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Random Mailbag

These are random/interesting e-mails or Facebook posts I've received. The e-mails are italicized and left mostly unedited. My responses follow them.

7/11/10: JaMarcus Russell's Purple Drank

  • Jonathan M. (via Facebook):

    I read your Twilight post. They should have Blade (Wesley Snipes) be in the next Twilight movie and go to work ; )

    By the way, did you hear what happened to Captain Skittles? = ) Funny stuff. Codeine syrup is said to make those who abuse it feel drowsy, weak and in an "altered level of consciousness." Perhaps not coincidentally, the Raiders released Russell because he always played as if he was drowsy, weak and in a state of altered consciousness.

    --> Remember when Al Davis said JaMarcus Russell was a "great player?" Now Al Davis actually has an excuse:

    "I was... right... JaMarcus Russell... is a... great player... but the purple... drank... ruined his... career... if only... he had... sacrificed virgins... to counteract... the purple... drank..."

  • From Steven L. (via Facebook):

    Any thoughts as to why JaMarcus Russell would get himself arrested? i think it's either to better his chances to catch on with the Bengals as a backup or so he could finally surpass Ryan Leaf as biggest bust of all time.

    --> That would insinuate that Russell's smart enough to concoct some sort of plan. I think he just wanted a "purple drank do ya tink so?"

  • From William F. (via Facebook):

    So you like your boy JaMarcus Russell sippin on sizzurp? That's classic! Hey a nickname for sizzurp (codeine syrup) is rainbow colors, and Skittles is taste the rainbow... Maybe he just like rainbows!? Maybe he's just gay!? Maybe he was hangin in Frisco the whole time he played in oak-town who knows!

    --> I think he probably saw the sizzurp bottle somewhere and said "I want a purple drank like that one because it has the same color as a Skittle." Now all he needs is a red drank, orange drank, and green drank (assuming he has beer as a yellow drank).

  • From T.J. L. (via Facebook):

    So, for that Sun Rise book... say it becomes a big hit and they want to make a movie out of it. I may be taking wild stab, but would JaMarcus Russell be your first cast for the gym shorts thief?

    --> Great idea, but think about it - we'd pay him millions to do the movie, but he'd show up lethargic and overweight. He also wouldn't remember any of his lines. It would take forever to shoot the movie.

  • From Richard S:

    Is this the "Monster" you've created in your mind for Sun Rise????

    --> Nothing I can possibly come with can top that picture. I think I just peed myself from laughing so hard.

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