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June 13, 2013.

This is a four-man 2013 Fantasy Football Touchdown-Format Mock Draft I participated in on Sunday night. The plan was for me and my friends Body Burner, Injured Reserve and Man-Eaters to control three teams each in a 12-team mock draft. The four of us used to do four-man PPR mocks, but we're all in an expensive touchdown league ($200 entry with $5 per transaction), so we thought getting some practice would be a good idea.

Here are this year's results with commentary below each round. Also, be sure to check out my other 2013 Fantasy Football articles, which will include rankings, sleepers, busts, cheat sheets and other things. Follow me @walterfootball for updates.


(1) Body Burner Team 1 - Adrian Peterson RB
(2) Man Eaters Team 1 - Marshawn Lynch RB
(3) Injured Reserve Team 1 - Alfred Morris RB
(4) WalterFootball.com Team 1 - Aaron Rodgers QB
(5) Man Eaters Team 2 - Steven Jackson RB
(6) Body Burner Team 2 - Ray Rice RB
(7) Injured Reserve Team 2 - Arian Foster RB
(8) WalterFootball Team 2 - Calvin Johnson WR
(9) Body Burner Team 3 - A.J. Green WR
(10) Injured Reserve Team 3 - Trent Richardson RB
(11) WalterFootball.com Team 3 - Stevan Ridley RB
(12) Man Eaters Team 3 - Dez Bryant WR


(1) Man Eaters Team 3 - Julio Jones WR
(2) WalterFootball.com Team 3 - Drew Brees QB
(3) Injured Reserve Team 3 - Jamaal Charles RB
(4) Body Burner Team 3 - Doug Martin RB
(5) WalterFootball Team 2 - Tom Brady QB
(6) Injured Reserve Team 2 - Jimmy Graham TE
(7) Body Burner Team 2 - Russell Wilson QB
(8) Man Eaters Team 2 - LeSean McCoy RB
(9) WalterFootball.com Team 1 - Brandon Marshall WR
(10) Injured Reserve Team 1 - Larry Fitzgerald WR
(11) Man Eaters Team 1 - C.J. Spiller RB
(12) Body Burner Team 1 - Frank Gore RB

BACKGROUND: For those of you who have never played in a touchdown league before, it's like a standard league, only the yardage is only worth half as much, so touchdowns are really paramount. Thus, it's important to draft players who score a lot and avoid those who won't sniff the end zone.

MY PICKS, TEAM 1: As I wrote in my 2013 Fantasy Football All-Value Team page, I don't believe in downgrading quarterbacks this year. I'd rather take the best player available - thus landing a proven stud like Aaron Rodgers and not having to rely on an iffy signal-caller with tons of upside. Besides, Rodgers is more valuable in a league like this.

I would end up regretting my second pick, however. These super-early fantasy mock drafts are important because they help me learn about the year's fantasy class. The receiving depth this season is ridiculous. There are so many wideouts. I've pushed them all down in my Fantasy Football Top 250 Cheat Sheet.

MY PICKS, TEAM 2: Having said that, I still think Calvin Johnson was the right choice at No. 8 because he's a monster capable of catching double-digit touchdowns. And again, I'm fine with a quarterback this early. Tom Brady is a proven stud. Fantasy seasons are ruined by drafting busts in the first two rounds. Brady will not disappoint. Don't overthink things this year. Take the best player available.

MY PICKS, TEAM 3: Stevan Ridley should score a ton of touchdowns, so I think he's a good pick at 1.11. Another quarterback, but Drew Brees will not bust. He'll score tons of points every week, and I know that I'll be able to count on him.

BEST PICK: The other thing I learn from doing these fantasy mock drafts early is that I have certain players ranked too low or too high. Injured Reserve's second and third choices in Round 2 were too low. Jimmy Graham is completely healthy, so he'll score double-digit touchdowns. Larry Fitzgerald, meanwhile, will have a great bounce-back season because, as Injured Reserve put it, Carson Palmer doesn't care about throwing interceptions. He'll just keep lobbing bombs to Fitzgerald. I'll compile a list of players I've moved in my 2013 Fantasy Football Rankings in my 2013 Fantasy Football Stock Report page. Follow me @walterfootball for updates.

