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2009 NFL Kickoff Live Blog

My Thoughts During the 2009 NFL Kickoff Game - Live Updates

What is this? I'll be posting my thoughts during the Steelers-Titans game here. That will include everything from the actual game, to the TV personalities, to the commercials, etc. Anything goes. Emmitt Smith, Herm Edwards and Kevin Reilly will even join me as special guests! This page will be updated every five minutes or so, so I hope you join me for the first real NFL game in seven months!

Also, you can discuss the Steelers-Titans game in the Live In-Game Thread on the forums.

1:25 a.m.: I wish I could count... then I could tell you how many hours there are until kickoff. I'll begin posting an hour before gametime. Hope you join me and post in the forums Thursday night.

7:50: I said I'd be on an hour before the game because I assumed there would be some sort of pregame show. It's 7:50 and I can't find anything. ESPN has college football analysis. NBC has some Entertainment Tonight crap (though the tennis player they're profiling is hot). FOX has Seinfeld. ABC has Wheel of Fortune.

Don't these idiots know that the NFL is about to kick off? Why is ESPN not beating this down our throats?

7:53: On the bright side, it's the Junior Mint episode of Seinfeld.

7:59: I just came back from Subway. Saw some jerks with you that I'll share next week. Aside from dinner, I had to get two bottles of Coke to last through the night. I had to wake up early, so I've been tired as balls all day.

Here's an example of how tired I was: Around 5 p.m., I was updating my 2009 NFL Free Agency page because the Rams cut Chris Draft. I looked up Draft's age, and I saw that he's 33 and turning 34 in February. I list my ages as of Sept. 1, 2009, so I was so tired that I thought, "It says he's 33, but I'll write down that he's 32 because his birthday's in February."

8:01: Finally, a pre-game show on NBC. Good thing NBC finally realized that this was much more interesting than a 17-year-old tennis chick.


8:04: Tonight's gonna be a good night on the kickoff on NBC!!! Whooo!!!!

8:05: I should have just muted the TV and played that Black Eyed Peas song from my iTunes.

8:06: I am sure this blond chick from Access Hollywood knows tons about the NFL. Thank you, NBC, for dumbing things down.

8:07: Why is this blond chick ruining football? I used to love football. But this dumb chick, the Black Eyed Peas and NBC have ruined it.

8:10: I like that boom, boom, pow. Boom boom boom. Boom boom boom. Boom boom broooooom.

8:12: Why does that chick have blades attached to her hand? I'm not the coolest person in the world, so is this in style?

8:13: Let the beat rock. Let the beat rock. Let the beat rock. Let the beat rock. Let the beat rock. Let the beat rock. Zoom. Zoom.

8:14: Zoom. Zoom. Zoom. Zoom. Zoom. Zoom. Zoom. Zoom. Zoom. Zoom. Zoom. Zoom. Zoom. Zoom.

8:15: Black Eyed Peas of S**t is finally finished. I am now ashamed to say that I have one of their songs on my iTunes playlist.

8:17: LOL at the black kid standing next to the blond chick. He squinting his eyes and looked like he was holding his breath because that woman had B.O.

8:19: Disparity of music genres, much? Unfortunately, there's no disparity in quality. This sucks. My NFL experience is ruined.

8:21: Booooooooo!!! Tim McGraw, you suck!!!

8:26: I figured it out - there's one way to stop these stupid concerts. See all of those stupid people near the stage jumping up and down? They need to be locked up so there's no one left who is willing to stand in front of a stage and look like an idiot. Without these stupid people supporting these crappy musicians, there wouldn't be any more concerts. Trust me.

8:27: I'm convinced that Tim McGraw song would've never ended if NBC didn't interrupt it.

8:30: I don't think this game is ever going to start.

8:32: What is with Al Michaels' hair? Did his shower have no water pressure today?

8:34: I'm going to miss John Madden, though Cris Collinsworth is one of my favorite analysts. Still, not having the Brett Favre and the food remarks is going to hurt.

8:40: I look forward to the day that all sideline reporters will be hot, busty chicks who wear very little or no clothing.

8:41: Is Nate Washington snorting coke?

8:42: Kickoff. Steelers have the ball. Stefan Logan to the 42.

8:43: I like trying to guess which college each player went to. I missed only three Steelers (the center, right guard and right tackle). Go me.

8:44: Ugh. Willie Parker fail.

8:45: Ben Roethlisberger underthrows Mike Wallace. Three-and-out.

8:46: Welcome back, Daniel Sepulveda. Tennessee pinned on the 1.

8:47: Chris Johnson is debacled by Troy Polamalu for a loss of two yards. Titans go three-and-out.

