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2014 NFL Pro Day Results

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These 2014 Pro Day Results written by Tony Pauline of

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2014 Pro Day Results: Thursday, April 3, 7:15 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

Florida International
There was a nice crowd at the FIU pro-day, as most of the scouts who attended the Miami workout took the 20-minute drive west in the early afternoon to witness their second pro-day. Most were on hand for a pair of defensive line prospects.

Gregory Hickman measured 6000/278lbs, timed in the mid 4.9s and completed 21 reps on the bench. His other marks included a vertical jump of 31 inches, broad of 9-2 and a short shuttle in 4.55s. Hickman ran through a battery of defensive line, linebacker and fullback drills afterward and displayed surprisingly supple hands catching the ball.

The team's other defensive lineman, Isame Faciane came in at 6-3 and 300lbs, then timed the forty in the 5.1s/5.2s range. Despite his pedestrian time, Faciane looked terrific in defensive line drills, easily moving about the field with balance and showing the ability to bend and flex. Unlikely to get drafted, Faciane is a sleeper to watch in camp this summer.

Update: David Gilbert's vertical jump was officially listed as 31.5 inches; not the 34 inches reported earlier. Brandon Liner's 3-cone time clocked just over 7.7s.

I'm told two non-combine prospects impressed.

Fullback Maurice Hagens ran poorly at 5.03s after weighing 246lbs, but looked good in drills. Several I spoke with afterward compared him to lesser version of Henry Hynoski from the New York Giants; a real good football player who does the little things well and plays fast enough.

The other prospect drawing positive reviews is linebacker Jimmy Gaines who timed 4.75s at 232lbs. Gaines, whom I labeled as a sleeper, has been under the radar for more than a year and offers the ability to make a squad as an eighth linebacker/special teams player.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Thursday, April 3, 5:15 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

Results have been slow trickling in from Hurricane pro-day, but thus far I'm told, the big winner was punter Pat O'Donnell, while Seantrel Henderson had teams shaking their heads in disgust.

First, O'Donnell: The fifth-year senior displayed a big-time leg, getting great distance and hang time on his punts. His display today was called everything from "eye-opening" to "unreal." I have to believe O'Donnell will contend to be the second punter selected next month after Kirby Van der Kamp of Iowa State.

I'm told Henderson was unimpressive and looked out of shape today. His forty time and other testing marks were on a par from his combine performance, but by the time position drills came around, Henderson was gassed. And though he finished the position drills, it was a struggle. This won't be sit well for teams who already question Henderson's off-the-field character.

On the other hand, Brandon Linder left a positive impression on teams. Apparently, Linder timed under 7.2s in the 3-cone (unofficial) and looked good in position drills. Miami coaches have been raving about Linder's character and his grade is rising.

Offensive line coaches from the Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets, Miami Dolphins and Cincinnati Bengals were on hand.

David Gilbert, who transferred to Miami from Wisconsin, measured 6-4 1/2, 258lbs, completed 28 reps on the bench, touched 34 inches in the vertical jump and 9-11 in the broad. Gilbert completed both defensive line and linebacker drills, but I'm told the emphasis was on the former. I inquired why Gilbert, who entered the season with a sixth-round grade, fell off the map in 2013 (12 games with 0 starts, 10 tackles, .5 sacks). The reply received basically informed me head coach Al Golden was loyal to the players he recruited to Miami and desired to give them as much playing time as possible.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Wednesday, April 2, 2:20 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

South Carolina
The crowd in Columbia was huge, as near 120 credentialed reporters attended pro-day. Jadeveon Clowney participated solely in position drills and the notes from scouts read "athletic, fluid and great bend" in both defensive end and linebacker drills.

Cornerback Victor Hampton measured 5096/203lbs, ran the forty in times of 4.53s and 4.43s as well as timing 7.13s in the 3-cone.

Jimmy Legree, the team's other cornerback, was disappointing. He measured 5112/192lbs, touched 35.5 inches in the vertical jump, 10-0 in the broad jump. He timed 4.64s and 4.67s in the forty, 4.26s in the short shuttle and 7.14s in the 3-cone.

Guard Ronald Patrick measured 6013/318lbs with arms 34 3/8 inches long. He completed 23 reps on the bench, touched 28.5 inches in the vertical jump and timed 5.28s in the forty.

Defensive lineman Kelcy Quarles sat on most of his combine numbers, though he did re-run the forty and was timed at 5.00s and 5.03s, on par with his times from Indianapolis.

The notes on quarterback Connor Shaw read "AA model person ... moves well." I'm told Shaw threw the ball well in a non-scripted, on the fly workout in which he did whatever scouts requested. There were few errant throws and several nice passes where the right-handed quarterback sprinted to his left and accurately delivered the ball. Connor's deep passes sailed in excess of 60 yards.

Chaz Sutton had a terrific day. He measured 6033/245lbs, completed 27 reps on the bench and jump 35.5 inches in the vertical and 9-8 in the broad. His forty timed clocked 4.66s/4.67s with a solid 1.69s ten-yard split. Most on hand felt Sutton looked better than Clowney in linebacker drills.

I asked several people flat out, "what happened to Sutton this season?" The point being, I graded the senior as a potential fourth round pick in August and he fell off the board after a terrible season. I'm told one of the biggest reasons for not only Sutton's drop off but Clowney's as well, was the loss of defensive line coach Brad Lawing, who moved south to become the assistant head coach/defensive line coach at Florida. Sources say Lawing has given positive reviews for both Sutton and Clowney to any NFL personnel people who have asked.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Wednesday, April 2, 11:40 a.m.
By Tony Pauline,

The pro-day schedule was limited since late last week but really takes off today with scouts traveling to watch the Tennessee, South Carolina and Washington workouts. Most eyes will be on Jadeveon Clowney but there are have been several notable performances thus far.

The Volunteer prospect are starting positions drills, and the testing is just about over.

Thus far running back Rajion Neal, whom many considered a combine snub, has impressed scouts. His marks included a forty time of 4.52s, 28 reps on the bench, 38 inches in the vertical jump and a broad which measured 9-11.

Offensive guard Alex Bullard, another many thought was on the cusp of being a late-round pick, has not performed well. Bullard's forty time clocked a pedestrian 5.68s, his vertical jump 24 inches and broad 7-5. He's looked heavy legged and unathletic all morning.

Outside linebacker/defensive end Jacques Smith has been up and down. His marks in the vertical jump (36.5 inches), broad jump (10-7) and bench press (27 reps) were solid yet his forty time (4.91s) let a lot to be desired.