WORST PICK: I like Russell Wilson, but I wouldn't pick him in the second round. He's one of those "iffy" quarterbacks with tons of upside. I believe Wilson will have a great year, but he doesn't have much of a track record. Plus, as a quarterback who moves around a lot, Wilson is more prone to injury than Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.


(1) Body Burner Team 1 - Colin Kaepernick QB
(2) Man Eaters Team 1 - Victor Cruz WR
(3) Injured Reserve Team 1 - Chris Johnson RB
(4) WalterFootball.com Team 1 - David Wilson RB
(5) Man Eaters Team 2 - Demaryius Thomas WR
(6) Body Burner Team 2 - Percy Harvin WR
(7) Injured Reserve Team 2 - Reggie Bush RB
(8) WalterFootball Team 2 - Maurice Jones-Drew RB
(9) Body Burner Team 3 - Peyton Manning QB
(10) Injured Reserve Team 3 - Cam Newton QB
(11) WalterFootball.com Team 3 - Darren McFadden RB
(12) Man Eaters Team 3 - Matt Forte RB


(1) Man Eaters Team 3 - Matthew Stafford QB
(2) WalterFootball.com Team 3 - James Jones WR
(3) Injured Reserve Team 3 - Roddy White WR
(4) Body Burner Team 3 - Jordy Nelson WR
(5) WalterFootball Team 2 - Andre Brown RB
(6) Injured Reserve Team 2 - Vincent Jackson WR
(7) Body Burner Team 2 - Wes Welker WR
(8) Man Eaters Team 2 - Matt Ryan QB
(9) WalterFootball.com Team 1 - Eric Decker WR
(10) Injured Reserve Team 1 - Aaron Hernandez TE
(11) Man Eaters Team 1 - Mike Wallace WR
(12) Body Burner Team 1 - Pierre Garcon WR

MY PICKS, TEAM 1: David Wilson was my top-ranked running back available. Andre Brown will get a chunk of his carries, but Wilson should get the majority of the touches. Meanwhile, I think I took Eric Decker too early, given the depth at receiver. If I could redo this, I'd probably select Aaron Hernandez at 4.09.

MY PICKS, TEAM 2: Maurice Jones-Drew is too talented to last until the middle of the third round. Andre Brown will get plenty of goal-line looks, so I think he makes sense as a fourth-rounder in this format.

MY PICKS, TEAM 3: I hate Darren McFadden, but the value is there for him at the end of the third round. Considering the lack of depth at running back, I didn't really have much of a choice. As for James Jones, that's another choice I regret. Again, I pushed all of the receivers down in my cheat sheet.

BEST PICK: I was hoping Chris Johnson would fall to me at 3.04, but Injured Reserve snagged him one pick earlier. I already mentioned Aaron Hernandez.

Two other picks I really liked were Peyton Manning and Matt Forte. The former should not have lingered until the middle of the third round. And as for Forte, considering the lack of depth at running back, he's a great bargain at the end of the third.

WORST PICK: Mike Wallace is the only pick I hated in these two rounds. Man-Eaters likes him this year, but Wallace is a bad-character guy who took the money and ran to a team with an inferior quarterback. The history of receivers making a move like this in free agency is quite dubious. Vincent Jackson is the only wideout I can think of who thrived on his new team - and I think it's only because he's insane and thinks that Josh Freeman is really good (hence the 5-year, $55,555,555.55 contract he signed).


