2013 NFL Draft Mailbag

I received many e-mails and tweets about my 2013 NFL Mock Draft and the upcoming NFL Draft in general. To share the answers to the questions publicly, I decided to start up a mailbag column. Pass along your NFL draft questions and comments. I'll put together a mailbag periodically that answers questions/comments sent via email draftcampbell@gmail.com or on Twitter @draftcampbell.


From Jancin Stewart, Dallas, Texas


I read your article about Gruden. There are a few people close to the Arkansas program that are hinting on Jon Gruden strong possibility of coming to Arkansas and that these coaches could be on the staff.

Just wanted to know your thoughts on where he could possibly land. You say sources suggest a large market team, but is that limited to professional or could it be collegiate as well?."

Thanks for the question, and you are among others that have asked it. It sounds like the strong preference is for the pros, but a college job isn't completely impossible. Considering he didn't make a move for the Notre Dame job when it came open, I'm not confident there is a college job out there that would satisfy the perfect situation that he is looking for.

Gruden was a college assistant early in his career. He had success in the college ranks as a recruiter and coach, but his comfort level is with the NFL. The time restrictions aren't in line with Gruden's hours - or those of any NFL coach, plus there is the general disdain for recruiting that NFL coaches feel. All of I heard from sources is about Gruden eyeing a return to the NFL. I think a college team is a serious long shot.

From twitter @AnthonyNidaho

"Cowboys picking 12th? They are obviously trading up there, right?"

This question was based on my mock draft from Nov. 9. The order for the top-20 picks is based on the current NFL standings, and generally we don't have any projected trades in our mocks.

From Logan Ping, Bethesda Maryland

"Dear Charlie,

First off, I want to say thanks for all the hard work you do over at Walterfootball.com. I really enjoy reading your mock drafts and I know how hard it is to put out a one-round mock, let alone a three-rounder.

What I would like to talk about are who you have the Colts selecting at this point. I don't disagree that defense is a major area of need for the Colts, but I think that you and most people who are mocking either Star Lotulelei or Jonathan Hankins to the Colts are off-base. The Colts are high on Josh Chapman.

Given this belief, it seems unlikely they would select another NT in the first round. Given you you have around them and still available, I would think a pass-rusher like Damonte Moore or an offensive lineman like Luke Joekel would make more sense. Andrew Luck has been running for his life this season and upgrading the offensive line has to be a major priority.

As far as the third round pick, I agree pass rusher is a priority. I am curious why you mocked the Colts Williams over Porter. While I have not seen as much of Williams, I have been more impressed by Porter, particularly because he is a senior. Plus, both men are of similar size and bulk. I also think Kahled Holmes and Mario Benavides as far as shoring up the offensive line goes. Robert Lester would be a great pick-up to replace the disappointing Tom Zibikowski."

Thanks for the compliments. Walt and I appreciate all of our amazing readers like yourself.

Chapman hasn't proven anything yet and even if he does pan out, the Colts still need help on their defensive line. Pagano needs a Haloti Ngata-type defender on his line to stuff the run and rush the passer. Chapman could be a good player, but he won't be that.

Thus, in my opinion, Hankins or Lotulelei make the most sense. Either of them can play 3-4 defensive end or 3-4 nose tackle. It is probably irrelevant at this point because Andrew Luck is playing well enough that Indianapolis won't be in position to land either of those defenders.

I agree with you that the offensive line could be an option. A young outside linebacker could another option, too. I mocked Williams to the Colts over Porter because Williams is a better scheme fit. Porter probably will have to be a 4-3 outside linebacker if he can't add a significant amount of weight.

From Adam Cooper, Warren, Michigan

"I read ur mock draft every time u update it. I was wondering do u think the lions could draft a Linebacker in the first round? Also will the Falcons draft a TE in round one? Is the a TE worth drafting in the first?"

Thanks for reading my mock.

I do think that the Lions could take a linebacker, but I think it is unlikely. General manager Martin Mayhew hasn't shown the inclination to use high draft picks on linebackers. In order for him to take one, I think it would have to be a top-10 talent who slides down and clearly is the best player available. Thus, Manti Te'o is probably the only option for Thursday night unless Georgia's Alec Ogletree or LSU's Kevin Minter enters the 2013 NFL Draft.

If a good tight end is grading out as a first-rounder, it could make sense for Atlanta to draft one. The Falcons have to replace Gonzalez as a pass-receiving tight end is an important part of their offense.

From Phil, Longmont, Colorado

"In the past 2 years the first RB taken in the NFL draft has been a Bama back: Mark Ingram & Trent Richardson. While Trent has shown flashes Ingram looks a lot more like a bust. I realize he�s part of a rotation and the Saints throw often but he really doesn�t impress when he does run the ball. In your opinion is Ingram a bust or would he be successful as the main guy on another team? Is he just not a fit in that Saints offense?

I think it is a touch early to label Ingram a bust at this point. Some players take longer to establish themselves. Larry Johnson would be one example. Your reasons of the offense and rotation are exactly right, but a team would hope that a player like Ingram would beat out the other running backs to demand the lion's share of carries.

I don't think Ingram is a great fit in the Saints' offense and could be better with another scheme. However with Drew Brees and the passing offense, he sees plenty of good run looks that other running backs don't have.

The Saints have two first-round picks invested in Ingram. If he isn't a good running back who is running for over 1,000 yards by the end of his third season, I would say that he is a bust.

From Blake Martin, Fayetteville, Arkansas

"Hi Charlie! This is Blake Martin and I'm a huge fan of your's and Walter's mock drafts. I just had a quick question about a quarterback that is going to be in next years draft. I'm talking of course about the Heisman leader Colin Klein.

My question is where do you think Klein will go in this years draft? Also Denard Robinson has had a really good college career but he's not that high on any draft boards. Where do you see him going in next year's draft?"

I think Klein will be a late-round pick. He's a great college quarterback, but not a real pro prospect. Klein has a bad throwing motion and weak arm. He could be developed at the pro level but looks to be more of a career backup. Robinson is a late-round pick who will have to switch to running back or wide receiver. He doesn't have the arm to be an NFL quarterback.

From Kyle Kunert, Towson, Maryland

"Would you think it would be a smart move for the Bears to move up in the draft to get Manti Te'o who is a perfect replactment for Urlacher with his great leadership ability and fit for the defensive scheme??"

I agree that Te'o would be an ideal replacement for Urlacher. As far as a trade up, I think that depends on two other prospects. If Georgia's Alec Ogletree or LSU's Kevin Minter enters the 2013 NFL Draft, the Bears wouldn't need to trade up to land a good middle linebacker. Te'o is ahead of those two, but not by a huge amount to warrant giving up extra picks.

Once again send questions/comments via email draftcampbell@gmail.com or on Twitter @draftcampbell.

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