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This is NFL Draft Scout's Notebook, where Matt McGuire will list the notes he took while scouting players for the 2011 NFL Draft, 2012 NFL Draft and beyond.
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Posted Sept. 5, 2010

Pittsburgh vs. Utah


77 Jason Pinkston
82 Jonathan Baldwin
28 Dion Lewis
97 Jabaal Sheard
91 Greg Romeus


27 Brandon Burton
96 Junior Tui'one

RB Dion Lewis

1st - 14:16 - Nice initial burst and acceleration through the hole

1st - 9:30 - Hits hole hard, nice speed and excellent vision ... seems to go down easy

1st - 3:51 - Very quick and agile in tight space ... changes directions on a dime My question is - can Lewis break tackles?????

1st - 1:47 - Shows ability to plant foot and drive forward

1st - 1:13 - Shows suddenness to running style

1st - 12:06 - PERFECT patience on this run, then when linemen get on their blocks he accelerates for TD ... great instincts

Seems to go down easily on contact

Jonathan Baldwin

1st - 14:16 - Good run block ... uses big frame

1st - 13:42 - Plucks football out of air away from body ... good changing hanging on to ball after tackle

3rd - 2:54 - Doesn't show great speed or burst on WR reverse

4th - 7:49 - Shows good football IQ on crossing route getting behind the zone ... great hands, catches ball smoothly away from body, plucks out of air.

4th - 7:19 - TD catch, but poor coverage more than anything. Could have done a better job of bending knees, changing speeds, and giving more of a head fake in the double move. Disappointing route and gets TD because of bad defense.

4th - 7:19 (2-pt conversion) - Good job setting up CB in motion ... Nice footwork.

4th - 0:51 - Bad football IQ - doesn't get set before snap costs team penalty and potential TD

Jason Pinkston

1st - 12:59 - Excellent mobility and athleticism pulling on sweep ... comfortable in space here and executes block efficiently

1st - 12:15 - Nice footwork and smooth athleticism

1st - 9:30 - Good job following through on play ... shows some physicality on second level block

1st - 8:54 - Gets way too high ... doesn't bend at the knees and gets beat on run block

1st - 6:50 - Bends at waist a little too much ... doesn't bend at knees

1st - 6:44 - Horrendous footwork, poor technique gets schooled on spin move ... would be sack had QB not gotten rid of ball

1st - 3:51 - Gets way too high immediately out of stance ... obviously a poor technician and nothing is changing

1st - 1:13 - Very poor block here ... leaves feet, bends at waist too much and gets thrown by DL

2nd - 14:10 - Nice drive block ... shows some strength and tenacity here

3rd - 8:36 - Poor job of turning shoulders/body in pass pro as opposed to staying square and mirroring DL ... gets easily turned around - vulnerable to counter moves

3rd - 8:11- WAY too high in stance, feet are too narrow together...collects false start penalty

4th 10:31 - Not light on his feet, but gets nice hand extension and shows some strength

Junior Tui'one

1st - 12:15 - Physical, nice stack and shed, makes tackle

2nd - 5:32 - Excellent sack ... love his motor, great balance and body control, stays with play and makes athletic tackle on QB.

Greg Romeus

1st - 11:17 - Nice get-off after snap ... shows strength in bull rush and physicality

1st - 10:50 - Shows bad instincts on zone read - qb keeper

1st - 10:29 - Excellent job taking on trap block from RG ... stays low and maintains leverage. Shows strength and physicality to make tackle

1st - 5:49 - Excellent hand extension, shows some toughness and makes tackle. Terrific job with leverage and keeps low center of gravity which makes it difficult to block him.

1st - 4:45 - Nice instincts and PBU on screen play... does a good job of creating space with hands vs. LT


2nd - 1:48 - Nice hands on club move - very quick, but lacks speed to turn corner past LT

2nd - 6:19 - Doesn't show an elite burst or speed on this play when he had the chance

4th - 8:53 - Stays low, sets edge...Romeus always does a great job of getting involved in run defense

Caleb Schlauderaff

1st - 9:50 - Head on swivel, shows good awareness to assist block on RDE

Brandon Burton

1st - 6:50 - Excellent coverage on WR Baldwin ... shows good speed, positioning, and awareness on this play

3rd - 7:40 - Nice PBU vs. Baldwin ... Times jump well and shows nice athleticism in air ... shows some confidence and didn't hesittate on play

4th - 7:20 - Not his fault TD was given up (blown coverage by safety), but gets hips flipped around too easily on double move vs. Baldwin

Jabaal Sheard

1st - 5:35 - Nice rip move to get to QB, but largely invisible thus far in game

2nd 4:29 - Good job taking on FB block ... stays low, keeps feet pumping and makes play

Invisible throughout game ... no impact from Sheard

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