Daniel McCullers, who participated only in the jumps at the combine and was awful (20.5 inch VJ and 8-1 BJ) fared slightly better today touching 23 inches in the vertical and 8-3 in the broad. McCullers completed 27 reps on the bench and ran the forty in 5.37s, including a slow 10-yard split.

Ball State
The Ball State workout took place last week. Junior receiver Willie Snead, who timed a miserable 4.67s at the combine, dropped that time into the low 4.5s at pro-day.

Cornerback Jeff Garrett, graded as a street free agent entering the season, also timed in the 4.5s while touching 35 inches in the vertical jump.

Another cornerback given a free-agent grade was small-schooler Jocquel Skinner. During Bethel pro-day, the small-school coverman measured 6004/184lbs, timed 4.49s in the forty, 7.01 in the 3-cone while posting 37 inches in the vertical jump and 10-2 in the broad.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Thursday, March 27, 3:45 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

Georgia Southern
Lavelle Westbrooks and Jerick McKinnon were the focus of pro-day attention at Georgia Southern.

Westbrooks ran the forty in similar times to his combine performance. The players ran on grass, and most had Westbrooks clocked at 4.65s, though some watches did read 4.60s. He did a solid job in drills, but most scouts feel Westbrooks will be a last-day/late-round pick.

McKinnon stood on his combine numbers and looked good in both defensive back and running back drills. He was fluid, smooth and for the most part looked natural in the secondary. Westbrooks played some DB early in his GSU career.

The Dallas Cowboys ran the secondary drills while the Philadelphia Eagles and Oakland Raiders headed the running back drills.

East Carolina
Still waiting on some of the ECU numbers, but thus far, we can tell you linebacker Derrell Johnson really impressed scouts. Measuring just under 6-2, Johnson tipped the scales at 258lbs, then ran forty times which ranged between 4.62s and 4.65s. The only other mark I can share is 23 reps on the bench. I'm told Johnson looked terrific in drills and there were a number of teams that project him as a 3-4 ILB due to his size, speed and aggressive nature but also as a 4-3 OLB. Most all feel he'll be a great special teamer.

I'm told running back Vintavious Cooper looked great in drills, catching the ball well, while receiver Lance Ray was the sleeper of the day and had scouts buzzing.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Thursday, March 27, 12:50 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

While most all the focus will be centered on Johnny Manziel's pro-day, there are a number of other notable workouts taking place. East Carolina takes place today where scouts will be on hand to watch underrated linebacker Derrell Johnson. One player who was told he won't be allowed to workout is former Pirate tight end Justin Jones, a prospect rated by scouts who was deemed ineligible to play this season.

At Georgia Southern, cornerback Lavelle Westbrooks hopes to improve on his slow (4.61s) forty at the combine. Jerick McKinnon, who had a great combine workout, will be participating in running back and defensive back drills.

Here are some finishing notes from yesterday:

Cornerback Keon Lyn, who had microfracture surgery on his knee, is about 80 percent and did not work out. I'm told he will have a late April workout when he's closer to 100 percent. Lyn has visits scheduled with the Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions and Oakland Raiders.

The other cornerback, Ri'Shard Anderson timed 4.40s/4.42s in the forty, touched 37 inches in the vertical jump, 10-4 in the broad jump and 17 reps on the bench.

Tight end Beckett Wales, who broke his collarbone in Novembe,r completed 21 reps on the bench, touched 29.5 in the vertical jump and posted forty times in the area of 4.66s/4.72s.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Wednesday, March 26, 3:25 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

Ted Bolser's final numbers included measuring in at 6055/248lbs, low-to-mid 4.7s (4.71s/4.76s) in the forty. 7.1 in the 3 cone and a vertical jump of 31 inches. Told he completed 20 reps on the bench; not 19 as previously reported. Bolser also reportedly looked good running routes.

Stephen Houston was terrific in drills, and the running back looked natural catching the ball, something he did on Saturdays.

Kofi Hughes looked real good catching the ball, and most people leave the workout believing he's a priority FA.

Cody Latimer only ran the forty and completed the vertical jump due to his foot injury. As previously posted, he is expected to run routes and catch the ball in the middle of April. The feeling at pro-day is a healthy Latimer could jump into the third round if his foot checks out. Then again, there are a bunch of receivers with third-round grades due to the enormous depth at the position. I'm told both the New York Jets, New York Giants as well as the Indianapolis Colts and San Francisco 49ers spent time with Latimer today.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Wednesday, March 26, 12:55 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

There's a good crowd at the Indiana pro-day, as I'm told 27 teams are on hand; one more franchise than I originally posted on twitter.

Cody Latimer was expected to run fast and thus far had lived up to expectations. I'm told his times have ranged in the mid 4.4-area (4.43s). At the start of the day, Latimer posted a 39-inch vertical jump

Overshadowed Kofi Hughes, himself a legitimate NFL receiver prospect, completed 24 reps on the bench, touched 35.5 inches in the vertical jump and 10-6 in the broad. His forty times have been in the low 4.5s area.

Running back Stephen Houston, a prospect who has displayed a great amount of talent at times in college, measured 5010/225lbs, touched 40 inches in the vertical jump and 11 feet in the broad, marks bettered by only one running back at the combine (Lache Seastrunk, 41.5-inch vert, 11-2 broad). He completed 24 reps on the bench and ran consistent mid-to-high 4.4's (4.46-to-4.49) in the forty.

Tight end Ted Bolser, graded as a priority free agent by scouts entering the year, completed 19 reps on the bench.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Wednesday, March 26, 11:25 a.m.
By Tony Pauline,

After a pair of ho-hum days on the calendar, the pro-day schedule picks up today with Indiana, Texas and Syracuse working out. Receiver Cody Latimer will be running at IU pro-day and is expected to turn in a fast time. Latimer, who was excluded from the combine with a left foot issue, won't run routes today.

To recap a story from yesterday, I'm told 22 teams showed up at UMass pro-day primarily to watch Rob Blanchflower work out. But as reported, the tight end is still recovering from a sports hernia, didn't workout yesterday and won't perform for scouts until the middle of April. There were a fair share of pissed-off scouts who either didn't get the message Blanchflower wasn't working out at pro-day, or never paid attention to it.

Little-known defensive lineman Justin Anderson turned a few heads. Measuring 6043/281lbs, Anderson posted a 30-inch vertical jump, 9-7 broad jump and completed 31 reps on the bench. His forty times clocked at 4.87s/4.92s. Afterward, the Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New York Giants and Indianapolis Colts spent time with Anderson, who finished the 2013 campaign with 57 tackles, 7.5 tackles for loss and 4 sacks.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Tuesday, March 25, 2:10 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

Iowa State
Early word from Iowa State pro-day is linebacker Jeremiah George looked impressive from start to finish. George, who struggled through the combine with a hamstring issue, tipped the scales at 228 lbs today, six less than his combine weight of 234 lbs. His numbers included 30 reps on the bench, 38.5 inches in the vertical jump and a broad jump of 10-9. His forty time clocked between 4.60s-to-4.66s, much better than the 4.83s he ran in Indianapolis with the bad hamstring. Linebacker coaches from the New York Jets and Detroit Lions put George through the paces in position drills. There was a buzz afterwards on George.

