2013 NFL Draft Mailbag

I received many e-mails and tweets about my 2013 NFL Mock Draft and the upcoming NFL Draft in general. To share the answers to the questions publicly, I decided to start up a mailbag column. Pass along your NFL draft questions and comments. I'll put together a mailbag periodically that answers questions/comments sent via email draftcampbell@gmail.com or on Twitter @draftcampbell.


From Bob Holmes, Stevens, Pennsylvania

"After the Eagles Sunday night game, I see Dee Milliner, or a first round CB, a quite reasonable option for the Birds. The current corners just aren�t covering well when they should be better. Dallas may also be a terrible defensive team, but the Eagles offensive line has shown some improvement. Some backups will remain from there. The uncertainty about Jason Peters and Todd Herrmans does raise questions about a first round offensive tackle. Can they adequately address either position in the second round?"

Good question Bob. I think the Eagles would have a better shot of landing a good cornerback in the second round rather than a starter at offensive tackle. North Carolina State's David Amerson, Oregon State's Jordan Poyer and Washington's Desmond Trufant are cornerbacks that Philadelphia could target at the top of round 2.

As for offensive tackle, the top second-round candidates would be Virginia's Oday Aboushi, Wisconsin's Ricky Wagner and North Carolina's Brennan Williams. Overall, I think the team can find better value by taking Luke Joeckel in the first round and one of those corners in round 2.

On the flip side, veteran offensive linemen can be cheaper and a better value in free agency. When healthy, Peters has been a much better player for the Eagles than either Nnamdi Asomugha or Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Good free agent cornerbacks are very expensive, and many turn into busts as Philadelphia knows all too well. So you can make a good argument to go either direction. If I were calling the shots, I'd go with Luke Joeckel as the pick over DeMarcus Milliner.

From Matt Buchholz, El Dorado, Kansas

"Desperate long time KC fan here, I have just a couple questions for you related to KC's impending offseason. Last year you reported that Chip Kelly was interested in taking the Tampa Bay job, but declined after talking with Jon Gruden about the organization. I know a lot depends on who the GM is going into the offseason, but could you see Chip taking the Chiefs job if it's offered to him? I looks like a great situation for him: a projected 1st overall selection to select Geno Smith, a fan base ready for something new, and some good young players already on the roster. Also had a quick hypothetical here: If they don't like one of the QBs enough to take them at one what would you do? Trade out of the selection for a package of picks (similar to the Cleveland-Atlanta scenerio) or just take the best player available (Jarvis Jones or Star Lotulelei would look good in Chiefs red). Thanks and keep up the good work Charlie. --Matt?"

Matt, thanks for the compliment. I definitely think Chip Kelly would be interested in the Chiefs job. They do have some talent on their roster. I think he would love the potential of their backfield and the athletic ability of their offensive line for his offense. Obviously, he'll have to change his offense some for the NFL, but I know there are some aspects he will keep in his pro system. Charles, McCluster and Baldwin would all be nice skill players for his system.

As for the QBs, that is a really good question. What should Kansas City do if it don't like any enough to take them at the top of round 1? Well, I think if that happened the team should trade down to try and get to a level of the 2013 NFL Draft where the franchise is comfortable taking either Geno Smith, Matt Barkley or Tyler Wilson. If the Chiefs rule out all three, I think they should take the best player available after trading down with an eye on the secondary.

From Mike, Rochester, New York

D"I know this is a little early but I was wondering about the Bills 2013 NFL draft. I think that Manti Teo should be our first pick cause he can really help the Bills defense. I don't think they will draft on the defensive Line because Williams and Moore are playing really well. In the second round I think is where we should find a quaterback like Aaron Murray or E.J Manuel. What do you think? Also what about our tight end situation? I know Scott Chandler is ours now but he hasn't been playing well recently, he's been dropping balls and missing blocks, do you think we will draft another one like Jordan Reed from Florida?"

I think the Bills should go with a quarterback in the first round if there is a worthy candidate available. I don't think they should pass on Matt Barkley or Tyler Wilson. I'm not a believer in either Murray or Manuel, and Murray may go back for his senior year. Manuel's field vision is terrible, and he struggles to read defenses. He's going to need a lot of developmental work in the NFL and I'm not confident it will ever click for him.

If Buffalo misses out on a QB, I think Te'o would be a good pick. I think the team could use another tight end, but I'm not sure Jordan Reed will enter the 2013 NFL Draft. He still is raw having only played tight end for a few years. Reed would be better off staying for his senior season. If he returns, good second-day targets for the Bills at tight end would be Stanford's Zach Ertz and UCLA's Joseph Fauria.

