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2015 NFL Draft Mailbag

I received many e-mails and tweets about my 2015 NFL Mock Draft and the upcoming NFL Draft in general. To share the answers to the questions publicly, I decided to start up a mailbag column. Pass along your NFL draft questions and comments. I'll put together a mailbag periodically that answers questions/comments sent via email draftcampbell@gmail.com or on Twitter @draftcampbell.

March 12, 2015

From Paul, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Thanks for the good work you both do on this site. Would (or should) or Cleveland/Oakland trade happen for the 4 and the 12/19 picks if Winston is still available at 4? Would one side need to toss some more fuel on the fire to make it work? Oakland could use the bodies and Cleveland could use and an excuse to walk away from Manziel."

Good question. I think there is a very minimal chance that Winston is still available at No. 4, but I think Oakland would do it for picks Nos. 12 and 19. Reggie McKenzie traded down about the same distance 2 years ago and only got a second-rounder in return. He's willing to move down at a discount. I think the Raiders would jump at a trade with the Browns that involved those picks.

From Micah Allee

"Hey love the work y'all do been a follower for years! Pleasantries aside. If the Cowboys re sign Murray and Bryant , do they Cowboys still look for a running back and wide receiver at all this draft? Is offense going to get looked at all really this draft?

As far as our defense is concerned what are some cheaper FA options for Dallas? Is safety really something the Cowboys will address in the first few rounds? Obviously they need help on the dline but what is the Cowboys second biggest need, corner or safety, or possibly linebacker with uncertainty of whether any of our starters at LB can even stay healthy?"

Thanks for being a loyal reader! I don't think the Cowboys go running back or wide receiver if they manage to get Murray re-signed with Bryant coming back. I don't think Dallas would take a safety in the first round either. In the past, Rod Marinelli and Monte Kiffin always waited until Day 2 to target safeties. That worked well for them in Tampa Bay, and unless Landon Collins is available, I don't see a safety option who would be worthy of the Cowboys' first-rounder.

I think Dallas should take at least two defensive linemen in its first three picks. After that, I would say a cornerback would be a need to address. If Murray isn't re-signed, the Cowboys will have to consider a running back in the first three rounds as well.

From Kenneth O'Brien,

"How serious are the Browns about moving up for Mariota? As a Jets fan, I'd rather see them deal with Cleveland over Philly. If they could swap the 6th pick for both of Cleveland's first rounders and Johnny Manziel, I'd do that in a heartbeat. I'd then aim for Trae Waynes and possibly Vic Beasley if he falls far enough, then grab Phillip Dorsett in round two, now we're cooking with fire. Let Manziel and Geno compete for the opportunity to reinvent themselves under Chan Gailey's quarterback friendly offense, if they both fail then they can draft their quarterback next year. Are the Browns that desperate?"

Thanks for the email. I don't think the Browns are seriously interested in trading up for Mariota. I think that just rumor, and I haven't heard that from any team source in the league. I think that's all media-driven speculation. If it were true, I think that could be a good deal for the Jets. But I don't think they would get anything out of Manziel. I think he's going to be a bust. I think the Jets would be better off drafting Brett Hundley on Day 2 than taking Manziel. All that being said, I think the Titans are going to take Mariota.

From Jorge, Miami, Florida

"My question now that the combine is come and gone I can't possibly see Kevin white falling to the 11th pick for the vikings. I keep hearing they could take a receiver for teddy but considering receiver is one of the deepest positions in not only the draft but free agnecy I can't see them taking one round one. What are the chances the trae Wayne's falls to 11th and who do you sense vikings like on defense and offense. I have a feeling they like shaq Thompson a lot.

Also I don't think the Vikings would just all out release AP, I don't see him coming back but after paying him to sit and take care of legal issues seems like a trade is best bet. What do you think the Vikings could possible sway from a team for ap.( I know he's 30 and a RB, and unhappy and the contract) but then again I was told don't expect nothing better then a 2nd for Percy who was hurt, unhappy, wanted to get paid and we got a 1,3,7 for him."

I do think that Trae Waynes could get to the Vikings' pick and that Mike Zimmer will definitely like Waynes. In the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft, I could see Minnesota having a list of Waynes, White, Cooper and Parker being in its pool of players for that pick.

As for Peterson, I think the Vikings could maybe get a second-day pick for him. But at his age, it's hard to see someone giving up more than a third-round choice.

From the Forums, Andy Q.

"Rumor is that the Giants want to trade out of the 9 spot. Is there any way that happens without a Mariota or a Winston somehow falling into their laps?

Andy, I think the Giants are actually in a good spot to trade down if the Raiders or Bears pass on a wide receiver. Assuming one of those two franchises takes Kevin White, that would leave Amari Cooper on the board. I think it's likely that the Jets pass on a receiver after the Brandon Marshall trade. There are going to be some receiver-needy teams in the teens eyeing Cooper. The candidates to trade up for him include the Browns, 49ers, Dolphins and Texans. Plus, the Vikings may want to move up to ensure they get him. In speaking with league sources, there seems to be a drop off in their view to DeVante Parker after White and Cooper. I think the Giants could get some nice offers if Cooper or White is available.