Safety Jacques Washington completed 12 reps on the bench, touched 31.5 inches in the vertical jump, 9-8 in the broad then timed the forty in 4.59s with 7.06s in the 3 cone.

The big news is a large crowd showed up today expecting to watch Rob Blanchflower work out at pro-day. Problem is, no one told Blanchflower, as the tight end is still recovering from a sports hernia. I'm he will work out for scouts in the middle of April.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Monday, March 24, 11:25 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

N.C. State
Defensive back Dontae Johnson sat on all his combine marks but looked good in drills. He drew a large crowd of coordinators and secondary coaches.

Defensive lineman/linebacker Darryl Cato-Bishop, who was injured part of last season, measured 6024/257lbs, posted a vertical jump of 29.5 inches, timed 4.77s/4.72s in the forty, 7.35s in the 3 cone an 4.62 in the short shuttle.

Redshirt sophomore Carlos Gray, who played defensive line at 275 pounds last year, measured 6023/313lbs, completed 21 reps on the bench, posted a vertical jump of 27 inches then timed 5.20s in the forty. There were times last season when Gray looked brilliant.

Entering the season, I gave tight end Asa Watson a 7th-round grade, but the senior fell off the map in 2013, catching just three passes. During pro-day he showed in part why I considered him draftable at the end of 2012. The athletic tight end measured 6023/239lbs, completed 26 reps on the bench and posted a 32-inch vertical jump. His forty times came in at 4.62s/4.72, three cone 7.06s and short shuttle 4.40s.

Valdosta State
I've labeled defensive lineman Lawrence Virgil a real sleeper, though I am surprised why he hasn't receiver more love. Virgil was the star of the show last week at pro-day. Measuring 6044/287lbs with an arm length of 34 1/2 inches, Virgil completed 39 reps on the bench, touched 31 inches in the vertical jump and 9-4 in the board. His times included 4.95s in the forty, 4.84s in the short shuttle and 7.77s in the 3-cone.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Monday, March 24, 2:55 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

A spread-out week on the pro-day schedule starts with a sparse Monday of workouts. The name we're really watching today is Iowa linebacker Christian Kirksey, a third-round prospect who was unable to run at the combine due to a hamstring issue.

As has been reported, cornerback Kendall James was fast today. James, who ran at the combine, told people he expected to beat the time he put up in Indianapolis, 4.40s. He beat the mark today timing anywhere from the high 4.2s to the low 4.3s. The book on James is he's a skilled cornerback with rare athleticism but a very soft football player who does not like to get involved in the action when he doesn't have to.

Michael Cole, an underrated prospect who lined up at defensive end, put up solid numbers. Cole measured 6015/243lbs, posted a 29.5 vert, 9-7 broad and 24 reps on the bench. His times included 4.7s in the forty, 7.04s in the three cone and 4.18 in the short shuttle. Cole was put through a battery of linebacker, defensive back and fullback drills. He has medical red flags, but plays lights out and offers potential as an eighth linebacker/special teams player.

Tight end Justin Perillo, graded as a priority free agent entering the season, timed 4.72s in the forty, 6.96s in the 3 cone and 4.24s in the short shuttle.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Friday, March 20, 8:55 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

Kenny Ladler was timed in the mid 4.5s to low 4.6s today, which was a major improvement from the high 4.6's he ran at the combine.

Vandy's other defensive back, Andre Hal, stood on his combine numbers, but looked terrific in drills.

As originally reported on, receiver Jon Krause timed 4.37s in the forty, 4.04 in the short shuttle and 6.7s in the three cone. His vertical jump measured 38.5 inches and broad 10-8. Krause caught the ball exceptionally well in drills; in fact better than his higher-rated teammate, Jordan Matthews. He's getting a lot of interest as a potential late-round pick from the Indianapolis Colts, Green Bay Packers, Houston Texans and New York Giants.

Offensive lineman Wesley Johnson, who played tackle at Vanderbilt, but is projected to center by a number of schools, weighed in at 302 pounds. Johnson's weight has been steadily increasing, which is what scouts had wanted to see. Johnson met with the Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers and Cincinnati Bengals at length after the workout.

San Diego State
Safety Nat Berhe, the Aztecs' top and only draftable prospect, performed well and improved on his combine numbers. He timed 4.54s/4.55s in the forty, a full tenth faster than Indianapolis. Berhe's broad jump of 9-11 was also better than his combine marks.

Albert Presley measured 6015/232lbs, touched 40.5 inches in the vertical jump and 10-10 in the broad. After completing 25 reps on the bench, he timed in the high 4.5s/low 4.6s in the forty. Presley ran the gambit in position drills, completing defensive line, linebacker and defensive back skills for scouts on hand.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Friday, March 20, 1:30 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

The final day of the third week on the pro-day schedule is a light one with only two major workouts of note; West Virginia and Vanderbilt.

West Virginia
There were two surprise performers at West Virginia pro-day; former Mountaineer running back Noel Devine and Shepherd DE/OLB Howard Jones.

Devine, who was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles as an undrafted free agent in 2011 then cut four days later after he left camp, spent the past three seasons in the CFL, most recently playing for Montreal last year. Sources tell me he ran in the high 4.3s today.

Jones was also fast, timing 4.45s/4.48s in the forty. Some watches had the small school defender in the high 4.3s. Jones stood on the rest of his combine numbers but took part in position drills.

From all accounts, Charles Sims looked brilliant in position drills. He was fluid, quick and balanced. Sims looked terrific in pass-catching drills, displaying soft and strong hands. Many left the workout with the feeling Sims is a multi-scheme running back who can carry the load at the next level when he's focused.

In a bit of a surprise, Will Clarke was put through an extensive battery of linebacker drills by the Philadelphia Eagles. And though most have Clarke pegged as a defensive end, from all accounts he looked real good working out at the new position.

Hard-hitting defensive back Darwin Cook ran better than expected clocking 4.47s in the forty.

Early results from Vanderbilt has safety Kenny Ladler running in the mid 4.5s, a significant improvement from the high 4.6s he ran at the combine.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Thursday, March 20, 11:05 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

Fresno State
Much has already been written about Derek Carr's performance at Fresno State pro-day including my tweet in which one scout told me it was the best quarterback workout this week. That said, I'll try not to be redundant.