From twitter Kai Ortner, @GapHitter11

"You say for Jags no QB is worth it. Isn't the same true for the Chiefs? They have to go best available and hope someone falls to second round."

Good point Kai, but the Chiefs are more desperate at quarterback. Kansas City has to find a quarterback upgrade and a franchise quarterback. The veteran route hasn't worked, and the team needs to at least try landing a young franchise signal-caller. The Jaguars roster is so depleted of talent; they need to find upgrades all over. The Chiefs have better young talent spread throughout their 53, and the team hasn't used a first-rounder on a quarterback in recent years.

Jacksonville could go for a competition at quarterback next training camp with Chad Henne, Blaine Gabbert and another veteran. The Jaguars could make a move for Tim Tebow, Michael Vick, Alex Smith or maybe another veteran who is on the market. I think that makes the most sense for Jacksonville.

From Graeme Smith, Edinburgh, Scotland

"The good thing is that Vikings are in a position to absolutely go best player available (besides running back) in the first round this year, wouldn't you agree? Do you see a good defensive tackle being available in the middle of the first? I don't see Vikings going with a wide receiver with their first pick, maybe targetting someone like Robert Woods in the second? Are there any other receivers who you think would be a good pick in the second?"

I think the Vikings should target a defensive tackle with their first-rounder. Kevin Williams is aging, and in their division defensive tackle is a critical position that needs a real talent. There should be good players available for Minnesota in the middle of the first round. Ohio State's Johnathan Hankins, Purdue's Kawann Short, Georgia's John Jenkins and Missouri's Sheldon Richardson are distinct possibilities. They are all good players and each would be upgrade for the Vikings.

There are a few second-round wide out options who could be there for Minnesota. As you suggested, USC's Robert Woods could be one. I think landing Clemson's DeAndre Hopkins or Tennessee Tech's Da'Rick Rogers would be a big upgrade for the Vikings' offense. Rogers has a first-round skill set, but he could be too big of a character risk for the franchise's strict regime. Another good second day receiver to consider would be Arkansas' Cobi Hamilton. Minnesota should be able to find a quality wide out on Day 2.

From Matt LaMarca, Lindenhurst, New York

"As a Jet fan, I'm scared. I know that many fans are going to be calling for a new QB next season, and I don't disagree that the position has been a major weakness this year. But I'm scared that the Jets will pull a move like the Vikings in 2011 or the Dolphins last year and select a QB with their first pick even if there's no one available that is worthy of that selection.

Personally, I think O-Line, a pass rushing outside linebacker, and a wide receiver are all bigger needs at this point, and I think if the Jets can grab Luke Joeckel/Tyler Lewan or one of the elite pass rushers with their first pick they have to do so. I think if Mark Sanchez can be protected and throw to a few receivers that can actually catch the ball, he can be a functional quarterback.

Please convince me that the Jets wont panic and draft Matt Barkley (or a worse QB if he's already gone) next April. Thanks."

I think the Jets will stick with Sanchez if Rex Ryan and the front office survive. They are invested in him after the contract extension they gave him last offseason. A new regime might give Sanchez away for a late-rounder or just cut him out right.

I don't think Sanchez will ever be a functional starting quarterback in the NFL, but I agree with you that Jets need to upgrade the supporting cast for whoever is the quarterback. They must get a pass-rushing outside linebacker. It has been a weakness for too long. I think adding talent at wide out and running back could help disguise Sanchez's problems, but I doubt he ever pans out.

From Tris Pruetthipunthu, Singapore

"I was wondering why both you and Walt (though maybe more Walt than yourself) believe that the Texans would be more inclined to re-sign Connor Barwin than Glover Quin. Is this because of a paucity of talent in the upcoming draft at the Rush LB position or because there's better safety talent (which you mentioned before)? I ask because Barwin had frankly done very little at the OLB spot this year"

This definitely looks like a much better class of safeties than rush linebackers. There will be some good rush linebackers in Round 1, but there is a big drop off on Day 2. Safety on the other hand has a lot of talent for Rounds 2 and 3. Houston may have a shot at the top safety in the 2013 NFL Draft in the first round as well.

I know from sources that the Texans like Quin, so I wouldn't be surprised if they re-sign him. At outside linebacker, they would be thin if they let Barwin go. The team would be left with only Whitney Mercilus and Brooks Reed, and Houston wants to have at least a trio of pass-rushers for rotational and depth purposes. The Texans' linebackers have had injury issues this year that have tested their depth, so I don't believe they would want to lose anymore pass-rushers. I expect the team to make an effort to re-sign both players.

Once again send questions/comments via email draftcampbell@gmail.com or on Twitter @draftcampbell.

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