2010 NFL Draft Recap: Round 1

2010 NFL Draft Recap: Round 1

1. Suh + Clausen

As many e-mailers pointed out, the Rams could have ended up with both Ndamukong Suh and Jimmy Clausen, had they drafted the former No. 1 overall. That's unbelievable.

Would St. Louis have selected Suh knowing that Clausen would have been there atop Round 2? I think so. They reportedly had Clausen rated highly and were considering trading down to No. 7 in order to get him there.

Speaking of Clausen, by the way, I'm really discouraged by many NFL teams and their inability to learn. Five years ago, a spread quarterback (Alex Smith) was chosen over a pro-style signal-caller (Aaron Rodgers). Most NFL Draft analysts knew it was a mistake, yet the 49ers pulled the trigger anyway, and all of those other teams foolishly passed on Rodgers.

Depending on where Clausen goes, I think we're going to see history repeat itself. No, Sam Bradford won't bust like Smith did, but he hasn't played in a year and has a learning curve coming from a spread offense. Steve Young, who knows something about quarterbacks, believes Bradford won't be able to play right away.

2. Josh McDaniels' F***ing Awesome Plan

Josh McDaniels has replaced Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall and Tony Scheffler with Tim Tebow, Demaryius Thomas and Dick Quinn.

I have a hard time seeing Tebow bust because he's going to kill himself to prove everyone wrong, but everything else McDaniels has done doesn't make any sense. Thomas can't run routes or catch the ball. Quinn, a blocking tight end, was chosen in Round 2 last year and will replace a talented tight end in Scheffler, who was traded for peanuts. Robert Ayers is still struggling to transition to the 3-4. First-round nickel corner Alphonso Smith couldn't beat out Ty Law last year.

The Broncos went 8-8 in 2009, but finished on a 2-8 slide. I have a hard time seeing them win more than five games next year.

3. The Poor Get Poorer

"I realize this every April and I forget it by August... the NFL Draft is so tough to predict because there are just way too many dumb teams in the league."

My quote holds up again. Why is it that for the most part, the teams drafting at the end of Round 1 somehow obtained better players than the teams picking in the top 12? How does Tyson Alualu (No. 10) go before Kyle Wilson (No. 29)? How does Rolando McClain become the first inside linebacker to be drafted in the top eight since the early 90s? Why don't the Bills want to address the quarterback, offensive tackle or nose tackle positions?

There's a reason the same teams pick in the top 12 every year. It's because they have no clue how to draft. Seriously, these teams should fire all of these high-priced personnel guy and get chimps to throw feces at a draft board. The chimps might actually get some of these teams into the playoffs.

Missing Include

4. The Rich Get Richer

The Colts (No. 31) obtained a guy some to believe to be the top pass-rusher in the 2010 NFL Draft. The Jets (No. 29) drafted the consensus No. 2 corner in the class. The Cardinals (No. 26) landed a nose tackle projected to go in the top 10. The Cowboys (No. 24) selected a dynamic receiver who was once slated as high as No. 7 to the Browns.

Roger Goodell might as well just reverse the draft order from now on. Have the best teams pick first. They get the best players anyway, and that way our mock drafts will be more accurate.

5. Jekyll and Hyde

Some teams have to make up their damn mind. Their bipolar tendencies are driving me nuts.

Take the Chiefs, for example. Last year, Scott Pioli passed on the best defensive prospect for a lesser player of higher positional importance. OK, fine. Why then would you go against that strategy this April?

Another team is the Bengals. I love the Jermaine Gresham pick, but Cincinnati has made it clear over the years that it hates tight ends who can't block. So why would they suddenly draft one?

The Titans also made a great pick. However, they've selected great physical specimens in the past. Derrick Morgan is highly skilled, but he doesn't fit the sort of prospect they've looked for in recent years.

And finally, what happened with the Raiders? They've always taken height-weight-40 guys. Where did Rolando McClain come from? He's not a workout warrior.

6. Al Davis Not in Charge?

Speaking of the Raiders, I'm starting to think that Al Davis isn't in command anymore. We'll have a better idea once all of the picks are made, but McClain is not an Undead Al type of selection.

Did Davis give his authority away because of age/health? As much as I make fun of him, I hope not. It's been all in good fun.

7. Adios, Jacksonville!

I hope the people in Jacksonville had a good time. With Tim Tebow headed for Denver, the Jaguars will be moving to Los Angeles in the near future.

If you thought Jaguar home games looked like ghost towns last year, wait until you see what happens in 2010. You might actually be able to spot some tumbleweed blowing around in the stands. No one is going to want to watch Tyson Alualu play. I really don't understand the pick; it makes no sense from a business or football perspective.

8. More on the Chiefs and Eric Berry

I'm really interested in what happens to the Chiefs over the next 3-5 years. They drafted the best player available in Eric Berry. Like everyone else, I think he's going to be awesome. The problem is that Kansas City doesn't have a talented quarterback, it can't protect its quarterback, and it can't get to the other quarterback. Those are the three ingredients to winning in today's NFL, and the Chiefs fail in all three departments.

But can Berry make a great enough impact to lift the Chiefs out of the AFC West cellar and into playoff contention? Berry can go to all the Pro Bowls he wants, but that's the important question. Let's find out just how important the safety position really is.

9. Ryan Mathews, Fantasy Football God

I have a feeling I'll have Ryan Mathews as a top 15 fantasy running back this summer. He'll get most of the carries and presumably all of the goal-line work. He'll also catch a decent amount of passes. I think he can be good enough for 1,100-1,200 rushing yards and 10-plus touchdowns at the very least.

Check back in May-August for tons of 2010 Fantasy Football content.

10. Super Seven

Seven players I mocked to Round 1 have spilled into Round 2. Here's where I think each could go:

Bruce Campbell: Is Al Davis calling the shots? If so, he may take this "great player" after all.

Taylor Mays: The Bengals love Mays, but they apparently liked Jermaine Gresham more. Cincinnati would welcome Mays with open arms in Round 2.

Charles Brown: I had trouble fitting Brown into my 2010 NFL Mock Re-Draft. I have him dropping all the way down to the Colts.

Terrence Cody: I have Terrence Cody slipping. I say Linval Joseph and Cam Thomas go ahead of him, which could push Cody into Round 3.

Rodger Saffold: The Bills and Chiefs will be looking for a tackle in Round 2. Or at least they should be.

Sergio Kindle: I had Kindle going No. 32 to the Saints, so it's not like I have him falling far. A number of teams need a pass-rusher in Round 2 like the Dolphins and Patriots.

Jimmy Clausen: This is the big question. Where will Clausen fall? The Vikings don't appear to be a possibility, and the Bills run too awesome of an offense for Clausen to work there. Charlie Weis is Kansas City's offensive coordinator. I think he'll have some say. And Matt Cassel has a huge roster bonus due before the 2011 season. It would be a huge mistake for Kansas City to pass on Clausen. That's where I placed him in my 2010 NFL Mock Re-Draft.

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