Carr's performance was just shy of brilliant. Talking with people, it was his ability to drive the ball downfield and accurately place passes which wowed teams on hand. Of the six incomplete passes, I'm told there were an equal amount of drops as there were "bad" throws. And some of those "bad" throws were more the legs of Davante Adams and Isaiah Burse giving way at the end of a long workout.

It should be noted Carr struggled with what seemed to be food poisoning in the early (4 a.m.) morning hours and was kept awake by incessant vomiting. A trainer was called to administer IVs so the quarterback could answer the call. While the Houston Texans and Cleveland Browns had limited presence at the practice (more on that later), there's no denying Carr will receive top-10 consideration.

Davante Adams' marks included 4.47s/4.48s in the forty, 37 inches in the vertical jump and 10-6 broad. He caught the ball unbelievably well, effortlessly making a number of deep receptions and showing he could run to the long ball.

Tight end Marcel Jensen timed between 4.77s and 4.83s in the forty, also posting a short shuttle mark of 4.45s. Jensen, who looks the part, ran good routes and caught the ball well. The big tight end met with the New England Patriots last night.

Tackle Austin Wentworth timed 5.06 in the forty, 4.54s in the short shuttle as well as completing 29 reps on the bench and 28.5 inches in the vertical jump. All good marks.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Thursday, March 20, 7:10 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

A pair of defensive players were the big winners at Stanford pro-day.

Defensive lineman Ben Gardner, who missed part of the season with a pectoral injury, had scouts wondering why he didn't receive a combine invitation. Gardner timed 4.83s/4.88s in the forty including a 10-yard split of 10.67s. His other marks included 4.23s in the short shuttle, 6.83s/6.78s three cone as well as a terrific mark of 39.5 inches in the vertical jump and 10-2 in the broad. During drills, Gardner practiced to those numbers, looking quick and fluid. There's no doubt he's jumped into the later part of the draft.

The other winner was safety Ed Reynolds. The junior timed 4.45s in the forty, 7.06s in the three cone and posted a vertical jump of 38 inches. He, like Gardner, also looked good in drills, easily moving around the field. Top 60 is not out of the question for Reynolds.

Tackle Cameron Fleming, whom I presently rank as a third-round pick, continues to impress. Fleming stood on most of his combine numbers, only participating in the vertical jump which he improved by three inches (25 inches). Just about everyone I spoke with were impressed with his position work. Fleming already had a private workout with the Cincinnati Bengals and is drawing heavy interest from the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers and Tennessee Titans.

David Yankey stood on his combine marks but looked much, much better in position drills. Unlike in Indianapolis, the junior guard looked fluid and athletic in all the drills. Ditto for Trent Murphy, whom I was told also looked good in position drills.

Defensive lineman Josh Mauro was slightly disappointing timing 5.15s in the forty, posting a 4.4s in the short shuttle and completing 29 reps on the bench. Mauro showed a little stiffness during drills.

Center/guard Khalil Wilkes timed 5.43s in the forty, while guard Kevin Danser clocked 5.32s.

There's a bit of concern over linebacker Shayne Skov, who cited shoulder and hamstring issues for sitting out today's workout. Skov did not participate in the Senior Bowl or work out at the combine (medical exclusion for left calf; no lift, jump, etc) and continues to push back his workout. There's feeling Skov just does not want to run for scouts and keeps pushing the workout date back. It was announced he will hold a workout on April 21.

Bethune Cookman
As posted on twitter, I was informed offensive lineman Terrance Hackney was not allowed by the program to participate in today's workout. That's a bummer for the New York Giants, as I was told they specifically went to watch Hackney. I'm told Hackney, who had been training at the API facility in Arizona, was in top shape and keen to display his skills after sitting on the sidelines with an academic suspension last season.

Otherwise, the Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars and Tampa Bay Bucs were on hand for the rest of the prospects.

Junior safety Nick Addison measured 6014/189lbs, timed 4.58s/4.62s in the forty, posted 34.5 inches in the vertical and looked fluid in drills.

Eddie Poole, the team's leading receiver, measured 6025/191lbs, timed 4.55/4.59 in the forty and posted a vertical jump of 35.5 inches.

Join Jon Dove and Tony Pauline this evening at 9PM EST for the podcast. Tonight: Red flags popping up on tight end Eric Ebron?

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2014 Pro Day Results: Thursday, March 20, 5:55 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

Fast times were run on a speedy track today as a number of players improved their draft stock, starting with defensive lineman Kony Ealy. His marks included 32 inches in the vertical jump, 10-1 broad and a forty time which ranged from 4.56s-to-4.63s. Ealy completed both linebacker and defensive line drills and looked really good. I'm told his athleticism stood out during linebacker drills as he quickly moved in every direction of the field and caught the ball well. As someone told me, it was a "productive day" for Ealy.

Not so much so for Michael Sam. The SEC Defensive Player of the Year started on the right foot with a fast forty which timed between 4.69-to-4.78, but tweaked his hamstring. He sat out the rest of testing but participated in position drills. Consensus is Sam looked stiff and not fluid in space, something which plagued him at the Senior Bowl. Moving toward the draft, it seems most have him pegged as a late-round DPR (designated pass rusher) which is what Sam does best.

Receiver L'Damian Washington had an impressive day. He timed anywhere from the high 4.3s to the mid 4.4s in the forty and showed that linear speed during position drills. Washington looked explosive off the line, easily tracked the pass in the air and adjusted well to catch errant throws. There's no doubt he left a positive impression on scouts. Washington had dinner with the New Orleans Saints last night.

Quarterback James Franklin looked athletic and threw the ball well. Franklin measured 6017/230lbs, then timed 4.63s in the forty. He threw about 50 passes, 60 percent from under center and the other 40 percent out of the shotgun formation, and except for a few deep-corner patterns, displayed solid accuracy throughout the workout.

Tackle Justin Britt looked relatively athletic during the workout. The offensive lineman measured 6057/317lbs and timed 5.07s in the forty with a 1.75s split. His other marks included 29.5 inches in the vertical jump, 9-3 broad and a 7.59 three cone. Britt is getting looks as a backup at both left and right tackle as well as guard.

Join Jon Dove and Tony Pauline this evening at 9PM EST for the podcast. Tonight: Red flags popping up on tight end Eric Ebron?

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2014 Pro Day Results: Thursday, March 20, 2:55 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

Missouri, Stanford and Fresno State headline today's workout schedule, with some results already trickling in.

