merling was still on the board. See what I mean? With 15 minutes, I could give you even better draft coverage and more Emmitt quotes. Damn you, Roger Goodell!

6:41: Dan Connor makes sense to St. Louis. Then again, these are the Rams we're talking about.

6:43: With the No. 33 pick, the St. Louis Rams select Donnie Avery, WR, Houston. The draft wouldn't be the draft without a crappy pick from the Rams!

6:44: With the No. 34 pick, the Washington Redskins select Devin Thomas, WR, Michigan State. Wow. Steal. Nice job, Daniel Snyder. Just don't give him a $910 million contract.

6:46: With the No. 35 pick, the Kansas City Chiefs select Brandon Flowers, CB, Virginia Tech. Now these picks are going wayyyyy too fast. I'm dying here. I hate having the draft so rushed.

6:48: By the way, I had no idea Carl Peterson was kidnapped by aliens. How is he having the best draft? I don't get it. I may have emotional damage here. I was expecting a craptastic draft. Ugh.

6:50: With the No. 36 pick, the Green Bay Packers select Jordy Nelson, WR, Kansas State. Limas Sweed? Limas... Sweed...? Did he remove himself from the draft?

6:52: I'm thinking about switching to the NFL Network. ESPN keeps going away to commercial. By the way, I didn't know Greg Jennings was from Western Kentucky. Steve Mariucci breaking news at the draft!

6:55: Boring Herm Edwards interview. He must be on tranquilizers. Why isn't he yelling at that Nix chick?

6:56: With the No. 37 pick, the Atlanta Falcons select Curtis Lofton, ILB, Oklahoma. I think I had this selection a while back. Keith Brooking's eventual replacement. I'm surprised to see him go before Dan Connor.

6:58: I'm a huge fan of the Cable Bikini Installers.

6:59: Maybe the Ravens should move back to the end of the second round and then trade up a few picks later for Anthony Morelli.

7:00: Holy crap, the Ravens just traded! Get ready, Baltimore fans! Morelli will be yours soon!

7:01: With the No. 38 pick, the Seattle Seahawks select John Carlson, TE, Notre Dame. John Carlson? Reach No. 2 for Seattle.

7:02: Why is ESPN showing highlights of Terrell Owens during the draft?

7:03: Limas Sweed can't get off press coverage? That's news to me.

7:06: With the No. 39 pick, the San Francisco 49ers select Chilo Rachal, G, USC. The 49ers need line help, I guess. Quentin Groves would have been a smarter move.

7:08: Smart move by the 49ers in principle, but I don't like Rachal as much as others do.

7:10: Another commercial by ESPN. Awesome. Jerry "I Took A Guy 40 Picks Too Early" Jones is on the NFL Network.

7:13: With the No. 40 pick, the New Orleans Saints select Tracy Porter, CB, Indiana. The Saints get their cornerback, and he actually fits their system. Nice job.

7:14: My pick is still alive for Buffalo. Malcolm Kelly. Limas Sweed would make sense as well.

7:16: Whoa, Brian Billick is on the NFL Network! How did that happen? I thought he'd be consoling Kyle Boller in his time of need.

7:17: With the No. 41 pick, the Buffalo Bills select James Hardy, WR, Indiana. Or... James Hardy. Forgot about him. Hardy's a great player, but I didn't think the Bills would take someone with character issues.

7:20: Broncos are on the clock. They need a receiver because Brandon Marshall cut his arm while trying to thwart terrorists who robbed a Burger King. Dan Connor and Ray Rice would work here too.

7:23: With the No. 42 pick, the Denver Broncos select Eddie Royal, WR, Virginia Tech. Limas Sweed...? Limas... Sweed...? Meh, Eddie Royal is good, so not bad.

7:24: The Eagles trade their selection again. Guess they don't want to win the Super Bowl this year... or Andy Reid still isn't back from his cheese steak run.

7:25: Vikings are up. Brian Brohm? Chad Henne?

7:26: With the No. 43 pick, the Minnesota Vikings select Tyrell Johnson, SS, Arkansas State. They traded up for Tyrell Johnson? Ooookkkaaayyy...