8:48: Glad to see the new Game Center still looks like crap. I know for a fact that many people complained about this on their feedback page. I'm pleased listened to its fans (sarcasm).

8:49: The Steelers are almost in field goal position on Tennessee's 43.

8:51: San Antonio Holmes picks up the game's first down on a 10-yard quick screen.

8:53: Good job throwing the ball away, Roethlisberger. Big Ben takes an unnecessary sack for a loss of 19 yards. Takes the Steelers out of field goal range. The Titans get the ball at the 10.

8:54: Jason Jones now has six career sacks; 4.5 of them have come against the Steelers. Good thing the Steelers upgraded their offensive line.

8:55: Chris Johnson breaks a 34-yard run. Troy Polamalu gets called for a late hit out of bounds.

8:56: Kerry Collins to Bo Scaife, 20 yards. Titans - best offense ever?

8:57: Alge Crumpler drops a pass. Shocker. Maybe Jeff Fisher should have told him that he was getting a hamburger thrown his way.

8:58: Titans stall at the Pittsburgh 19. Good thing I'm going against Rob Bironas in almost every league.

8:59: Wide right!!!! Go me!!!!

9:00: Yet another reason you don't take a kicker until the final round of your fantasy draft. Rob Bironas was supposed to be a top-five fantasy kicker, yet he missed a chip shot.

9:01: Roethlisberger and Rashard Mendenhall had a botched handoff, yet Mendenhall had a better carry than anything Willie Parker has had thus far.

9:03: Titans sack Roethlisberger again. All of these upgrades that Pittsburgh made up front are working out so well.

9:04: Just got word from the forums that Matt McGuire is upset that I'm making "fat people jokes" because I own McDonald's stock. Well, Matt, my goal is that Alge Crumpler sees this, gets upset, and like a woman trying to get over a man, goes to McDonald's and eats as many hamburgers as possible.

9:06: I'm convinced Kerry Collins only knows how to throw to mediocre tight ends.

9:08: Note to self: Draft Tennessee's starting tight end in the first round of all my PPR leagues next year.

9:10: Was Vince Young listening to an mp3 player? I guess Hall of Fame quarterbacks can do that during games.

9:11: Troy Polamalu makes a one-handed interception! Steelers take over on their own 20.

9:13: Kenny Britt fail. You have to fight for the ball, man!

9:15: Ben Roethlisberger throws a pick right to Vincent Fuller. Is Roethlisberger playing this game drunk? He's making dumb passes and running around incoherently.

9:16: What a horrible first quarter for the Steelers. It looks like the entire team, aside from Troy Polamalu, has forgotten how to play football. If I'm a Pittsburgh fan, I'm really concerned. You have to be wondering if the rape trial is affecting Roethlisberger.

9:18: Nice post by Wraith:

Ben is raping my PIT -6 pick...

9:19: James Farrior sacks Kerry Collins. Titans out of field goal range.

9:20: Poor decision by rookie Stefan Logan to field it at the 5. If Roethlisberger throws a pick or takes a sack, the Titans will score for sure.

9:21: Interesting post by Coherent:

I think Collinsworth is related to Al Davis, cause I think he has mentioned someone 40 time like 3 times already.

It's a possibility. We'll know for sure if Collinsworth is sacrificing virgins 30 years from now.

9:23: Willie Parker is done. Yes, he has no running room, but he can't break any tackles and he's dancing around too much. He must have been busy watching Tim Hightower film this offseason.

9:24: Steelers first down! It's a miracle!

9:25: Shady holding call wipes out a Willie Parker first-down run.

9:27: Another shady holding call on the Steelers. Looks like Bill Leavy has a bunch of units on the Titans.

9:29: The Steelers stall again. This game may just end 0-0.

9:33: Did LenDale Lite just celebrate a 3-yard run?

9:34: Nate Washington is Tennessee's Plaxico Burress? Is Williams Hayes Tennessee's Osi Umenyiora too?

9:35: Bill Leavy definitely has at least a second mortgage on the Titans. That's three shady calls in the first half already.

9:37: Great catch by Kenny Britt. Maybe he can be Tennessee's Mario Manningham.

9:39: How is Dick LeBeau not in the Hall of Fame? That's a joke.

9:40: That was actually a call that Bill Leavy should have made on James Farrior - hitting a guy late after the play. I guess Leavy was too busy counting his money and didn't see that.

9:41: Blocked field goal! Take that, Rob Bironas fantasy owners!

9:44: Oh no... the trainers are working on Troy Polamalu's leg. He's the only Steeler who's actually playing well tonight.