Western Kentucky
The WKU pro-day took place on Wednesday in miserable conditions. It was cold and very windy. Running back Antonio Andrews improved on just about all his combine numbers timing the forty between 4.68s-to-4.73s, posting a 30-inch vertical jump and 9-1 broad. Andrews has an official visit set up with the Minnesota Vikings.

Linebacker Andrew Jackson ran in the mid 4.7s while safety Jonathan Dowling stood on his combine marks but looked good in position drills.

Underrated linebacker Xavius Boyd, whom many thought was a combine snub, posted forty times in the high 4.6/low 4.7 range and touched 32 inches on the vertical jump at 240 pounds. I'm told the New England Patriots will be working Boyd out next week while the San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders, Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears have all expressed interest in the linebacker.

Sam Houston
Sixteen teams showed up at the SHSU pro-day.

Running back Tim Flanders timed 4.70s/4.56s in the forty 4.31s in the short shuttle and 7.28s in the three cone.

Cornerback Bookie Snead posted a 4.75s/4.58s in the forty with a 4.55 short shuttle and 7.20 three cone.

Former TCU linebacker Brock Tanner, a one-time highly rated prospect before off-the-field issues derailed his career, timed 5.11s/4.87s in the forty, 4.38 in the short shuttle and 7.55s in the three cone after measuring 6023/237.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Wednesday, March 19, 5:25 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

Central Florida
Just about every team with a top-ten pick trudged to Orlando today to watch quarterback Blake Bortles, and the draft's potential top choice did not disappoint.

First, I'm told quarterback coach Jordan Palmer crafted what some are referring to as the "best quarterback pro-day ever." This is not to say Bortles workout was the best ever; rather Palmer choreographed realistic NFL scenarios on each pass and Bortles was required to make specific throws. Examples? "Corner blitz" and "Bull rushed guard" or "Two high." Bortles would then take off on the pattern required to make the pass and more times than not deliver the ball accurately.

As far as the workout itself, Bortles answered the questions scouts had on his ability. I'm told the ball jumped off his hand, and he showed a tremendous deep arm as he was able to drive throws down the field with velocity. His ability to accurately deliver the ball on the move was also impressive.

Three-quarters through the workout, most had seen enough including Houston Texans head coach Bill O'Brien as Bortles had answered the call. Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator Norv Turner openly said something to the effect, "great - this means he (Bortles) won't be available for us."

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2014 Pro Day Results: Wednesday, March 19, 4:40 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

Linebacker Trevor Reilly, who did not run at the combine due to a medical exclusion, timed the forty from the mid 4.6s to the mid 4.7s at pro-day. He posted a 30.5-inch vertical jump and 9-9 broad jump.

It was windy and cold at Lindenwood pro-day but the St Louis Rams, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs, Detroit Lions and Jacksonville Jaguars made the trip to watch cornerback Pierre Desir. The small-school corner ran the forty in similar times today in the poor conditions as he did at the combine (4.5s). His vertical jump of 38-inches was a three inch improvement. I'm told Desir looked much better in drills today compared to his performance from the combine, and a number of teams love the size and skill he brings to the table.

Miami of Ohio
Unheralded Austin Brown, a potential three-technique tackle at the next level, measured 6014/295 at pro-day, timed 4.97s in the forty as well as solid marks of 32 on the bench, 32 inches in the vertical jump and 9-0 in the broad.

I'm still awaiting results on cornerback Dayonne Nunley.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Wednesday, March 19, 4:25 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

Virginia Tech
There was a good crowd on hand at pro-day for Virginia Tech, including San Francisco 49er head coach Jim Harbaugh, Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly, and the team's defensive coordinator, Bill Davis.

Word from pro-day was maligned quarterback Logan Thomas looked terrific. Scouts on hand said Thomas has a wealth of talent and proved as much today. While there were a few poor throws, he was accurate for most of the workout and it was an improvement from his combine performance. Thomas seemed to struggle with his accuracy rolling to his right, as passes seemed to get away from him, but for the most part the reviews have been very positive. Unconfirmed reports have Harbaugh going to lunch with Thomas and his quarterback coach George Whitfield after the workout. Regardless of whether the report is true, I'm told Harbaugh showed a lot of interest in Thomas.

As initially posted on Twitter, receiver DJ Coles made a positive impression today. Coles was timed in the 4.4's by a number of teams. I'm told the Cleveland Browns had him at 4.48s/4.49s, while the Cincinnati Bengals had him at 4.43s/4.45s. Coles looked good in position drills, catching all but one pass which was marked down as a miscommunication between he and George Whitfield, who ran the passing drills for Thomas. Most importantly, Coles practiced to his timed speed and looked fast on the deep routes. I'm told the one-time highly rated receiver looks like a different player as he was not 100 percent last season off his prior knee injury. Based on his sophomore film of 2011, Coles showed big-time potential before injuries set in. If today is any indication, he'll be a steal as a free agent.

From the defensive side of the ball, James Gayle ran in the 4.6s and looked terrific in drills.

Cornerback Kyle Fuller stood on his combine numbers, but stood out in position drills, catching everything thrown to him. I'm told prior to the workout, Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Bill Davis made a point of introducing Fuller to the teams head coach, Chip Kelly.

I'm told defensive back Antone Exum had a decent day; didn't help or hurt himself. New York Jets secondary coach Dennis Thurman was quoted as saying Exum will be fine once healthy again. Thurman stated he's impressed by Exum's film.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Wednesday, March 19, 1:20 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

After Teddy Bridgewater's disappointing pro-day, Blake Bortles of Central Florida hopes to sieze the opportunity and strengthen his grip at the No. 1 quarterback on most draft boards around the league. The UCF pro-day take place today, and I'm told expect Bortles to throw around 2PMish EST.

Here's some housecleaning from yesterday.

The Cal pro-day was initially scheduled for today, but to avoid conflict with San Jose State, it was moved a day forward. There were no head coaches or general managers on hand, as its very unlikely Cal has a player taken during the initial 100 picks in May.

Tight end Richard Rodgers improved his forty times from the combine timing in the 4.8s. I'm told from several people Rodgers looked great during pass-catching drills.

Deandre Coleman, who did not run the forty at the combine, timed between 4.93s and 5.02s and also looked terrific in drills. The consensus is Coleman lands in round four with a slight chance he squeezes into the third frame.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Tuesday, March 18, 2:45 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

Fifteen teams were on hand for the Delaware pro-day, including defensive line coaches from the Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks to watch Zach Kerr. The big defensive tackle tipped the scales three pounds lighter than he did at the combine, coming in at 323 pounds. Kerr rested on his combine results but looked very good in position drills. As previously posted on twitter, Bryan Cox of the Atlanta Falcons will be working Kerr out tomorrow.

