2012 NFL Scouting Combine: Bench Press Recap

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By Charlie Campbell.
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2012 NFL Combine: Bench Press Recap - Offensive Linemen

  • As a general rule, offensive tackles are at a disadvantage in the bench press compared to guards and centers. The reason is arm length. The longer a person's arms are, the harder the bench press is because they have to push the weight further to reach full extension. Tackles are taller and have longer arms than interior linemen. That's why typically guards and centers perform better in the bench press.

  • Michigan center David Molk (6-1, 298) led the way for the offensive linemen with 41 reps. He wanted to break the combine record, but came up short. Still, it was an impressive total for him.

  • Ohio State tackle Mike Adams (6-7, 323) had a lower than expected bench press total with only 19 reps. Adams does have longer arms (34), but that low total is a red flag. At Ohio State, Adams was a tough run blocker, and his bench press total could cause some teams to go back and re-evaluate his functional strength.

  • Baylor guard/center Philip Blake had a disappointing total with only 22 reps on the bench press. Blake (6-2, 311) did not carry his weight well at the Senior Bowl weigh-in, and he is going to need some work in an NFL strength and conditioning program.

  • Stanford standout guard David DeCastro (6-4, 316) had the second-highest total with 34 reps. DeCastro does have shorter arms to help him, but his game tape is all the proof needed to show that he is a powerful blocker. His impressive bench press total serves as confirmation.

  • One of the most impressive bench press totals belonged to Georgia guard/tackle Cordy Glenn (6-5, 345). Despite Glenn's long arms (35 3/4), he put up 31 reps. He is a powerful blocker with the ability to translate that strength to the field.

  • The consensus top rated offensive lineman, USC left tackle Matt Kalil (6-foot-6, 306) had a respectable total with 30 reps.

  • The top-rated center in the 2012 NFL Draft, Wisconsin's Peter Konz had a one of the most disappointing bench press totals. He managed only 18 reps, and that was very surprising considering he is a powerful interior lineman. This is a red flag on Konz's first-round grade, but he has a lot of good tape to offset the Combine bench press.

  • Ole Miss offensive tackle Bobby Massie (6-6, 316) is a powerful lineman, but his bench press total was a meager 22 reps. Massie has long arms, but heading into the combine, the expectations were that he would be competitive with other powerful right tackles.

  • Stanford's Jonathan Martin did not bench because of food poisoning.

  • Iowa State guard/tackle Kelechi Osemele (6-6, 333) has the longest arms of any offensive linemen at the Combine with 35 7/8. With that in mind, his bench press total of 32 reps is extremely impressive. Osemele was a good run blocker in college, so when you combine his power to go along with his length, it is easy to see that some teams will project him to right tackle.

  • Boise State offense tackle Nate Potter (6-6, 303) had a low bench press total with 22, but that is not surprising. Potter lacked power in his game in college with his speciality being mirroring pass rushers. His bench press total serves as a confirmation to NFL teams that he needs to add power for the next level.

  • Another offensive tackle who had a disappointing total was Iowa's Riley Reiff. He totaled 23 reps on the bench press. Reiff is a better pass protector than run blocker, but whoever drafts him will probably want to work on his strength.

  • Wisconsin guard Kevin Zeitler pushed up 32 reps of 225 pounds. Zeitler is a powerful run blocker, so his strength in the bench press is not surprising. After a mixed outing at the Senior Bowl, he needed a good showing to get his combine started. He has a lot of good tape that shows his power.

    2012 NFL Combine: Bench Press Recap - Tight Ends

  • Georgia tight end Orson Charles (6-2, 251) gained 10 pounds from his listed weight in college, and apparently that weight was all muscle. Charles destroyed all the other tight ends with 35 reps on the bench press. It was a very impressive total as he outproduced some of the top power run-blocking offensive linemen at the Combine. Charles did better than Stanford's David DeCastro, Georgia's Cordy Glenn, Iowa State's Kelechi Osemele, and Wisconsin's Kevin Zeitler and Peter Konz. If Charles runs well in the 40 and the shuttle drills, he will be one of the stars of the Combine.

  • Clemson tight end Dwayne Allen (6-3, 255) is thickly built. He tied for the second-highest total on the bench press with 27. It was a good total for Allen, who is a well-rounded tight end that combines blocking ability with dangerous receiving skills.

  • Stanford tight end Coby Fleener (6-6, 247) won't run at the Combine because of an ankle injury, but he showed good strength by tying Allen for the second-highest total on the bench press with 27. Fleener has power to go along with a good receiving skill set.

  • Yesterday I wrote, "Louisiana-Lafayette tight end Ladarius Green (6-6, 238) needs to add some more bulk to his frame." That was proven true when Green had the second-lowest total of any tight end with 16 reps on the bench press. Until Green adds some size and strength, he can probably only be a situational player, and that definitely hurts his draft value.

  • The title of largest blocking tight end belongs to UCLA's Cory Harkey (6-4, 260), but he had the worst total on the bench press of any tight end with only 13 reps. How Harkey had such a low total compared to players who are much smaller than him is difficult to fathom.

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