9:45: Turns out Alge Crumpler injured Polamalu. I guess Jeff Fisher told Crumpler that Polamalu's leg was a BBQ chicken thigh.

9:47: All new season of the Biggest Loser! Can't wait!

9:48: Roethlisberger to Hines Ward! Twenty-nine yards, down to the Tennessee 34!

9:50: Hey, look! It's Bill Leavy in the Buffalo Wild Wings commercial! "Hey Tennessee fans, should I call a holding on the Steelers now or on the next play? Oh, both plays!? You got it!"

9:51: Two-hour Heroes premier! I think I just peed my pants.

9:52: Roethlisberger to San Antonio Holmes - 34-yard touchdown!

Steelers 7, Titans 0

9:54: Polamalu going into the Steelers locker room. Not good.

9:55: Kerry Collins to Kenny Britt for 57 yards! Now we know what Pittsburgh's secondary looks like without Polamalu.

9:56: Kerry Collins to Justin Gage - 14-yard strike.

Titans 7, Steelers 7

9:58: Great Guitar Hero commercial with all of those girls wearing no pants. Every commercial should be run like that.

9:59: Jeff Fisher is a visionary. He should get Alge Crumpler to eat every star defender's leg so Tennessee's offense can score.

10:03: Roethlisberger has been sacked three times in the first half. Maybe the Steelers will overpay another one of their linemen next week.

10:05: Hey, a penalty on the Steelers! I guess Bill Leavy decided it's been a while.

10:08: Well, that three-quarters pick-six was fun. I have my life savings of $35 on the Steelers -6, so I'm hoping Polamalu and LaMarr Woodley are back in the lineup in the second half.

10:09: NBC Philadelphia News report: "A man in a wheelchair is attacked! Details after the game!" Gotta love Philly.

10:14: Bob Costas: "Ben Roethlisberger has been accused by a woman of sexually assaulting her."

Read: "Ben Roethlisberger has been accused by a crazy b***h who has slept with hundreds of men and bragged to a co-worker that she had a "Little Roethlisberger" inside of her."

It's not realistic, but she deserves to rot in jail.

10:17: So, some guy on the forum just called me out for not being unbiased in my write-up because I said Bill Leavy had been making shady calls. Yeah, I'm going to make a 4-unit selection and not favor that side in my write-ups. In fact, maybe I should root for the Titans so I can lose my life savings of $35! That's my new plan! Go Titans! Bill Leavy is the best!

10:19: Great post by steelers4life:

wow i need to take a shower, i probably smell worse than that blond chick on the pregame show

10:21: Troy Polamalu is out for the game. But I'm rooting for the Titans in this half, so in the words of Jim Zorn, "Hip hip, hooray!"

10:23: Why does Heinz Field sound so quiet? Only like 10 people booed LenDale.

10:25: That should have been a fumble! Jeez, why is Bill Leavy favoring the Steelers!?

10:26: Fumble!!! Steelers ball!!!

10:27: Loving the Mike Ditka Coors Light commercial.

By the way, the Titans may not have a chance to win this game if Bo Scaife is out. Besides Chris Johnson and Kenny Britt on two plays, Scaife has been Tennessee's entire offense this game.

10:28: First good run by Willie Parker - for seven yards. Parker now has 18 yards on 10 carries.

10:29: Steelers stuffed on 3rd-and-1. Justin Hartwig, who just got a new contract, whiffed on a block. I really don't get Pittsburgh's obsession with having a terrible line.

10:31: Isn't every year "the year" for Madden? I haven't played a Madden video game since 2005.

10:33: LaMarr Woodley stuffs Chris Johnson at the line of scrimmage. The Titans go three-and-out.

10:36: Roethlisberger throws the ball into the ground toward San Antonio Holmes. Outside of that 2-minute drill, he's looked awful today. I have to believe this trial is weighing on him.

10:37: San Antonio Holmes limps off the field. Maybe Bill Leavy tripped him or something. No, wait... I'm on Leavy's side now. Never mind.

10:39: If you're reading this, you have just as many broken tackles as Willie Parker.

10:41: Steelers stall on yet another drive. First team to force a turnover is probably going to win this mess of a game.

10:45: Tennessee turns the field position around. The Steelers are really missing Polamalu.

10:47: Shady call on the Titans by Bill Leavy! This guy obviously has billions of dollars riding on the Steelers!

10:48: Justin Gage drops a first down! Too bad he's not Tennessee's Plaxico Burress. Speaking of which, where has Nate Washington been?

10:51: Lynn Swann looks a lot like Hines Ward. And no, that's not a racist statement.