Another possibility is a team trading up for an edge rusher. Dante Fowler, Randy Gregory, Shane Ray and Vic Beasley could be candidates for teams to move up to take. In order for that to happen, the Giants would need a run on pass-rushers. That is possible with the Jaguars, Raiders, Redskins, Jets, Bears and Falcons all being candidates to take a pass-rusher.

From the Joseph Tafer, Los Angeles, California

"To me Vic Beasley had a monster combine, he showed no flaws while putting down all his doubters, his 35 reps and 4.52 speed while adding 15 pounds over the offseason is something very amazing. now I regard him now as the #1 overall player in my BB, what do you think??

I don't put much stock in the Combine, and it doesn't impact my rankings much at all. My rankings are influenced by my analysis of players' performances in games and information from teams. I had Beasley in the mid-teens before the Combine, and he's stayed there on my big board. That being said, I do think he has a chance at cracking the top 10 of the 2015 NFL Draft if there is a run on pass-rushers.

From the forums, Conrad

"Charlie, why do draftniks (and homers) never, ever learn and put way too much in measurables?"

That's a good question, Conrad, because I could build an argument for either side. First of all, if a guy can't run, he's not going to make it in the NFL. That's the biggest reason for veterans getting cut as they age. They just lose the speed to compete, so if a draft prospect lacks speed, it is hard to project them making it in the league.

From Arun Morace

"Always enjoyed the mocks and your scouting reports. They're an exceptional resource, especially at this time of the year. As a Jets fan, it's painfully obvious my team needs a playmaker at No. 6 overall, be it on offense or defense. I'd have no problem if the current projection you and Walt both have for Gang Green (WR Amari Cooper) comes to be. The Jets have lacked a No. 1 WR for a very long time, and Cooper certainly has the potential to fill that void.

However, say the Titans don't take Marcus Mariota at No. 2, no one trades up, and he's available at No. 6. Do the Jets pull the trigger? I'm of two minds about this, because one could argue that Geno Smith's struggles are due to a lack of weapons around him. Should they still opt for Amari Cooper, even if Mariota is on the board, and try to salvage Smith while filling out the offense? Or do they wipe the slate clean, cut bait with the inconsistent Smith, and roll with Mariota as their new franchise quarterback?

The Eagles are certainly Mariota's best fit in the NFL, but new Jets OC Chan Gailey has had success with a spread-offense, quick-hit scheme while getting the most out of QB's like Tyler Thigpen and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Mariota would have the most upside of any of the QB's he's worked with, and could be a good fit for his offense in New York. "

Thanks for the email and reading my work on WalterFootball.com. I think if Mariota falls to the Jets, they should draft him. I think he's a better prospect than Blake Bortles was last year, and I've heard that from teams as well. Thus, getting Mariota at No. 6 isn't a bad value. I don't believe that Geno Smith's supporting cast has been his true failing. Derek Carr played a lot better than Smith with a worse supporting cast and a worse offensive line in Oakland. The Raiders also had a really hard schedule going against AFC West and NFC West.

I think the Jets have to keep taking quarterbacks until they land a good one. As you suggest, I think that Chan Gailey would be a good offensive coordinator to work with Mariota. Gailey has done well with mobile quarterbacks in the past. I think Cooper is a good receiver, but I don't think any player would be worth taking over a potential franchise quarterback for New York.

Once again send questions/comments via email draftcampbell@gmail.com or on Twitter @draftcampbell.

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White People (Anonymous Poster)
10 month(s) 13 day(s) ago - hide

It doesn't count if you are only asking white Republicans if they think redskin is a slur.

It is actually defined as a slur in the dictionary and all the major Native American organizations have spoken out against it.

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Walt (Anonymous Poster)
1 years 0 month(s) ago - hide

"Packers best round 1? Really? Rams get best o-tackle and d-lineman/#Fail."" 

"Well, I would say that it would be a fail to say that Aaron Donald is better than Jadeveon Clowney."

Do you realize that Clowney is playing OLB and not DE?  I feel like I shouldn't have to ask that, but you stated that Houston drafted the best DL.

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Phi Nguyen (Anonymous Poster)
10 month(s) 13 day(s) ago - hide
Texans did, him playing OLB has nothing to do with. It's all about how good of a prospect he is. Clowney is a freak of nature, so fluid and fast.
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vikingfan99 (Anonymous Poster)
1 years 0 month(s) ago - hide
<p>I really don't think the Vikings are as high on Bortles as everyone seems to. For one thing, Turner is a smart enough guy to be able to design a system around a new QB, so they won't pick Bortles just because he *looks* like Rivers and Hoyer, for example. Plus, he's really overrated just from a statistical standpoint as well. He has prototypical size, but makes too many bad decisions with poor vision. They already tried a smaller, slightly smarter version of that in Ponder, and have to understand that it won't work this time either.</p><p>The same general story is true for Carr. I can't imagine that they have him higher than Bridgewater or Manziel, considering how poor his accuracy and vision can be compared to those two. </p><p>If Manziel falls to them, I don't think they hesitate to pull the trigger, especially if they think they'll be able to trade back into 1 for one of the CBs or LBs that everyone seems to be mocking in the mid- to late-first. Unless they got DEF at #8 and go with Bridgewater (who spent three days in Minnesota working out for them, something that can't be said about Bortles, who barely even got a private workout) by trading back into 1.</p>
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