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Fantasy Football Week 6 Quarterback Rankings

To differentiate between all the "Start 'Ems" on my Fantasy Football Start Em, Sit Em page, you can check out the Weekly Fantasy Football Rankings, so you can figure out whom to start between Player X and Player Y.

Below are my fantasy quarterback rankings and a set of links for my positional Weekly NFL Fantasy Football Rankings. Keep in mind that this list is for this week only; not the entire rest of the season.

The rankings are based on a traditional scoring system. Each player has's projected stats and standard scoring points.

2013 Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings: QB | RB | WR | TE | DEF

2013 Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings - PPR: RB | WR | TE

Updated 10/10 - Follow @walterfootball for updates.
  1. Peyton Manning, QB, Broncos (vs. Jaguars) - 34 Points
    370 Passing Yards, 5 Pass TDs.
    The only worry here is that Peyton Manning may sit out the final quarter and a half.

  2. Aaron Rodgers, QB, Packers (at Ravens) - 25 Points
    300 Passing Yards, 3 Pass TDs. 10 Rushing Yards.
    The Ravens have a fierce pass rush that should rattle Aaron Rodgers. However, Rodgers is still a high-end QB1.

  3. Tony Romo, QB, Cowboys (vs. Redskins) - 24 Points
    360 Passing Yards, 3 Pass TDs, 1 INT.
    Tony Romo won't get 500 yards this week, but he has another awesome matchup.

  4. Andrew Luck, QB, Colts (at Chargers) - 22 Points
    300 Passing Yards, 2 Pass TDs. 20 Rushing Yards.
    The Chargers are 30th against the pass.

  5. Robert Griffin, QB, Redskins (at Cowboys) - 21 Points
    300 Passing Yards, 2 Pass TDs, 1 INT. 30 Rushing Yards.
    Robert Griffin had two weeks to get healthier and study film of Dallas' putrid defense.

  6. Tom Brady, QB, Patriots (vs. Saints) - 20 Points
    270 Passing Yards, 3 Pass TDs, 1 INT.
    Tom Brady will be in "F-U mode" following last week's loss.

  7. Russell Wilson, QB, Seahawks (vs. Titans) - 20 Points
    180 Passing Yards, 1 Pass TD, 1 INT. 50 Rushing Yards, 1 TD.
    Russell Wilson will continue to be a low-end QB1 against Tennessee.

  8. Jay Cutler, QB, Bears (vs. Giants) - 19 Points
    310 Passing Yards, 2 Pass TDs, 1 INT. 10 Rushing Yards.
    Treat Jay Cutler like a low QB1 against New York's trash defense.

  9. Philip Rivers, QB, Chargers (vs. Colts) - 18 Points
    310 Passing Yards, 2 Pass TDs, 1 INT.
    Indianapolis' pass defense has played well recently.

  10. Matthew Stafford, QB, Lions (at Browns) - 17 Points
    290 Passing Yards, 2 Pass TDs, 1 INT.
    Things should be back to normal for Matthew Stafford, assuming Calvin Johnson returns.

  11. Drew Brees, QB, Saints (at Patriots) - 17 Points
    290 Passing Yards, 2 Pass TDs, 1 INT.
    Drew Brees isn't as good outside of the Superdome, but he's obviously still a QB1.

  12. Geno Smith, QB, Jets (vs. Steelers) - 16 Points
    210 Passing Yards, 1 Pass TD, 2 INTs. 20 Rushing Yards, 1 TD.

  13. Cam Newton, QB, Panthers (at Vikings) - 16 Points
    250 Passing Yards, 1 Pass TD, 1 INT. 40 Rushing Yards.
    Why didn't Cam Newton run last week? He's hurting both his team and his fantasy owners.

  14. Joe Flacco, QB, Ravens (vs. Packers) - 16 Points
    260 Passing Yards, 2 Pass TDs, 1 INT.
    Every quarterback who has faced Green Bay this year has thrown for at least 235 yards.

  15. Alex Smith, QB, Chiefs (vs. Raiders) - 15 Points
    230 Passing Yards, 1 Pass TD. 20 Rushing Yards.

  16. Terrelle Pryor, QB, Raiders (at Chiefs) - 15 Points
    200 Passing Yards, 1 Pass TD, 1 INT. 50 Rushing Yards.
    Terrelle Pryor will start.

  17. Colin Kaepernick, QB, 49ers (vs. Cardinals) - 14 Points
    150 Passing Yards, 2 Pass TDs, 1 INT. 20 Rushing Yards.
    The Cardinals have a tough defense, so Colin Kaepernick doesn't have a lucrative matchup.

  18. Eli Manning, QB, Giants (at Bears) - 14 Points
    310 Passing Yards, 2 Pass TDs, 3 INTs.

  19. Andy Dalton, QB, Bengals (at Bills) - 13 Points
    250 Passing Yards, 1 Pass TD, 1 INT. 10 Rushing Yards.

  20. Matt Schaub, QB, Texans (vs. Rams) - 13 Points
    280 Passing Yards, 1 Pass TD, 1 INT.

  21. Brandon Weeden, QB, Browns (vs. Lions) - 12 Points
    220 Passing Yards, 2 Pass TDs, 2 INTs.

  22. Nick Foles, QB, Eagles (at Bucs) - 10 Points
    220 Passing Yards, 1 Pass TD, 1 INT.
    Nick Foles ran the offense well last week, but that was against the pathetic Giants' defense. I wouldn't start him versus Tampa.

  23. Matt Cassel, QB, Vikings (vs. Panthers) - 10 Points
    220 Passing Yards, 1 Pass TD, 1 INT.

  24. Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Steelers (at Jets) - 9 Points
    240 Passing Yards, 1 Pass TD, 1 INT.
    The Jets are seventh against the pass.

  25. Carson Palmer, QB, Cardinals (at 49ers) - 8 Points
    210 Passing Yards, 1 Pass TD, 2 INTs.

  26. Chad Henne, QB, Jaguars (at Broncos) - 8 Points
    220 Passing Yards, 1 Pass TD, 2 INTs.

  27. Sam Bradford, QB, Rams (at Texans) - 8 Points
    220 Passing Yards, 1 Pass TD, 2 INTs.

  28. Mike Glennon, QB, Bucs (vs. Eagles) - 7 Points
    180 Passing Yards, 1 Pass TD, 2 INTs.

  29. Thaddeus Lewis, QB, Bills (vs. Bengals) - 6 Points
    170 Passing Yards, 2 INTs. 40 Rushing Yards.

  30. Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB, Titans (at Seahawks) - 4 Points
    150 Passing Yards, 1 Pass TD, 3 INTs.

  31. E.J. Manuel, QB, Bills (vs. Bengals) - 0 Points
    Out 6-8 weeks.

  32. Brian Hoyer, QB, Browns (vs. Lions) - 0 Points
    Out for the year.

  33. Ryan Tannehill, QB, Dolphins (vs. BYE) - 0 Points

  34. QB Eagles No. 7, QB, Eagles (at Bucs) - 0 Points
    Another year, another injury.

  35. Matt Ryan, QB, Falcons (vs. BYE) - 0 Points

  36. Jake Locker, QB, Titans (at Seahawks) - 0 Points
    Out for 3-7 weeks.

2013 Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings: QB | RB | WR | TE | DEF

2013 Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings - PPR: RB | WR | TE

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