(1) Body Burner Team 1 - Hakeem Nicks WR
(2) Man Eaters Team 1 - Andrew Luck QB
(3) Injured Reserve Team 1 - Torrey Smith WR
(4) WalterFootball.com Team 1 - Le'Veon Bell RB
(5) Man Eaters Team 2 - Randall Cobb WR
(6) Body Burner Team 2 - Eddie Lacy RB
(7) Injured Reserve Team 2 - Tony Romo QB
(8) WalterFootball Team 2 - Marques Colston WR
(9) Body Burner Team 3 - Cecil Shorts WR
(10) Injured Reserve Team 3 - Andre Johnson WR
(11) WalterFootball.com Team 3 - Vick Ballard RB
(12) Man Eaters Team 3 - Darren Sproles RB


(1) Man Eaters Team 3 - DeMarco Murray RB
(2) WalterFootball.com Team 3 - Rob Gronkowski TE
(3) Injured Reserve Team 3 - Vernon Davis TE
(4) Body Burner Team 3 - Knowshon Moreno RB
(5) WalterFootball Team 2 - Tony Gonzalez TE
(6) Injured Reserve Team 2 - Chris Ivory RB
(7) Body Burner Team 2 - Kyle Rudolph TE
(8) Man Eaters Team 2 - Lamar Miller RB
(9) WalterFootball.com Team 1 - Shane Vereen RB
(10) Injured Reserve Team 1 - Robert Griffin QB
(11) Man Eaters Team 1 - Antonio Gates TE
(12) Body Burner Team 1 - Danny Amendola WR

MY PICKS, TEAM 1: Considering how thin running back is, I have no problem with my two selections in these rounds. I'd normally like to take Le'Veon Bell in the sixth and Shane Vereen in the seventh, but there were no running backs left.

MY PICKS, TEAM 2: I hated some of my other receiver reaches, but I think Marques Colston is a fine choice in Round 5. Tony Gonzalez is a good tight end to have in this format.

MY PICKS, TEAM 3: I made the Vick Ballard pick before Ahmad Bradshaw signed with the Colts. As for Rob Gronkowski, I think this is the right spot for him. He could completely bomb in 2013, but the upside is there. He's not going to last until the sixth round in most leagues because some idiot will take him in the second or the third, but I'd advise grabbing him here if he lasts this long.

BEST PICK: Chris Ivory and Lamar Miller are two players that I realized I had ranked too low during this mock draft. I moved both of them up.

WORST PICK: I like Knowshon Moreno as a 10th-round pick or so because John Fox wants to use a veteran back rather than one of his young players. However, Moreno was chosen way too early here. I'd rather have Willis McGahee.

This is not a worst pick, but Body Burner admittedly did not do much preparation for this mock draft. He asked who Eddie Lacy was, so I told him. Minutes later he said, "Fine, I'll take that guy that I don't know about."


(1) Body Burner Team 1 - Ben Tate RB
(2) Man Eaters Team 1 - Dwayne Bowe WR
(3) Injured Reserve Team 1 - T.Y. Hilton WR
(4) WalterFootball.com Team 1 - Zac Stacy RB
(5) Man Eaters Team 2 - Dennis Pitta TE
(6) Body Burner Team 2 - Antonio Brown WR
(7) Injured Reserve Team 2 - Jeremy Maclin WR
(8) WalterFootball Team 2 - Willis McGahee RB
(9) Body Burner Team 3 - Reggie Wayne WR
(10) Injured Reserve Team 3 - Miles Austin-Jones WR
(11) WalterFootball.com Team 3 - Danario Alexander WR
(12) Man Eaters Team 3 - Anquan Boldin WR


(1) Man Eaters Team 3 - Giovani Bernard RB
(2) WalterFootball.com Team 3 - Josh Gordon WR
(3) Injured Reserve Team 3 - Marcel Reece RB
(4) Body Burner Team 3 - Bryce Brown RB
(5) WalterFootball Team 2 - Kenny Britt WR
(6) Injured Reserve Team 2 - Ryan Mathews RB
(7) Body Burner Team 2 - BenJarvus Green-Ellis RB
(8) Man Eaters Team 2 - Greg Jennings WR
(9) WalterFootball.com Team 1 - Stevie Johnson WR
(10) Injured Reserve Team 1 - Bernard Pierce RB
(11) Man Eaters Team 1 - Johnathan Franklin RB
(12) Body Burner Team 1 - Justin Blackmon WR

MY PICKS, TEAM 1: Zac Stacy is the favorite to start for the Rams, so why not try him in Round 7? I was surprised Stevie Johnson lasted until Round 8. His production will be down this year as E.J. Manuel learns on the job, but he shouldn't have lasted this long.

