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2011 NFL Free Agents: Quarterbacks

2011 NFL Free Agent Positions:
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2011 Free Agency: Star rating is out of five. Age listing as of Sept. 1, 2011.

  1. Peyton Manning, QB, Colts. Age: 35.
    Re-signed with Colts (5 years, $90 million)

    Statistically, Peyton Manning had a poor year by his standards, throwing 17 interceptions to 33 touchdowns and generating just a 6.9 YPA. However, considering that he was working with no-names like Blair White and Jacob Tamme all year, Manning had an exceptional season. It's highly doubtful that Bill Polian will allow him to hit the open market.

  2. QB Eagles No. 7. Age: 31.
    Franchised by Eagles

    QB Eagles No. 7 still has his elite athleticism and arm strength. He also still has his inability to make multiple reads and recognize the blitz. He turns 31 in June, so you have to wonder how much longer he'll maintain his elusiveness.

  3. Matt Hasselbeck, QB, Seahawks. Age: 35.
    Signed with Titans (3 years, $21 million)

    Matt Hasselbeck looked like he belonged in a glue factory at many points during the year, but played really well in the postseason. He was ultimately betrayed by close to a dozen drops by his receiving corps in Chicago, but he proved that he can still get it done if he has the support around him.

  4. Caleb Hanie (RFA), QB, Bears. Age: 25.
    Re-signed with Bears (1 year)

    A former sleeper of Mel Kiper's, Caleb Hanie handled himself very well in relief of Jay Cutler and Todd Collins in the NFC Championship. I'd like to see Hanie get a shot at a starting gig somewhere in 2012. For now, the Bears will have to use a second-round tender on the Colorado State product.

  5. Vince Young, QB, Titans. Age: 28.
    Signed with Eagles (1 year)

    Vince Young is stupid and immature. That's what it comes down to. Young has immense talent and wins games against crappy teams, but he'll never lead a team deep into the playoffs until he improves the mental aspect of his game and takes football more seriously. I don't see that happening anytime soon.

  6. Marc Bulger, QB, Ravens. Age: 35.
    Announced retirement

    A year off from football is exactly what Marc Bulger needed. If his next team has a good offensive line, Bulger could recapture some of his early-2000s magic.

  7. Billy Volek, QB, Chargers. Age: 35.
    Re-signed with Chargers (2 years)

    Billy Volek is one of the better backup quarterbacks in the NFL. It sounds as though he may join Ron Rivera to temporarily take over as Carolina's starting quarterback.

  8. Alex Smith, QB, 49ers. Age: 27.
    Re-signed with 49ers (1 year, $5 million)

    Let's use some GameCenter commentary for this: "reguardless Alex Is a GREAT Secondary I dont want him gone I just dont want him as a Starter." Translation: Alex Smith would make for a good backup, but not a starter. That, or Alex Smith can play defensive back. You never know with these GameCenter people.

  9. Bruce Gradkowski, QB, Raiders. Age: 28.
    Signed with Bengals (2 years)

    The Polish Point-Shaver isn't the most skilled quarterback in the league, but he has a Jeff Garcia-type feistiness and is capable of being a low-end starter in the NFL.

  10. Luke McCown, QB, Jaguars. Age: 30.
    Re-signed with Jaguars (1 year)

    Back in August, I predicted that Luke McCown would supplant David Garrard as the starter this year. McCown came in for an ineffective Garrard in Week 2, but tore his ACL amid going 11-of-19 for 120 yards. McCown is a quality backup who won't kill a team if he has to start for a few games.

  11. Seneca Wallace, QB, Browns. Age: 31.
    Re-signed with Browns (3 years, $9 million)

    Completing 63.4 percent of his passes on a 6.9 YPA, Seneca Wallace proved once again that he can be a capable backup in this league.

  12. Kerry Collins, QB, Titans. Age: 38.
    Signed with Colts

    Kerry Collins plays drunk sometimes, but his 28-of-39, 300-yard, two-touchdown, no-interception performance at Indianapolis in the season finale indicates that he can still be a solid backup in this league.

  13. Tarvaris Jackson, QB, Vikings. Age: 28.
    Signed with Seahawks

    Tavaris Jackson can be a decent backup quarterback in the NFL. No one aside from Brad Childress thinks he can start, however.

  14. Troy Smith, QB, 49ers. Age: 27.
    Troy Smith is a mediocre backup quarterback. He can make stuff happen on the ground, but his completion percentage (50.3%) was horrific this season.

