Matt McGuire's 2010 NFL Draft Stock: Week 4

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2010 NFL Draft Stock Up

Rahim Alem, DE, LSU
I was surprised at Alem's athletic ability in this game and he looks like a player who will be targeted by 3-4 teams (outside linebacker) next April. Alem has a quick first step and a great motor. On a few running plays, he showed good discipline by staying put waiting for the reverse. Although it didn't come, I liked that he was prepared for it in case it did. He had strong hands in this game and I loved his fluid hips. He showed comfortability dropping back into coverage, though he did interfere on a touchdown pass. He was forced to run about 15 yards to catch up to the running back in the end zone, but got there a little too early. At times Alem looks a little out of control, but I really liked what I saw out of him in this game. He's one to keep your eye on as he is a projected second-to-fourth-round draft pick.

Brandon LaFell, WR, LSU
I was really impressed when reviewing the first half tape of the LSU vs. Mississippi State game. LaFell showed very good short-area quickness and agility. He got yards after the catch on a screen. LaFell displayed crisp route running and consistent hands. On his first touchdown catch, his intelligence of the game was on display. He had the knowledge to flip the corner's hips on the out route gaining solid seperation. LaFell's talent was on display in this game.

D'Anthony Smith, DT, Louisiana Tech (New 10/1)
I was very excited to watch my Hawaii vs. Louisiana Tech tape for one reason: D'Anthony Smith. I hadn't caught a glimpse of Smith last season, and he had a bit of preseason hype from scouting organizations such as BLESTO and National. I was mildly impressed with Smith; he didn't blow me away, but he made some solid plays. Smith had two sacks in this game, but should have had a third if it wasn't for a missed tackle where the quarterback miraculously escaped his grasp - he should have finished here.

One skill that worries me about Smith is he seems slow off the ball, and this is important in the NFL because every once in a while you just need to use athletic ability to beat your man.

Smith showed powerful hands in this game. He commanded double teams several times, but he held his own very well once on the goal line on a big stop by the defense. He played with good power as he just mauled the left guard to generate a sack. He showed good speed and a pretty swim move in the third quarter for his second sack. I liked his bull rush and he did a great job of getting in the lineman's pads.

This is a difficult game to evaluate a defensive tackle because of Hawaii's Run N'Shoot, but Smith put out very solid tape, but he doesn't look like first-round material.

2010 NFL Draft Stock Down

Ciron Black, T, LSU
I think I may have overrated Black last year based on this game. His footwork was horrendous; he crossed his feet horizontally as opposed to taking clean, choppy steps. He lacked balance in this contest and was on the ground a few times. Black is a good run blocker, but he may find his home at guard in the NFL. Looked like a mid-round pick in this game.

Micah Johnson, ILB, Kentucky
Johnson made some very impressive tackles in space on the edge in this game, but overall I didn't like what I saw. However, you have to note that Florida's scheme isn't anything like what he will see in the NFL. There is a lot of trickery with the blocking scheme and Tebow's last-second handoffs/keepers in shotgun. Johnson looked a little stiff chasing down Tebow on one of his runs; I expected more speed and fluidity. He showed bad discipline attacking the wrong gap multiple times. He looked slightly sluggish in zone with his hips.

Corey Wootton, DE, Northwestern
I was really unimpressed with Wootton's first quarter against Towson, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt coming off a knee injury. Wootton was highly pitiful against Minnesota last Saturday. He lacked toughness and agility. Once, he got into the opponents backfield, but he lacked flexibility, coordination and agility as the running back ran right around him. His hand use was poor; I want him to get more physical. He made no impact plays. I am not impressed with his first step or his closing speed. I would characterize Wootton's skill set in this game as "soft and stiff."

2010 NFL Draft Stock Stable

Danario Alexander, WR, Missour
Alexander had a huge game against Nevada putting up nine receptions for 170 yards and two touchdowns. I wasn't that impressed with his skill set, though. He didn't look explosive off the line of scrimmage. He showed some wasted movement in his route running from the standstill position to firing off the line of scrimmage (a little skip in his step). I liked his strong hands at the line of scrimmage and his ability to identify the zone coverage. He had decent (not great) ball skills and he is obviously a long strider. I have to give Alexander a mixed review in this outing despite the box score.

Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida
While I hated Dunlap's last tape against Tennessee, he played solid in this game though not as conistent as I want him to be. He made a few splash plays including one nice pass deflection at the line. He put a nasty spin move on the left tackle for a sack. He did a good job of using his agility to get into the opponent's backfield for a tackle for a loss. I need to see this more often from Dunlap, but this was a step in the right direction.

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