MY PICKS, TEAM 2: I already discussed Willis McGahee. I believe he's the front-runner to start for Denver. Other publications are shoving Montee Ball down their readers throats, but John Fox has a proven track record of not using rookie running backs. Meanwhile, Kenny Britt can be a good producer if he keeps his head on straight.

MY PICKS, TEAM 3: I owned Danario Alexander in a couple of leagues last year, and he was awesome down the stretch. That should carry over into 2013 - assuming he stays healthy. And I think this is the right place for Josh Gordon. A two-game suspension isn't the worst thing in the world. He's not projected to start on Team 3 anyway, so I'll have him back just as the byes begin.

BEST PICK: You're making a good pick any time you draft a starting running back in Round 8. Ryan Mathews stinks, but he should have gone earlier than 8.06. Other quality running back selections in this round include Giovani Bernard (could start), BenJarvus Green-Ellis (should receive the goal-line work) and Johnathan Franklin (also may start because of Eddie Lacy's durability).

WORST PICK: Body Burner admitted that he forgot this after he made the pick, but the Eagles signed Felix Jones to compete with Bryce Brown for the No. 2 running back job.


(1) Body Burner Team 1 - Steve Smith WR
(2) Man Eaters Team 1 - Rashard Mendenhall RB
(3) Injured Reserve Team 1 - Fred Jackson RB
(4) WalterFootball.com Team 1 - Mike Williams WR
(5) Man Eaters Team 2 - Andy Dalton QB
(6) Body Burner Team 2 - DeAngelo Williams RB
(7) Injured Reserve Team 2 - DeSean Jackson WR
(8) WalterFootball Team 2 - Lance Moore WR
(9) Body Burner Team 3 - Jason Witten TE
(10) Injured Reserve Team 3 - Mark Ingram RB
(11) WalterFootball.com Team 3 - LaMichael James RB
(12) Man Eaters Team 3 - Eli Manning QB


(1) Man Eaters Team 3 - Martellus Bennett TE
(2) WalterFootball.com Team 3 - Rueben Randle WR
(3) Injured Reserve Team 3 - Brandon Myers TE
(4) Body Burner Team 3 - Jonathan Stewart RB
(5) WalterFootball Team 2 - Michael Bush RB
(6) Injured Reserve Team 2 - Alshon Jeffery WR
(7) Body Burner Team 2 - Vincent Brown WR
(8) Man Eaters Team 2 - Greg Olsen TE
(9) WalterFootball.com Team 1 - Owen Daniels TE
(10) Injured Reserve Team 1 - Phil Dawson K
(11) Man Eaters Team 1 - Ben Roethlisberger QB
(12) Body Burner Team 1 - Joe Flacco QB

MY PICKS, TEAM 1: The receiver position is so deep that you can land a player like Mike Williams in the ninth round. Owen Daniels, meanwhile, is a fine starting tight end to obtain in the 10th round when considering that all of the players at that position are pretty much the same after the first few.

MY PICKS, TEAM 2: Lance Moore will have a chance to catch touchdowns, so why not grab him in the middle of the ninth? Michael Bush could get goal-line looks this year, and he'll be a RB2 if Matt Forte goes down.

MY PICKS, TEAM 3: Frank Gore used to be injury-prone. He hasn't missed a game in the past two seasons, but if he reverts back to his old form, LaMichael James could be a valuable player. And speaking of getting hurt, it's hard to imagine both Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks making it through the whole year. If they suffer injuries, Rueben Randle could be a starting-caliber fantasy receiver.