Running back Andrew Pierce, a free agent who'll be in camp this summer, measured 5090/202lbs, timed the forty in the mid 4.6s and topped 33 inches in the vertical jump.

Catching up on the Gators workout yesterday, the pouring rain and lack of an indoor facility made for miserable conditions at the Florida pro-day. A number of players resorted to running the forty barefoot, as the conditions were to slippery for shoes.

Despite running on skinned feet, receiver/return specialist Solomon Patton looked terrific. Sources at the workout told me he timed in the low 4.3s during the workout then looked great catching the ball, in shoes, of course. Patton ran good routes and caught the ball cleanly from former UF quarterback Chris Leak, the practice quarterback. Later in the day the Tampa Bay Bucs and Chicago Bears had Patton field punts. After a terrific Senior Bowl performance, Patton had a bit of a chip on his shoulder as he was not invited to the combine. Patton wanted to prove to scouts he belonged and he did exactly that yesterday.

Defensive back Jaylen Watkins stood on his forty time but participated in drills and looked good. He was sharp in his pedal and turn drills and caught the ball extremely well despite the driving rain.

The same cannot be said for Louchiez Purifoy, who had an all around miserable day. Purifoy timed in the mid-4.5s to low 4.6s, then looked awful in drills. I'm told on a number of occasions he had to restart specific drills as he struggled to take the direction of scouts. According to one scout, Purifoy looked stiff, and another onlooker mentioned he dropped more passes than he caught.

In between the two was Marcus Roberson, who ran slightly faster and looked better in drills compared to Purifoy, but was outclassed by Watkins.

Defensive tackle Damien Jacobs measured 6026/297lbs, timed 5.25s in the forty and touched 29 inches in the vertical jump.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Monday, March 17, 2:45 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

Sources from within the Louisville program told me they believe nerves crept in on Teddy Bridgewater today, which was a major factor in his disappointing performance. In the weeks leading up to pro-day, Bridgewater was hitting all the passes which were scripted during today's workout. Many are talking about Bridgewater's inaccuracy throwing on the move today, but my school source said it was never a real strength for the signal caller on Saturdays. The word leaving pro-day is "connecting the dots" (more on that later) Bridgewater ends up with the Oakland Raiders in round one.

Receiver Damian Copeland had a terrific workout. Copeland sat on his combine numbers but caught the ball well. Sources point to the crisp routes run by Copeland and the way he got vertical to grab a few errant throws.

Still waiting on the forty time for Preston Brown, but the linebacker did improve his vertical jump (34.5 inches) and bench press (26) marks from the combine. Brown met extensively today with Cleveland Browns general manager Ray Farmer and Indianapolis Colts general manager Ryan Grigson.

Too clarify our tweet from earlier, offensive tackle Morgan Moses ran one forty in times which ranged from 4.99s-to-5.08s, tweaking his hamstring during the run. Moses was shut down for the day and did not participate in position drills. Moses has five private workouts for teams over the next ten days.

I'm told little-known offensive lineman Luke Bowanko (center/guard) was a popular player at Virginia pro-day today. I've received no official numbers on Bowanko, but was told he looked good in position drills. I was also informed he met with the Miami Dolphins last night and has an official visit set up with the Minnesota Vikings.

Finally defensive lineman Brent Urban did not participate in the workout and has been walking around with a boot on his foot. The word I'm hearing, which has not been confirmed, is Urban may have a stress fracture in his foot besides the ankle issue which bothered him all last season.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Monday, March 17, 1:40 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

Rain, snow and overall miserable conditions on the East Coast have hampered a number of pro-days, and a number of programs do not have indoor facilities to hold the workout. The big name today is Teddy Bridgewater at the Louisville pro-day, and the early results are not good.

A number of head coaches and general managers with picks in the top half of the draft left the Louisville workout genuinely disappointed in the workout of Teddy Bridgewater. The quarterback ran the forty once, timing between 4.78s-to-4.81s. While the time is not a big deal, the fact Bridgewater lead many to believe he would run at the combine but did not, then ran just one forty today sends the wrong message.

Bridgewater's throwing workout left a lot to be desired as he was making his receivers work too hard to catch the ball in pitch and catch drills. They were leaving their feet in an attempt to grab wobbly passes which sailed overhead, and Bridgewater's accuracy left a lot to be desired. As posted on twitter, the message I received from the workout read: "Bortles was my #1 QB yesterday & is still my #1 QB today."

More on the Louisville pro-day as it comes in.

Wake Forest
I'm told the conditions at Wake Forest were less than optimum for pro-day, with the thermometer barely touching 30-degrees and light snow falling.

Nikita Whitlock, who lined up at nose tackle for the Demon Deacons, stole the show. He measured 5096/251lbs, touched 33 inches in the vertical jump, timed 4.74s in the forty, 6.90s in the three cone and 11.67 in the 60-yd shuttle. Whitlock also pushed up 43 reps on the bench. His arm length was an 1/8-inch under 32, so that number represents a terrific mark. Afterward Whitlock worked out at both outside linebacker and fullback drills. I'm told he looked terrific catching the ball. Take note; three running back coaches have inquired about Whitlock the past 10 days and tomorrow the New England Patriots will be working him out. Historically, the Pats have had huge success taking college defensive linemen who don't measure up size wise then moving them to other positions.

Defensive end Zach Thompson measured 6040/271lbs then timed 4.71s and 4.73s in the forty. The team's third defensive lineman, Kris Redding, measured 6040/261lbs, timed 5.00s in the forty, posted a vertical jump of 32.5-inches, broad of 9-6 and completed 26 reps on the bench.

Linebackers Mike Olson measured 6024/221lbs and timed 4.77s in the forty, while Justin Jackson completed 27 reps on the bench and jumped 39-inches in the vertical and 10-9 in the broad. Jackson, who's struggling with a strained hamstring, did not run the forty.

Wide out Michael Campanaro did not run the forty, and I'm told there were no receiver coaches in attendance to watch him.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Friday, March 14, 6:15 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

Just over 15 teams showed up for pro-day at BYU. Besides draft-eligible Cougars, players from a number of other programs (Dixie State) took part in the workout as did suspended linebacker Spencer Hadley.

Kyle Van Noy stood on his combine numbers and took part in position drills. The San Diego Chargers, who sat down with Van Noy yesterday for a film/chalkboard session, put the linebacker through his workout. People I spoke with were impressed and they've come away with the same feeling Van Noy gives on film; he's a scheme versatile linebacker who can play three downs.

Receiver Cody Hoffman timed the forty in the 4.6s, similar to his combine performance, but looked much better catching the ball than he did in Indianapolis.

