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2009 Free Agents: Wide Receivers

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2009 Free Agency: Star rating is out of five. Age listing as of Sept. 1, 2009.

  1. T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Bengals. Age: 31.
    Signed with Seahawks (5 years, $40 million; $15 million guaranteed)

    It's amazing that T.J. Houshmandzadeh was still able to produce with Ryan Fitzpatrick under center. That should tell you how talented he is. Any team looking for a receiver will be praying that the Bengals don't slap Who's-Your-Momma with a franchise tag.

  2. Antonio Bryant, Buccaneers. Age: 28.
    Franchised by Buccaneers

    Antonio Bryant would be a 4.5- or a 5-star receiver on this list if he weren't such a headache in the locker room. Of course, Bryant worked hard this season because he was in his contract year. If I were trying to sign Bryant to a long-term deal, I'd make it very laden with incentives. Otherwise, I'd be scared that he'd revert to Sloth Mode.

  3. Terrell Owens, Cowboys. Age: 35.
    Signed with Bills (1 year, $6.5 million)

    How do you rate Terrell Owens? He's incredibly talented, but a headache in the locker room. Perhaps Owens will behave at his next stop because it'll be his last shot. What he needs most is a strict, authoritative coach like Bill Belichick; and definitely not an inept push-over like Wade Phillips.

  4. Torry Holt, Rams. Age: 33.
    Signed with Jaguars (3 years, $20 million)

    Torry Holt had a poor season in 2008, catching just 64 passes for 796 yards and three touchdowns. As a comparison, Holt had 93 receptions, 1,189 yards and seven scores in 2007. The 6-0, 190-pound wideout still has a few quality years in the tank; you can attribute his lacking production to Marc Bulger's struggles and the offensive line's inability to pass protect.

  5. Lance Moore (RFA), Saints. Age: 26.
    Re-signed with Saints (1 year, $1.545 million)

    Lance Moore had a breakout year in 2008, catching 79 balls for 928 yards and 10 touchdowns. Those who argue that Moore did nothing once Marques Colston returned to the lineup may have missed his eight-catch, 91-yard, two-touchdown performance against Carolina in Week 17.

  6. Laveranues Coles, Jets. Age: 31.
    Signed with Bengals (4 years, $28 million)

    Laveranues Coles had 850 yards and seven touchdowns last year. At 31, Coles has lost a lot of his explosiveness, but he's still a very solid No. 2 in this league.

  7. Plaxico Burress, Giants. Age: 32.
    There's a very good chance Plaxico Burress will be going to jail. If he somehow gets out of that, he'll probably be suspended. Call me crazy, but Burress' stock isn't too high right now.

  8. Matt Jones, Jaguars. Age: 26.
    Matt "Coke Zero" Jones is young and coming off his best season (65 receptions, 761 yards, 2 TDs). He's a solid possession receiver. Unfortunately, Jones has trouble staying out of jail.

  9. Nate Washington, Steelers. Age: 26.
    Signed with Titans (6 years, $27 million; $9 million guaranteed)

    A potent deep threat for the Steelers, Nate Washington caught 40 passes for 631 yards and three touchdowns in 2008.

  10. Malcolm Floyd (RFA), Chargers. Age: 27.
    Re-signed with Chargers (1 year)

    At 6-5, 225, Malcolm Floyd had a nine-game span where he caught 27 passes for 465 yards and four touchdowns. Unfortunately, he suffered a collapsed lung and he was lost for the season.

  11. Marvin Harrison, Colts. Age: 37.
    I'd like to believe that Marvin Harrison has something left in the tank, but his inability to separate from corners last season says otherwise. Still, there's a chance he never got in shape because of his injuries and offseason gun-shooting situation.

  12. Devery Henderson, Saints. Age: 27.
    Re-signed with Saints

    Devery Henderson finished his contract year with 32 receptions for 793 yards. Henderson would be a very good deep threat if NFL receivers were allowed to use glue on their hands.

  13. Bobby Engram, Chiefs. Age: 36.
    Bobby Engram, just two years removed from catching 94 balls for 1,147 yards and six touchdowns, managed 47 receptions and 489 yards in 2008. However, at 36, Engram will continue to decline rapidly.

  14. Ronald Curry, Rams. Age: 30.
    Ronald Curry had back-to-back 700-yard seasons. It should be interesting to see how Curry fares in a real passing attack.

  15. Bryant Johnson, 49ers. Age: 28.
    Signed with Lions (3 years, $9 million)

    Look up "mediocre" in the dictionary, and you'll see Bryant Johnson's mug. Johnson caught 45 balls for 546 yards and three touchdowns.

  16. Shaun McDonald, Steelers. Age: 28.
    Any team that hires Mike Martz should go after Shaun McDonald, who caught 79 passes for 943 yards in 2007. Then again, any team that hires Martz should just e-mail its fans and apologize for next season's losing record.

  17. Michael Clayton, Buccaneers. Age: 26.
    Re-signed with Buccaneers (5 years)

    What in the world happened to this guy? As a rookie, Michael Clayton caught 80 passes for 1,193 yards and seven touchdowns. Ever since, his seasonal highs are: 38 receptions, 484 yards and one score.