7:27: On the bright side, I get to make fun of Tarvaris Jackson for another season! Hooray!

7:28: Between Chicago, Detroit and Cincinnati, who was going to take Tyrell Johnson? Why trade up?

7:29: For the Bears, Jamaal Charles would be cool for my mock. Brian Brohm and Chad Henne are both options.

7:31: With the No. 44 pick, the Chicago Bears select Matt Forte, RB, Tulane. The Bears need a running back. If they don't get one, Rex Grossman will throw interceptions. Now, Grossman can just fumble the ball away whilst trying to give the rock to Matt Forte. Great pick.

7:32: I agree with Mort and Steve Young. There's no reason Brian Brohm should have slipped this far. He was a top-10 prospect before the coaching change.

7:33: Jamaal Charles? Ray Rice? Limas Sweed? If the Lions don't take a receiver, we'll know that Matt Millen was in the bathroom.

7:37: With the No. 45 pick, the Detroit Lions select Jordan Dizon, OLB, Colorado. Jordan Dizon!?!? There was a chance he wouldn't have been drafted! Most publications had him as a fourth- or fifth-round prospect! An undersized linebacker? Over Dan Connor? Matt Millen definitely wasn't in the bathroom for this pick. This is Millen at his finest. I really feel sorry for Lions fans. What a joke.

7:41: With the No. 46 pick, the Cincinnati Bengals select Jerome Simpson, WR, Coastal Carolina. Over Limas Sweed and DeSean Jackson? Good job, Bengals. (Groan)

7:43: The Eagles trade this pick for a box of Oreos and a conditional bag of Cheetos that could become two bags of Doritos and half a cheese steak.

7:45: Lllliiiimmmaaasss Sssswwweeeeeeeedddd

7:46: With the No. 47 pick, the Philadelphia Eagles select Trevor Laws, DT, Notre Dame. Way to not address a need, Andy Reid. Awesome job.

7:48: With the No. 48 pick, the Washington Redskins select Fred Davis, TE, USC. I guess the Redskins didn't get the memo that they have Chris Cooley on their roster. Sure, just ignore your need for a defensive end. That's a sure-fire way to win the Super Bowl.

7:50: Maybe the Eagles will draft another quarterback. That'll be consistent with their draft strategy.

7:53: With the No. 49 pick, the Philadelphia Eagles select DeSean Jackson, WR, California. Another small receiver for the Eagles who won't be able to get off the line of scrimmage. At least he'll be able to return kicks.

7:57: Unintentional Emmittism Alert! Thanks to e-mailer Chris Welch for pointing this out. I had this for my Redskins pick: "I guess the Redskins didn't get the memo that they have Chris Cooley is on their roster." I think my brain is fried from: 1) Watching so many dumb GMs debacle the draft. 2) Making so many Emmitt comments. 3) Listening to Charles Davis.

8:00: With the No. 50 pick, the Arizona Cardinals select Calais Campbell, DE, Miami. Sure, go ahead... Take an overweight, lazy underachiever. He'll help you get into the Doggone Playoff.

8:01: 10 a.m.?!?!?!?!? Someone kill me now.

8:02: With the No. 51 pick, the Washington Redskins select Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma. The Redskins may have just gotten the best receiver in the draft at No. 51.

8:04: Why the heck is Day 2 starting at 10 a.m. tomorrow??!?! That's 7 a.m. Pacific. Roger Goodell is single-handedly killing the NFL.

8:06: The Jaguars have traded into Tampa Bay's pick.

8:07: With the No. 52 pick, the Jacksonville Jaguars select Quentin Groves, DE/OLB, Auburn. Didn't these guys just draft a defensive end? They needed two; I just didn't think they'd grab a pair this early.

8:08: Even though that's two ends, I like it. The Jaguars need to get to Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. The Giants' pressure strategy worked pretty well.

8:10: The Steelers can get Limas Sweed here. Unbelievable.

8:12: With the No. 53 pick, the Pittsburgh Steelers select Limas Sweed, WR, Texas. Like I said, these stupid teams need to study Pittsburgh's draft strategy. Limas Sweed at 53? What a steal.