I'm told tight end Kaneakua Friel also caught the ball well. Friel, who watched his production drastically drop off last season, timed in the 4.7s in the forty, and ran 7.5s in the three cone and 4.34s in the short shuttle. He also touched 34-inches in the vertical jump.

Former BYU signal caller Max Hall was the practice quarterback.

Oregon State
I'm still waiting for additional results but this is what I've been told thus far:

While Brandin Cooks is the receiver everyone went to watch, little-known Micah Hatfield impressed scouts with his testing and pass catching workout.

Hatfield, who weighs just under 190 pounds, posted a vertical jump of 38 inches, broad jump of 10-2 and completed 11 reps on the bench. He timed 4.41s in the forty and turned in an unofficial 6.38s in the three cone. I'm told Hatfield looked terrific catching the ball and at the very least secured himself a free agent contract in May.

Scott Crichton sat on his combine numbers, running only the 60-yd shuttle. He did both linebacker and defensive end drills, and I'm told he did a lot of linebacker drills. The Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts worked Crichton through the battery of linebacker drills and the 270-lb athlete looked exceptional, easily changing direction and effortlessly moving around the field. Follow Tony Pauline @TonyPauline.

2014 Pro Day Results: Thursday, March 13, 9:45 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

As has been reported on the Internet, running back De'Anthony Thomas improved his forty time from the combine, clocking in the mid-to-high 4.3s. I'm told Thomas looked terrific in ball carrying and pass-catching drills.

Receiver Josh Huff ran terrific routes after timing the forty in the mid 4.4s. In a draft full of receivers, scouts I spoke with fully expect Huff to be one of those guys who slips through the cracks, ends up under-drafted only to go on and have a splendid NFL career.

Taylor Hart really impressed scouts. Times on Hart vary, but as posted on Twitter, I'm hearing as fast as 4.78s in the forty on a number of watches. More impressively, Hart's ten split came in around 1.65s, a superlative number when compared to those who ran at the combine. Hart measured 6063/284lbs, posted a 30-inch vertical jump and completed 24 reps on the bench. He met individually with the San Francisco 49ers, Buffalo Bills, Arizona Cardinals and Indianapolis Colts afterward.

Little-known Avery Patterson, one of my favorite defensive backs, timed the forty in the mid 4.5s while the team's other unheralded defensive back, Brian Jackson, timed in the mid 4.6s. Jackson's other marks included 31-inch vertical jump, 10 feet in the broad and 14 reps on the bench.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Thursday, March 13, 5:20 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

It was a tremendous day for receiver Robert Herron. I'm told the times on stopwatches ranged from a slow of 4.33s to a fast of 4.24s and everything in between. If you've ever been to a pro-day, this sort of swing is not unusual. Herron kept the momentum in position drills and caught the ball well. He had one drop and struggled with another pass that would've been a difficult catch for any wide out. This definitely puts Herron back into the top 120 mix, possibly third-round area.

The reviews for quarterback Brett Smith were also positive. I was told he threw the ball better today than he did any time during the season. Smith was able to get the ball downfield though and showed surprising arm strength. It was pointed out he has to put a lot of effort into his downfield passes.

Defensive back Marqueston Huff stood on most of his combine numbers, but looked fluid and smooth in drills.

The Kansas City Chiefs, Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans and San Diego Chargers all had decision makers on hand.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Thursday, March 13, 4:40 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

Oklahoma State
The Cowboys' workout is over and results are starting to trickle in.

I'm told Justin Gilbert stood on most of his combine numbers but did run the three cone (6.96s). During drills he was very impressive, looking smooth and fluid. As I posted on twitter, sources told me Gilbert "looked the part" today.

One of the big surprises of the day was quarterback Clint Chelf. After running the forty in a time of 4.64s, Chelf was on the mark with all his passes, accurately placing them into the targets' hands. I'm told there was just one incompletion, though it was more a drop than errant throw.

Receiver Tracy Moore looked good as well. The wide out has dropped some weight since the end of the season and ran a solid 4.53s in the forty then looked terrific in pass catching drills. The word I heard most associated with Tracy Moore today was explosive.

Reliable was the word used to describe wide out Charlie Moore. The big possession receiver timed 4.65s in the forty while posting a vertical jump of 33-inches and broad of 10-2. Moore, an underrated pass catcher who would fit as a fifth wide out, caught the ball well.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Thursday, March 13, 1:35 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

Thursday's big pro-day takes place in Oregon where as many as eight draftable players will workout for scouts. I was informed defensive lineman Taylor Hart, who was struggling with a foot injury and did not workout at the combine, is planning on fully participating today.

Oklahoma State
Out at Oklahoma State, defensive tackle Calvin Barnett, the top non-combine prospect from the school, had his knee scoped and will not workout. I'm told Barnett will work out sometime in April.

Receiver Robert Herron, who ran a disappointing 4.50 at the combine, sped things up this morning. I'm receiving reports his times this morning have clocked in the low 4.3s to the high 4.2s. The word impressive has been used by a number of people.

Why so much fast? In a nutshell, it was Herron's start at the combine which doomed him in the forty. Looking at ten splits from Indianapolis, the fastest receivers (Brandin Cooks 1.54s, Odell Beckham 1.56s, Jon Brown 1.56s 10-yard splits) were better off the start than Herron (1.59s-to-1.63s). I'm told Herron made a concerted effort toimprove his start, and the results were apparent today.

Here's some housekeeping from yesterday.

Chidera Uzo-Diribe was the most impressive player during the workout. The college defensive end, who projects to linebacker at the next level, measured 6022/252lbs, touched 35 inches in the vertical jump and 10-1 in the broad. His forty times ranged in the mid-to-low 4.6s (4.64) with a 3-cone time of 7.10s. Uzo-Dribe also put up 21 repson the bench. He was put through a battery of defensive end and linebacker drills, and from all accounts looked terrific.

Receiver Paul Richardson looked tremendous in pass-catching drills. Besides catching everything thrown in his direction, Richardson showed tremendous speed and burst, running to a deep throw and catching the long pass.

Also taking part in the workout was one-time highly rated linebacker Doug Rippy. Stamped as a potential mid-round choice entering his senior season of 2012, Rippy struggled recovering from a serious knee injury which occurred midway through his junior season of 2011 and was never the same. He went undrafted in 2013 and struggled to run under 4.9 seconds yesterday.

Boston College
Defensive lineman Kaleb Ramsey, a sixth-year senior who struggled his latter years at Boston College with multiple injuries, did not workout for scouts yesterday. Ramsey, a combine invitee, only lifted in Indianapolis (completing 36 reps) as he was sidelined with a tear in his calf muscle. The injury, which happened just a few weeks before the combine, has not healed. I'm told no date has yet been set up for Ramsey to workout prior to the draft.