  18. Reggie Williams, Jaguars. Age: 26.
    When your best quality as a receiver is blocking, you know you pretty much suck. Reggie Williams is huge (6-4, 214) and athletic, but he can't separate from defenders. He had 629 yards and 10 touchdowns in 2007, but saw his figures drop to 364 yards and three scores this season.

  19. Brandon Jones, Titans. Age: 26.
    Signed with 49ers (5 years, $16.5 million; $5.4 million guaranteed)

    A run-of-the-mill slot receiver; nothing more. Brandon Jones garnered 41 receptions and 449 yards in 2008 - both of which were career highs.

  20. Will Franklin, Lions. Age: 23.
    Signed with Raiders

    New regimes mean new quarterbacks. In Kansas City, however, a new regime means complete ineptness. Why in the world would you cut a lightning-quick 23-year-old receiver with potential?

  21. Amani Toomer, Chiefs. Age: 34.
    It's sad, but we may not be able to hear Chris Berman say "Well-Dressed Amani Toomer" much longer. Toomer caught 48 passes for 580 yards and four touchdowns in 2008. His last 1,000-yard season came in 2003.

  22. Miles Austin (RFA), Cowboys. Age: 25. - Re-signed with Cowboys (1 year, $1.545 million)
  23. David Tyree, Giants. Age: 29. - Signed with Ravens
  24. Jabar Gaffney, Patriots. Age: 28. - Signed with Broncos
  25. Chris Chambers, Chargers. Age: 31. - Signed with Chiefs
  26. Drew Carter, Raiders. Age: 27.
  27. David Anderson, Texans. Age: 26. - Re-signed with Texans (3 years, $4.5 million)
  28. Ben Obomanu (ERFA), Seahawks. Age: 25.
  29. Hank Baskett, Eagles. Age: 26. - Signed with Colts
  30. Koren Robinson, Seahawks. Age: 29.
  31. Justin McCareins, Titans. Age: 30.
  32. Bobby Wade, Vikings. Age: 28. - Signed with Chiefs
  33. Aundrae Allison, Vikings. Age: 23. - Signed with Jets
  34. Ashley Lelie, Chiefs. Age: 29.
  35. Syndric Steptoe, Browns. Age: 25.
  36. Sam Hurd (RFA), Cowboys. Age: 24. - Re-signed with Cowboys (1 year, $1.545 million)
  37. Demetrius Williams (RFA), Ravens. Age: 26. - Re-signed with Ravens (1 year)
  38. Courtney Roby, Saints. Age: 26. - Re-signed with Saints
  39. D.J. Hackett, Redskins. Age: 28.
  40. Ruvell Martin, Packers. Age: 27. - Signed with Rams
  41. Drew Bennett, Ravens. Age: 31. - Announced retirement
  42. Jerry Porter, Jaguars. Age: 31.
  43. David Patten, Saints. Age: 35. - Signed with Browns
  44. Eric Parker, Chargers. Age: 30.
  45. Mike Furrey, Lions. Age: 32. - Signed with Browns
  46. Brandon Lloyd, Bears. Age: 28. - Signed with Broncos
  47. Joey Galloway, Patriots. Age: 37. - Signed with Steelers
  48. Darrell Jackson, Broncos. Age: 30.
  49. Greg Lewis, Patriots. Age: 29. - Signed with Vikings
  50. Paul Williams, Titans. Age: 25.
  51. Mario Urrutia, Buccaneers. Age: 23.
  52. Dane Looker, Lions. Age: 33.
  53. Glenn Holt, Vikings. Age: 25. - Signed with Lions
  54. Tab Perry, Dolphins. Age: 27.
  55. Roydell Williams, Redskins. Age: 28.
  56. Kelley Washington, Patriots. Age: 30. - Signed with Ravens (1 year)
  57. Ernest Wilford, Dolphins. Age: 30.
  58. Ike Hilliard, Buccaneers. Age: 33.
  59. Marty Booker, Bears. Age: 33. - Signed with Falcons
  60. Glenn Martinez, Broncos. Age: 27.
  61. Keary Colbert, Lions. Age: 27.
  62. Travis Wilson, Cowboys. Age: 25.
  63. Chris Davis, Titans. Age: 25.
  64. Roy Hall, Colts. Age: 25.
  65. Travis Taylor, Lions. Age: 31.
  66. Wallace Wright (RFA), Jets. Age: 25.
  67. Billy McMullen, Lions. Age: 29.
  68. Justin Jenkins, Bills. Age: 28. - Re-signed with Bills
  69. Jeff Webb, Chiefs. Age: 27.
  70. John Bodiford, Packers. Age: 27. - Signed with Giants
  71. Dante Hall, Rams. Age: 30.
  72. Robert Ferguson, Falcons. Age: 29.
  73. Cliff Russell, Broncos. Age: 30.
  74. Paris Warren, Saints. Age: 26.
  75. Terry Glenn, Cowboys. Age: 35.
  76. James Thrash, Redskins. Age: 34.
  77. Peerless Price, Bills. Age: 32.
  78. C.J. Jones, Chiefs. Age: 28. - Signed with Broncos
  79. Joe Jurevicius, Browns. Age: 34.
  80. Joe Horn, Falcons. Age: 37.
  81. Eric Moulds, Titans. Age: 36.
  82. Eddie Kennison, Rams. Age: 36.

2009 NFL Free Agent Positions:
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