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This is NFL Draft Scout's Notebook, where Matt McGuire will list the notes he took while scouting players for the 2011 NFL Draft, 2012 NFL Draft and beyond.
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Posted Sept. 7, 2010

Ohio State vs. Marshall

Ohio State
2 Terrelle Pryor
65 Justin Boren
97 Cameron Heyward
51 Ross Homan
36 Brian Rolle

30 Mario Harvey

Terrelle Pryor

1st - 8:50 - Very good footwork from Pryor - miles ahead of where it was a year ago ... nice touch and accuracy in dropping over the zone

1st - 8:23 - Terrible accuracy and ball thrown way too hard ... lacks some awareness as a passer here

1st - 7:40 - Great footwork and presence at beginning of 5-step drop, but lacks balance at end of throw

1st - 1:34 - Very nice footwork and balance on this throw ... solid accuracy for TD pass on post route

2nd - 12:36 - Throws VERY dangerous pass with safety over the top - should have been an INT here. Too much air under pass - should have been a bullett in the seam not a ball with a lot of air

Cameron Heyward

1st - 13:12 - Overwhelmed at POA by double team

1st - 12:34 - Good job getting leverage and shedding LG

1st - 10:17 - Nice power at POA and uses hands powerfully here ... Marshall making effort to dbl team Heyward

1st - 7:22 - Nice pop at POA again ... shows good strength in shedding LG

1st - 6:07 - In great position to make TFL, but completely misses tackle ... shows average athleticism and body control here

1st - 5:40 - Gets good power, stays low on bullrush

1st - 1:17 - Doesn't show a burst or great agility here when RB bounces it outside

1st - 0:12 - Uses size and strength to set the edge

2nd - 9:20 - Nice first step, but lacks flexibility/athleticism to dip shoulder and run the arc

2nd - 2:59 - Shows tremendous motor and effort on this play ... good strength, solid quickness to get around OL and forces QB hurry which leads to INT

2nd - 1:28 - Protects legs on chop blocks, makes HUGE hit on RB

Brian Rolle

1st - 13:12 - Good instincts, reaction on pitch ... excellent speed in closing space

1st - 12:34 - Nice instincts, quick-twitch athlete, good C.O.D., active

1st - 10:17 - Shows very good athleticism and footwork in coverage ... nice awareness and recognizes slant over middle

1st - 10:13 - Shows outstanding speed and instincts on this screen pass (incomplete)

1st - 6:52 - gets easily blocked by TE

1st - 5:40 - Good instincts, reads QBs eyes and delivers huge hit to RB on circle route

2nd - 10:39 - Struggles mightly in taking on block

2nd - 9:20 - Runs around block as opposed to taking it head on and trying to shed ... gives too much space to RB and gets big run

Jermale Hines

1st - 13:12 - Takes solid angle and gets involved ...

1st - 6:52 - Big hit on ballcarrier

Justin Boren

1st - 11:00 - Understood angle and took DT out of play ... solid technique

1st - 9:31 - Shows good strength, good job controlling with hands ... could have used angle better - unimpressive footwork here

1st - 8:50 - Doesn't show impressive athleticism here ... average knee bend, could use better pass pro technique

Mario Harvey

1st - 11:00 - Struggles to get off FB block ... poor hand use to stack and shed and got overwhelmed at POA

2nd - 11:40 - Solid speed in chasing down QB Pryor

2nd - 5:52 - Nice instincts to get PBU

2nd - 5:47 - Nice instincts, tremendous vision and makes tackle behind LOS... shows nice form and wraps up

Not very athletic, doesn't cover much ground in zone

3rd - 13:40 - Doesn't get off FB block or use hands to shed and make tackle

Ross Homan

1st - 10:11 - Good job closing in ... solid speed and assists on tackle

1st - 7:22 - Nice patience and nice colo tackle

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