10:52: Anatomy of Steeler drives: Run, run, incomplete, punt. Run, run, incomplete, punt. Run, run, pass short, punt. Run, run, incomplete, punt.

10:56: Al Michaels error: Kenny Britt has four catches for 85 yards. Bo Scaife, meanwhile, is probably out for the rest of the game.

10:58: I love how Kerry Collins is getting all the credit for not taking sacks anymore. Yeah, that has nothing to do with Tennessee's top offensive line.

10:59: Field-goal attempt from 45 yards.

Titans 10, Steelers 7

11:00: With that field goal, the Steelers -6 is ruined. I doubt Roethlisberger is good for any more touchdowns anyway. He looks completely awful, and I'm completely convinced that the trial has a lot to do with it.

11:05: Who cares if it was a forward pass? He was behind the line of scrimmage.

11:06: It's amazing how much better Pittsburgh's offense looks now that they're not running the ball. The Steelers should throw the ball on every single play for the rest of the year.

11:07: Thought the Romeo Crennel commercial would be funnier. Hey, Romeo, if you're down seven with a few minutes left, do you kick a field goal?

11:08: Heath Miller has seven catches for 56 yards. PPR Monster.

11:09: Brown boner! Brown boner! Brown boner!

11:10: The Steelers ran the ball. Let's see if they fail on this set of downs.

11:11: Yup. Roethlisberger sacked. The Steelers should never run the ball ever again.

11:12: First down, Roethlisberger to San Antonio Holmes. Fifteen yards.

11:13: Why is Mewelde Moore the best running back on the Steelers?

11:14: Whoa, what a surprise! The Steelers cannot convert on 3rd-and-1! Stop running the freaking ball, Tomlin.

Titans 10, Steelers 10

11:15: Low kick, but it's good. If this game goes into overtime, which is a huge possibility, the Steelers can only push or lose. Terrific.

11:18: Mysterious holding penalty on the Titans. Maybe Bill Leavy had the Titans in the first half but the Steelers for the game. Too bad Troy Polamalu's not on the field for his trademark spread-crushing pick-six.

11:22: The Steelers force a punt, though it looked like they could have been whistled for those new late-hit penalties. For selfish reasons, I'm rooting for a Steelers touchdown instead of a field goal.

11:25: Craig Hentrich shanks it out of bounds. Steelers at their own 42.

11:27: Two first downs for the Steelers, down to Tennessee's 34. Once again, no coincidence that the Steelers are moving the chains that they ditched the run.

11:29: Hines Ward fumbles at the 4-yard line!!!!!

11:30: This has to be the first time I haven't seen Ward smile.

11:31: The Titans should be able to run this clock out. Damn you, Hines for costing me $35.

11:34: We're going to overtime, where the Steelers can only push. Groan.

11:35: Herm has joined me in the studio to offer some advice to Hines Ward after that fumble:

"It's OK. It's OK. It's OK. It's OK. It's OK. It's good. It's OK. It's good. It's good. It's OK. It's good. It's good. Now here's the important thing about the fumble! Here's the important thing now! Here's the key! Uhh... ummm.... errr....."

11:36: Steelers to get the ball. If they run the ball, they lose. If they don't run, they win.

11:39: Glad to hear Bill Leavy told the players the game could end in a tie. No Donovan McNabb stupidity tonight.

11:41: I criticized the line earlier, but Roethlisberger is getting a lot of time now. They still can't open up any running lanes though.

11:43: Steelers running the ball = FAIL.

11:44: Uh oh, a third-and-short coming up.

11:45: Big first down by San Antonio Holmes, down to the 37.

11:46: Mike Wallace catches a ball down to the Tennessee 15. Game over. Pitt -6 loses.

11:48: Field goal good. Steelers win! Thirty-five bucks down the drain because of Hines Ward!

Steelers 13, Titans 10

11:54: Now that the game's over, let's get Emmitt's thoughts on what happened.

"This game start big defensively with both team struggling to move the ball. Then, in the 2-minute drills, when there was... or uhh... were two minute left on the clock, the offense scored a couple touchdowns. When Troy Polamaga left the game, and the game change on a dime.

"Both offense score three points in the third and fourth halves, and then Hines Wharton fumble the ball when he is about to score a touchdown to win WalterFootball.coms $35, which is not a li-bit of money if you never played in the National Conference of Football Conference. A couple of weeks later, or a couple of minutes later, to be more precise, the Steelers win on a field goal by Jake Reed. That is how the game unfold."

11:55: Even though the Steelers didn't cover (thank you, Hines Ward), thank you for joining me and reading my incoherent thoughts. We'll have tons of NFL coverage this weekend, as well as a big Sunday Live In-Games Thread.

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