8:14: Let's see how the Titans screw up their latest selection.

8:17: With the No. 54 pick, the Tennessee Titans select Jason Jones, DE, Michigan State.

Dear Vince Young,

We hate you. We will never give you a good receiver. We will surround you with crap like Justin McCareins and Eric Moulds. We want you to fail. We will salt your wounds and burn your lands. Death to the Philistines!


Titans Front Office

8:21: With the No. 55 pick, the Baltimore Ravens select Ray Rice, RB, Rutgers. I guess the Ravens don't realize that their cornerbacks suck. Ray Rice is a solid player, but I thought Baltimore liked Cory Ross. Guess not.

8:25: With the No. 56 pick, the Green Bay Packers select Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville. A-A-R-O-N R-O-D-G-E-R-S.

8:27: Out of all the NFC North teams do draft a quarterback... Wow. The only way this pick makes sense is if it's revealed that Aaron Rodgers tore his ACL last night.

8:28: With the No. 57 pick, the Miami Dolphins select Chad Henne, QB, Michigan. Damn it, I had this pick up until last night. Stupid Akin Ayodele trade screwed it all up. Baahhhhhhhhh! Emmitt's going to have to take over for me soon.

8:30: Poor Dolphins fans are going to suffer through Chad Henne's inconsistency.

8:36: With the No. 58 pick, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Dexter Jackson, WR, Appalachian State. Just a hunch that the Buccaneers will have more than one kick return in franchise history after this season.

8:40: The weirdness isn't limited to the NFL. Hawks 30, Celtics 22. The world's coming to an end.

8:41: With the No. 59 pick, the Indianapolis Colts select Mike Pollak, C, Arizona State. Can't argue with anything the Colts do. They always have incredible drafts.

8:43: With the No. 60 pick, the Green Bay Packers select Patrick Lee, CB, Auburn. Depth for the Packers. I'm shocked they haven't gone tight end yet.

8:47: With the No. 61 pick, the Dallas Cowboys select Martellus Bennett, TE, Texas A&M. A replacement for Anthony Fasano. No receiver yet. More botox for Jerry Jones. The usual in Big D.

8:52: With the No. 62 pick, the New England Patriots select Terrence Wheatley, CB, Colorado. The earliest Bill Belichick's ever taken a corner. He needs a few.

8:53: Dan Connor?

8:54: One more pick to go, so let's hear from Fictional Emmitt again. Fictional Emmitt, what do you think about the draft so far?

""I am very surprised by these droppages. I have Lime Us Sweet in my first round. I have Tom Tebow in my first round. I have Rashard Anderson in my first round. What happen to these prospect? I am very disappointing by these stupid general managings. I only thought there was one stupid one - Matt Miller. Now I see almost half of the GNs in the National Football Conference debacled the 2006 NFL Draft."

8:56: With the No. 63 pick, the New York Giants select Terrell Thomas, CB/FS, USC. Terrell Thomas is getting booed because he's not Dan Connor, but the pick makes sense. Solid job by Jerry Reese.

8:57: One more round! One more round! One more round! One more round! Ugh, can we please have Paul Tagliabue back?

9:00: Thanks for reading my NFL Draft Blog! I wanted to keep you apprised of some of tonight's updates. Here they are:

  • NFL Re-Draft Mock: I may not get any of these picks right - who knows what these idiot GMs are going to do - but I'm going to do a mock of the third (and possibily fourth) round. There are a lot of big names still on the board.

  • Thoughts on All NFL Picks: I'll be posting my thoughts on every single pick in the 2008 NFL Offseason pages.

  • 2008 NFL Draft: Day 2 Coverage: No live blog, but I'll post every pick in the offseason pages and comment on some of them.

  • 2008 NFL Draft Grades: Will be posted on Monday morning.

    Once again, thanks for reading!

    2008 NFL Mock Draft - Updated 4/26

    Thoughts on Every Single Draft Pick - First 3 Rounds - Will be updated by Sunday morning

    Emmitt Smith's Mock Draft

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