NFL Draft: Scout's Notebook

This is NFL Draft Scout's Notebook, where Matt McGuire will list the notes he took while scouting players for the 2011 NFL Draft, 2012 NFL Draft and beyond.
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Posted Sept. 6, 2010

Florida State vs. Samford

(1st half only)

7 Christian Ponder
62 Rodney Hudson
98 Markus White
13 Nigel Bradham
29 Kendall Smith

Nigel Bradham

early 1st qtr (no time given from crappy espn u) 3rd and 8 - Shows very good speed and solid range on this play ...

1st - 2:37 - Nice technique and footwork in pursuit, but lets RB get outside and underrates RB's speed

2nd - 9:53 - Inexcusable missed tackle on delayed handoff out of pistol ... bad patience and technique in approach

Christian Ponder

1st - 11:51 - PA rollout, nice arm strength and accuracy, mediocre touch on football ... good footwork

1st - 11:33 - Nice accuracy and touch

1st - 9:21 - Love his release, very quick ... nice touch and throws VERY CATCHABLE ball to WR ... WR should have come up with catch for TD ... inc., but nice throw from Ponder

1st - 9:14 - Very calm and patient in pocket ... senses bull rush up middle .... escapes out of pocket for first down ... Solid athleticism and speed

1st - 8:35 - Tipped pass and INT

1st - 6:25 - Nice footwork and accuracy on short route to H-Back ... great job of leading receiver with throw

1st - 4:37 - Smooth and looks like a natural

1st - 3:21 - PA rollout ... terrific touch and loft for TD over CB to RB

1st - 0:57 - I-form PA ... Ponder is a VERY quick decision maker, good mental clock ... fluid athlete ... great touch on pass over middle

2nd - 15:00 - Ponder continues to show great touch on passes and tremendous poise in pocket

2nd - 4:20 - Poised and calm in pocket ... nice footwork and shows smooth athleticism ... good job stepping out of pocket to get passing lane ... comfortable throwing on the run, but his spiral could be tighter

2nd - 3:50 - Elusive in pocket and avoids tackler ... solid job of getting throw off and solid accuracy, but still has mediocre spiral

Rodney Hudson

1st - 11:11 - Nice pop at POA ... good job pumping legs in block ... keeps hands inside and controls (note: vs. 280 lb. DT) ... understood the angle and drove with left shoulder to open hole

1st - 10:31 - Beats LB to spot ... good athleticism and quickness ... oustanding job of using body to shield and use angle

1st - 9:54 - Extremely quick in getting to second level, light on his feet

1st - 9:14 - Gets MAULED on bull rush and can't stand his ground ... lacked bulk to maintain balance and absorb rush

1st - 5:59 - Initially jarred at POA ... great hands and gets pancake

1st - 5:23 - smooth in getting to second level

2nd - 11:28 - Smoth in getting to 2nd level again ... great agility and light on feet ... nice knee bend

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