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Posted Sept. 9, 2010

Jake Locker vs. BYU

Jake Locker
#10 QB

Washington Huskies vs. Brigham Young Cougars (the felines, not hot older women)

1st - 13:05 - PA rollout to right ... solid mechanics and looks comfortable throwing on run here ...

1st - 11:02 - (shotgun) - Ball seemed to slip out of hand ... incomplete

1st - 10:56 - fumbled center exchange ... 2nd play in a row Locker has had poor grip on ball (ball might be slick for some reason - who knows)

1st - 10:09 - 5-WR no back set ... Locker does a terrific job reading defense here ... sees the Cover-1 man coverage and gets the mismatch he wants - LB on slot WR with safety not in position to make play ... drops football over LB and lets WR go up and make a play ... touchdown ... also good job sensing pass rush from weakside

1st - 5:49 - Hitch route from far hash (I-form, 3-WR set) ... love his footwork here, very quick in dropback and does a nice job with balance on plant foot, gets legs into throw ... Solid accuracy and throws a safe, effective pass ... arm strength looks good, but not great or elite

1st - 4:47 - (3rd & 5) - Quick decision, flanker WR runs slant, ball has nice touch and proper velocity, but ball is slightly higher and behind WR when it should be a little lower and slightly in front ... however ball is still VERY catchable and WR was simply scared of going over middle and got hesitant ... I gotta blame the WR here. Throw from Locker could have been more accurate, but it was solid.

1st - 0:27 - (on own 2-yard line) Ace form, 5-step drop, pumps and throws to WR on go route ... ball is thrown with plenty of loft for receiver to get under throw ... I think this is an accurate throw but WR simply lacks speed to get under it. Nice throw by Locker sometimes the WR just needs to make a play.

2nd - 15:00 - (3rd & 9 on own 2) Roll out pass ... shows good pocket awareness and athleticism stepping up to avoid DE ... no WRs open so runs and is short of 1st down. Nice decision by Locker

2nd - 11:43 - Very inaccurate throw wide of receiver in flat

2nd - 10:40 - NFL THROW ... 13 yard curl route from far hash ... Locker shows a strong arm here zipping the ball on the money ... you really couldn't ask for a better ball here. This throw is why Locker is a top-5 pick.

2nd - 9:26 - Uses eyes to manipulate strong safety ... slot WR sits in zone and Locker completes 5-yd pass

2nd - 8:51 - pumps the screen ... Locker shows 4.5 speed and mobility to get rushing TD

2nd - 0:31 - Smart decision to throw ball away

2nd - 0:23 - Shotgun empty set, 5-WR ... Cover-2 ... Locker reads mismatch slot WR vs. LB ... Outstanding throw showing great accuracy ... drops ball over LB but safety can't get to it ... Beautiful throw

3rd - 13:49 - LOVE how Locker sold PA here ... terrific pocket awareness and steps up with blindside DE rushing ... great touch pass, WR gets hands on it but doesn't come down with ball (should have) ... Very nice play by Locker but WR didn't make play on ball

3rd - 5:31 - Locker reads mistmatch (tall WR vs. small CB) ... Go route, Locker puts ball in air to use height advantage for WR ... WR gets hands on football but drops...nice pass from Locker where CB couldn't get to it ... terrible play by WR and should have come down with catch.

4th - 14:34 - Reads blown coverage by LB and delivers strike to WR on post route

4th - 14:02 - This is either a poor job reading the defense or a great call by the defensive coordinator ... Locker doesn't notice blitzing SAM and takes sack

4th - 9:35 - Good job with progression read, but throw is too

4th - 8:00 - Receiver runs wrong route ... incomplete pass

4th - 7:54 - Locker does a good job of sensing rush and stepping up ... pass is too high

4th - 4:02 - Accurate pass to wide open WR on post route

Two running plays forces Locker into a 3rd & 5 situation

4th - 2:16 - Play call is QB keeper (not Locker's decision I'm guessing) ... no yardage gained.

Poor play calling forces Locker into 4th & 6

4th - 1:55 - Play call is a shotgun 3-WR and all 3 WR run hitch routes including TE ... Locker quickly throws pass, which DT tips. Poor play call here which didn't give Locker a chance.

Game summary: Very good game from Jake Locker. His WRs didn't make plays when they had their chances and his offensive coordinator let him down in the stretch. Anyone that criticizes Locker following this performance read the box score and simply didn't see him play. The only thing I blame Locker for is not declaring for the 2010 NFL Draft. He chose to come back to this team with a terrible offensive supporting cast and apparently a play caller that let him down in the stretch of this game.

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