  15. Chad Pennington, QB, Dolphins. Age: 35.
  16. Dennis Dixon (RFA), QB, Steelers. Age: 26. -- Tendered by Steelers
  17. Derek Anderson, QB, Cardinals. Age: 28. -- Signed with Panthers
  18. Drew Stanton, QB, Lions. Age: 27. -- Re-signed with Lions (1 year)
  19. Pat Devlin, QB, Delaware. Age: 23. -- Signed with Dolphins
  20. Nate Davis, QB, Colts. Age: 24.
  21. Rex Grossman, QB, Redskins. Age: 31. -- Re-signed with Redskins
  22. Jim Sorgi, QB, Giants. Age: 30.
  23. Matt Moore, QB, Panthers. Age: 27. -- Signed with Dolphins (2 years)

  24. Trent Edwards, QB, Jaguars. Age: 27. -- Signed with Raiders
  25. Matt Leinart, QB, Texans. Age: 28. -- Re-signed with Texans
  26. Kyle Boller, QB, Raiders. Age: 30. -- Re-signed with Raiders (1 year, $1.25 million)
  27. Tyler Thigpen, QB, Dolphins. Age: 27. -- Signed with Bills (3 years)
  28. David Carr, QB, 49ers. Age: 32. -- Signed with Giants
  29. Mark Brunell, QB, Jets. Age: 40. -- Re-signed with Jets
  30. Brian Brohm (RFA), QB, Bills. Age: 25.
  31. J.P. Losman, QB, Seahawks. Age: 30.
  32. Dan Orlovsky, QB, Texans. Age: 28. -- Signed with Colts
  33. Rudy Carpenter (ERFA), QB, Buccaneers. Age: 25.
  34. Charlie Frye, QB, Raiders. Age: 30.
  35. Kellen Clemens, QB, Jets. Age: 28. -- Signed with Redskins
  36. Jordan Palmer (RFA), QB, Bengals. Age: 27.
  37. John Parker Wilson, QB, Falcons. Age: 25.
  38. Brodie Croyle, QB, Chiefs. Age: 28.
  39. Keith Null, QB, Panthers. Age: 25.
  40. Jake Delhomme, QB, Browns. Age: 36.
  41. Todd Bouman, QB, Jaguars. Age: 39.
  42. Todd "Tom" Collins, QB, Bears. Age: 39.

2011 NFL Free Agent Positions:
QB | RB | FB | WR | TE | OT | G | C | DE | DT | OLB | ILB | CB | S | K/P | Recap

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KWM 02-13-2014 07:13 pm (total posts: 1)
64     62

The QBDK just lost you A LOT of credibility.
Chris 02-06-2014 09:52 am (total posts: 1)
13     7

Vick to Vikings
Jayo_Valentine 02-06-2014 12:37 am (total posts: 2)
84     69

Wow... biased against Vick ?? Kinda lost a little bit of credibility here.
matt 02-05-2014 04:01 pm (total posts: 2)
17     2

@bears, he is all yours have fun!! Maybe he will break his own record for overthrown passes in one game 16, hopefully against MN.
Muhammad 02-05-2014 07:52 am (total posts: 1)
4     3

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bears 02-02-2014 04:30 am (total posts: 1)
2     2


The Vikings acquired him then just threw him out on the field 2 weeks later to throw 50+ passes...What the hell could you expect? That says more about the Vikings than it does about how bad Freeman is. I'd happily let Trestman get to work with him if he comes on the cheap
Asante CLEVELAND: Bey 01-26-2014 10:43 pm (total posts: 1)
224     112

As for Michael VICK: Who ever put this article together don't know football.

Before Mike VICK got injured he PASS for close to 450 yards and put up 30 points on the chargers defense, but somehow Andy Dalton struggle to do anything against that defense and still has a job, Against the GIANTS in the 1st quarter alone he had over 100 yards passing and 80 yards rushing and driving with a 16-7 lead and this was just the 1st quarter! This league is littered with BAD, SLOW, NON-ATHLETIC, ALL-AMERICAN POCKET PASSING QB
matt 01-23-2014 11:42 am (total posts: 2)
17     4

DA Bears, you want nothing to do with Freeman. He is awful.... Viking fan
J.D 01-15-2014 06:41 pm (total posts: 2)
6     3

Jon Kitna Needs to retire
da bears 01-10-2014 07:51 pm (total posts: 1)
4     25

Wouldn't mind seeing Josh Freeman coming to backup Cutler, he's young, Cutler will miss 2-3 games (as always) and Trestman is a QB guru! Who was Josh McCown before this season?... I'll wait
Jhon 01-08-2014 03:37 pm (total posts: 1)
46     15

Enjoy your Christmas in July!I love all the photos you have srahed and it certainly seemed Christmasy with all the red images, snow and the Christmas pudding ~ thank you.HugsCarolyn
Raul 01-08-2014 02:29 pm (total posts: 1)
2     2

I think Emily is so striking as well. I think her beutay has interest and appeal in an unconventional way. She seems to have more depth to her than some of the other well known screen sirens at the moment.
Tampa Wish List 01-08-2014 12:14 pm (total posts: 1)
2     4

Backup QB: Matt Flynn
TE: Fred Davis OR Brandon Pettigrew and Jake Ballard
OT: Jared Veldheer OR Eugene Monroe
C: Resign Ted Larsen
DE: Michael Johnson(long shot) and Justin Tuck
DT: Henry Melton
CB: Peanut Tillman
What...? 01-07-2014 11:24 pm (total posts: 1)
11     9

LOL 01-07-2014 02:13 pm (total posts: 1)
297     180

Walter, you're such a tool. "I'm so brave, I'm going to only refer to Mike Vick as Dog Killer! I'm taking a stand! Meanwhile, here is my poorly-researched take on the draft, which I get almost completely wrong every year!"

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