NFL Draft Rumors and Buzz: April 25, 2011

NFL Draft Rumors and Buzz: April 25, 2011

Below, you can find various tidbits of NFL Draft rumors and information offered by Mike Mayock, Michael Lombardi and the rest of the Path to the Draft crew on the NFL Network. I posted these in my forum, but I thought it would be better to keep all the draft rumors together in this section. I'll be tweeting these during Path to the Draft at @walterfootball.

  • Steve Wyche: All indications that the No. 1 pick will be Cam Newton. It doesn't look like it'll be Blaine Gabbert.

  • Steve Wyche: Marcell Dareus is a player that the Panthers do like, and he would fit a need. Patrick Peterson is a possibility. But they're both long shots.

  • Kara Henderson: The needs are on Denver's defense. They seem to think Tim Tebow can compete for and earn the starting spot.

  • Kara Henderson: John Fox wasn't convinced that the Panthers will take Cam Newton. He said they may take Marcell Dareus. John Fox really likes Dareus.

  • Alex Flanagan: I'm hearing offensive tackle will be Dallas' primary interest in the first round. They like Tyron Smith, Anthony Castonzo and Nate Solder.

  • Michael Lombardi: There are a lot of people telling me that Blaine Gabbert will slip. I'm told the Cardinals want to sign a veteran quarterback. San Francisco seems to be lukewarm on him. Tennessee looks to be more interested in Jake Locker. Maybe Washington is his landing spot.

  • Michael Lombardi: Mike Shanahan wants a quarterback who can stretch every blade of grass on the field. I think eh could take Ryan Mallett at No. 10.

  • Charley Casserly: Doctors have told teams that Robert Quinn's brain tumor could come back.

  • Charley Casserly: I continue to talk to teams that have concerns with longevity with Da'Quan Bowers' career.

  • Mike Mayock: The ceiling is 3 with Buffalo and the floor is 8 with Tennessee in terms of Blaine Gabbert's draft range.

  • Mike Mayock: I still don't get the feeling that football is most important in Cam Newton's life after God and family.

  • Mike Mayock: I think Tennessee, Washington and Minnesota want to buy into Jake Locker. I believe some team will buy into him because they don't think they can get him later.

  • Mike Mayock: Jake Locker is a 1- to 2-year project in terms of pocket awareness and accuracy. You have to be able to protect him in terms of moving the pocket. You can't just throw him into the fire.

  • Mike Mayock: Ryan Mallett throws the football better than anyone in this draft. He's a coach's son. Where the trouble comes in is off the field. There's a significant enough off-the-field issues that every team is asking questions. I think because of his football ability and football IQ, someone's going to trade up into the 20s and take him.

  • Mike Mayock: Someone's going to trade up late into the first round to take Andy Dalton or Christian Ponder because they don't want to wait overnight.

  • Stacy Dales: I talked to people around here today, and I think the Patriots might be looking toward the offensive line.

  • Jamie Dukes: Mark Ingram has "Patriots" written all over him.

  • Charley Casserly: I've been told by a number of teams that the Steelers have been looking at defensive ends in the spring.

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