BEST PICK: Jason Witten doesn't catch many touchdowns, but he's still a steal in Round 9. Mark Ingram is another pick I like in that area. He could completely suck again, but maybe he'll finally live up to his first-round billing.

WORST PICK: Jonathan Stewart is trash. Plus, he's currently banged up, just like he always is.


(1) Body Burner Team 1 - Jermichael Finley TE
(2) Man Eaters Team 1 - Kendall Wright WR
(3) Injured Reserve Team 1 - Texans Defense
(4) WalterFootball.com Team 1 - Philip Rivers QB
(5) Man Eaters Team 2 - Seahawks Defense
(6) Body Burner Team 2 - Jay Cutler QB
(7) Injured Reserve Team 2 - 49ers Defense
(8) WalterFootball Team 2 - Sam Bradford QB
(9) Body Burner Team 3 - Blair Walsh K
(10) Injured Reserve Team 3 - Brian Hartline WR
(11) WalterFootball.com Team 3 - Ryan Tannehill QB
(12) Man Eaters Team 3 - Packers Defense


(1) Man Eaters Team 3 - Matt Schaub QB
(2) WalterFootball.com Team 3 - Daryl Richardson RB
(3) Injured Reserve Team 3 - Montee Ball RB
(4) Body Burner Team 3 - Jonathan Dwyer RB
(5) WalterFootball Team 2 - Stepfan Taylor RB
(6) Injured Reserve Team 2 - Tavon Austin WR
(7) Body Burner Team 2 - Stephen Gostkowski K
(8) Man Eaters Team 2 - Carson Palmer QB
(9) WalterFootball.com Team 1 - Joseph Randle RB
(10) Injured Reserve Team 1 - QB Eagles No. 7 QB
(11) Man Eaters Team 1 - Steelers Defense
(12) Body Burner Team 1 - Rams Defense

MY PICKS, TEAM 1: Can Philip Rivers bounce back to 2010 form? If so, I landed a steal in Round 11. Joseph Randle could be a decent fantasy player when (not if) DeMarco Murray gets hurt.

MY PICKS, TEAM 2: Just a standard backup quarterback in Round 11. Stepfan Taylor could start for Arizona because Rashard Mendenhall sucks.

MY PICKS, TEAM 3: Another backup quarterback followed by another potential starting running back in the NFC West.

BEST PICK: I don't like Jermichael Finley at all, but he's a great bargain in Round 11. Oh, and yeah, Montee Ball somehow fell to Round 12. All four of us don't like Ball's chances of starting, but there's no reason he should've lasted this late. I guess we all forgot about him.

WORST PICK: QB Dog Killer? Booooo!!!


(1) Body Burner Team 1 - Matt Prater K
(2) Man Eaters Team 1 - Sebastian Janikowski K
(3) Injured Reserve Team 1 - Josh Freeman QB
(4) WalterFootball.com Team 1 - Patriots Defense
(5) Man Eaters Team 2 - Matt Bryant K
(6) Body Burner Team 2 - Redskins Defense
(7) Injured Reserve Team 2 - DeAndre Hopkins WR
(8) WalterFootball Team 2 - Chiefs Defense
(9) Body Burner Team 3 - Broncos Defense
(10) Injured Reserve Team 3 - Bengals Defense
(11) WalterFootball.com Team 3 - Ravens Defense
(12) Man Eaters Team 3 - Mason Crosby K


(1) Man Eaters Team 3 - Marcedes Lewis TE
(2) WalterFootball.com Team 3 - Billy Cundiff K
(3) Injured Reserve Team 3 - Markus Wheaton WR
(4) Body Burner Team 3 - Greg Little WR
(5) WalterFootball Team 2 - Garrett Hartley K
(6) Injured Reserve Team 2 - Mike Gillislee RB
(7) Body Burner Team 2 - Denarius Moore WR
(8) Man Eaters Team 2 - Brent Celek TE
(9) WalterFootball.com Team 1 - Dan Bailey K
(10) Injured Reserve Team 1 - JaMarcus Russell OT
(11) Man Eaters Team 1 - None
(12) Body Burner Team 1 - None

