Path to the Draft: April 5, 2011

Path to the Draft: April 5, 2011

Below, you can find various tidbits of NFL Draft rumors and information offered by Mike Mayock, Michael Lombardi and the rest of the Path to the Draft crew on the NFL Network. I posted these in my forum, but I thought it would be better to keep all the draft rumors together in this section. I'll be tweeting these during Path to the Draft at @walterfootball.

  • Mike Mayock: Teams typically don't like to go too high for wide receivers, but A.J. Green is the exception.

  • Charley Casserly: If you're a 4-3 team, I'm not taking J.J. Watt because you'll be disappointed. He's not an edge rusher.

  • Michael Lombardi: Cameron Jordan may get into the top 10. I think he's going to make an impact on a team next year.

  • Mike Mayock: I think Mike Pouncey is one of the most solid players in this draft. He's very similar to his brother. Value starts at 14 (Rams).

  • Mike Mayock: The Cowboys can get a tackle at 40 (Ijalana). I can't get a corner at 40. If Prince Amukamara is at 9, I'm taking Prince

  • Mike Mayock: I love the five-techniques, but I think the Cowboys have bigger issues than five-technique.

  • Mike Mayock: There's no way in the world the Cowboys aren't going to get a clean player this year after dealing with Dez Bryant.

  • Mike Mayock: Marcus Gilbert has been steadily been moving up draft boards. He's a 2nd-round pick with starter potential.

  • Mike Mayock: James Carpenter is a finesse left tackle. A 2nd-round pick with starter potential.

  • Mike Mayock: Orlando Franklin is the most physical of the non 1st-round tackles. Rising up charts; not sure if he'll be inside/outside

  • Mike Mayock: The guy I'm intrigued by is Jah Reid. He's a right tackle only, but he's a starting right tackle 2 years from now.

  • Mike Mayock: Andy Dalton and Christian Ponder are SO similar. Ponder is limited as far as upside.

  • Mike Mayock: Andy Dalton has a better arm than I thought. He's a great leader, loves football. I'd take Dalton ahead of Ponder.

  • Mike Mayock: There's a disconnect between Colin Kaepernick's lower and upper body (throwing mechanics). He's a project.

  • Mike Mayock: Ricky Stanzi is a 3rd-rounder. I don't like him at the end of games. He's a project.

  • Charles Davis' mock draft: 1) Cam Newton. 2) Marcell Dareus. 3) Von Miller. 4) Patrick Peterson. 5) Blaine Gabbert...

  • Charles Davis' mock draft (cont). 6) A.J. Green. 7) Prince Amukamara. 8) Nick Fairley. 9) J.J. Watt. 10) Julio Jones.

  • Michael Lombardi: If I'm taking a running back in the 1st round, I want someone electrifying. That's not Mark Ingram.

  • Michael Lombardi: With Mark Ingram, I see Toby Gerhart.

  • Charley Casserly: When I watch Muhammad Wilkerson, I don't see a lot of plays; an underachiever. I don't see production for a 1st-rounder

  • Charley Casserly: I'd take Blaine Gabbert in the first round. I wouldn't take any other quarterback in the first round.

  • Charley Casserly: Jason Campbell, Josh Freeman were better coming out of college than Cam Newton.

  • Mike Mayock: No one can find 13 cornerbacks that can go in the first three rounds, so the top guys will get pushed up. No depth at CB.

  • Mike Mayock's player to avoid: Nick Fairley. Charles Davis' player to avoid: Akeem Ayers.

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