FINAL TWO ROUNDS: Most fantasy drafts are 16 rounds. This league is 16 rounds as well. But it was midnight at this point, and everyone was losing it. Man-Eaters was discussing the Game of Thrones finale on Facebook chat. Injured Reserve drafted an offensive tackle. Body Burner, meanwhile, was making notes that Davos would write to Stannis' mailers, including:

Random Lord: Please tell Lord Stannis he is invited to come to my Daughter's name day.
Lord Davos: Stannes wont go tu birtde partea

There were no final two picks. Someone rang my doorbell, and when I opened the door, no one was there. This happened twice. I grabbed my butcher's cleaver and waited for them to come back. Unfortunately, they did not. I later received a text from my friend Pat, telling me that the person ringing the bell was my friend Hot Stuff and some chick who lives on my block who thinks I'm hot. Hmmm...

Oh, and I'm not going to analyze these final two rounds because they were worthless. Instead, here's a review of my three teams:

My Fantasy Team 1:

QB - Aaron Rodgers, Packers
RB - David Wilson, Giants
RB - Le'Veon Bell, Steelers
WR - Brandon Marshall, Bears
WR - Eric Decker, Broncos
TE - Owen Daniels, Texans
K - Dan Bailey, Cowboys
DEF - Patriots Defense

BN - Shane Vereen, Patriots RB
BN - Zac Stacy, Rams RB
BN - Stevie Johnson, Bills WR
BN - Mike Williams, Buccaneers WR
BN - Philip Rivers, Chargers QB
BN - Joseph Randle, Cowboys RB

This is what I get for waiting on running backs. That position is incredibly weak for me. On the bright side, I know that Aaron Rodgers, Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker will be reliable, consistent producers.

My Fantasy Team 2:

QB - Tom Brady, Patriots
RB - Maurice Jones-Drew, Jaguars
RB - Andre Brown, Giants
WR - Calvin Johnson, Lions
WR - Marques Colston, Saints
TE - Tony Gonzalez, Falcons
K - Garrett Hartley, Saints
DEF - Chiefs Defense

BN - Willis McGahee, Broncos RB
BN - Kenny Britt, Titans WR
BN - Lance Moore, Saints WR
BN - Michael Bush, Bears RB
BN - Sam Bradford, Rams QB
BN - Stepfan Taylor, Cardinals RB

This is my favorite team. Tom Brady, Calvin Johnson and Tony Gonzalez will give me tons of points each week. Maurice Jones-Drew and Marques Colston are pretty reliable as well. Andre Brown has major touchdown potential, though Willis McGahee could be my RB2 if he wins the starting job.

My Fantasy Team 3:

QB - Drew Brees, Saints
RB - Stevan Ridley, Patriots
RB - Darren McFadden, Raiders
WR - James Jones, Packers
WR - Danario Alexander, Chargers
TE - Rob Gronkowski, Patriots
K - Billy Cundiff K
DEF - Ravens Defense

BN - Vick Ballard, Colts RB
BN - Josh Gordon, Browns WR
BN - LaMichael James, 49ers RB
BN - Rueben Randle, Giants WR
BN - Ryan Tannehill, Dolphins QB
BN - Daryl Richardson, Rams RB

This team has the greatest boom-or-bust potential. Stevan Ridley could score double-digit touchdowns again, or Bill Belichick could suddenly decide that he hates him. Darren McFadden obviously has a high ceiling and a low floor. James Jones could revert to 2011 form when he dropped everything. Danario Alexander may get hurt again. Rob Gronkowski is a huge question mark. This team could go 10-3 or 3-10, depending on what happens.

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