Eastern Washington
Just two teams, the San Diego Chargers and Seattle Seahawks, showed up for the EWU workout.

Defensive end Anthony Larry, who totaled 61 tackles and 5.5 sacks last season, measured 6022/251lbs (15 more than his playing weight), timed 4.74s in the forty, 4.27s in the short shuttle, 7.23 in the cone and completed 15 reps on the bench. Larry could be the most underrated defensive prospect in the nation. He looked like a terror on the field as a sophomore in 2011 then was ruled academically ineligible the following year. He made it back in time to take part in the 2013 season, yet was never graded by any scouting concern. On film, he's a natural pass rusher with terrific physical skills. Larry's a fluid athlete who shows ability playing in space, which give him an advantage in camp this summer.

Cornerback TJ Leee III ran in the 4.6s but was only 85 percent after suffering a severe hamstring injury in training.

Finally, coaches told me even though the pro-day results for defensive tackle Andru Pulu were nothing special, they are excited about his next-level potential. Pulu's play fell off last year, with a bone spurin his ankle being the primary cause. Pulu was held out of practice and on occasion just played in the fourth quarter of games to save his ankle. Teams are excited about his next-level potential as a three-technique tackle.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Wednesday, March 12, 4:15 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

Timing at USC is just finishing, and from what I'm hearing, the results for Xavier Grimble are not good, as the tight end struggled to get under 4.95 seconds.

The news from Alabama was offensive tackle Cyrus Kouandjio initially telling scouts he would not participate in pro-day or try and better his combine numbers which, to put it mildly, were not good. I'm told eventually Kouandjio did some position work and looked reasonably fluid.

Receiver Kevin Norwood, who was good at the Senior Bowl than better at the combine, turned in impressive performance. Norwood looked natural catching the ball and made a number of outstanding receptions. There's no doubt he's moved into the early part of the draft's final day.

The passing workout of A.J. McCarron would be classified as solid. It seemed McCarron was making a concerted effort to put speed on his throws, and while he was mostly accurate, a few throws went astray.

Depending on whose watch you believe, linebacker C.J. Mosely timed anywhere from the high 4.6s (4.69) to the low 4.7s. I'm told he really looked good in position drills.

Colorado State
Tight end Crockett Gillmore, who's been moving up draft boards, had a swift start to the day timing 4.78s in the forty. Unfortunately for Crockett, that was the end of his pro-day as he pulled/hurt his hamstring during the run. Crockett is a massive player, measuring 6057/260lbs at the combine. He projects as a third tight end at the next level and some feel he will eventually grow into an offensive tackle.

Linebacker Shaquil Barrett was also swift at pro-day. Measuring 6013/251lbs, Barrett timed 4.72s and 4.76s in the forty, 6.90 in the 3 cone and 4.40 seconds in the short shuttle. He completed 16 reps on the bench and touched 29-inches in the vertical jump.

I'm told overall it was a non-descript day for running back Kapri Bibbs, who re-ran the forty and timed everywhere from the high 4.5s (4.56) through the low 4.6s.

Finally, Northern Colorado linebacker Clarence Bumpas participated in the workout, measuring 6015/250lbs, timing 4.8s in the forty and completing 19 reps on the bench.

The Sooner pro-day does not have the luster this year as it has in the past as the team may only have a single top-100 choice, receiver Jalen Saunders.

The senior wide out chose to sit on his combine numbers and ran only the short shuttle, which he did not in Indianapolis, timing 4.42 seconds.

Other participants included Saunders' counterpart at receiver, Jaz Reynolds, who timed 4.57s in the forty, touched 35-inches in the vertical and reached 10-5 in the broad. Reynolds is an interesting case. After a brilliant 2011 campaign, Reynolds was ruled ineligible the following season. Entering the year, scouts stamped him as a middle-round pick, but Reynolds was literally a non-factor in 2013.

As posted earlier, linebacker Corey Nelson, who missed half the season with a pectoral injury then was denied another season of eligibility, took part in the workout and did reasonably well. Nelson measured 6003/231lbs, completed 23 reps on the bench then ran 4.64s in the forty. His other marks include a vertical jump of 33-inches, broad mark of 9-9 and short shuttle which timed 4.45s.

Underrated safety Gabe Lynn impressed scouts. Lynn measured 6002/206lbs, bigger than expected. His other marks included 4.56s in the forty and 33-inches in the vertical jump.

Also of note was often-forgotten running back Roy Finch. The small ball carrier (5063/177lbs) timed 4.43s in the forty and 4.25s in the short shuttle. Finch looked like a legitimate NFL prospect as a sophomore when he rushed for 605 yards before getting lost in the shuffle of the Sooners' talented backfield.

Two players stood out at Harvard pro-day. Tight end Cameron Brate timed 4.74s in the forty, completed 24 reps on the bench and 7.00s in the three cone. Brate looked fluid and natural catching the ball, but his job was made easier by the quarterback.

Merrimack signal caller Joe Clancy, who threw for more than 4100-yards with 48 touchdowns in 2014, showed off his form and impressed scouts. By all accounts Clancy, who measured 6021/219lbs, was accurate and showed terrific pass placement.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Wednesday, March 12, 12:50 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

New Haven
Receiver Brandon Coleman stood on his combine numbers and was planning on taking part in the position drills.

The workout is still in progress, but early numbers has receiver turned safety Jeremy Deering looking good in the early going. Deering timed 4.38s in the forty and 6.78s in the 3 cone and 4.45s in the short shuttle. Deering is known for his athleticism, but has yet to establish himself at any one position.

Defensive end Marcus Thompson, who projects to outside linebacker in the NFL, ran 4.6s at 260 pounds and completed 27 reps on the bench. His short shuttle time clocked 4.35s.

Outside linebacker Jamal Merrell timed 4.67s in the forty, 7.25 in the three cone and 4.72s in the short shuttle. Receiver Quron Pratt timed 4.49s in the forty, 6.75s in the 3 cone and 4.50s in the short shuttle.

New Haven
Tight end Mike Flacco, brother to Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, worked out for 13 teams yesterday and looked solid. He measured 6046/252lbs, timed 4.69s in the forty, 4.25s in the short shuttle and 7s in the three cone. Flacco pushed up 17 reps on the bench and 9-7 broad jump.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Wednesday, March 12, 12:00 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

While free agency will continue to grab the headlines today, there are still a number of important pro-days on the schedule including Oklahoma, USC and Rutgers. First, some final notes on yesterday.

Looking for a sleeper at tight end? Keep the name Mike McLafferty in mind, a tight end who did well in all areas of the position. McLafferty measured 6043/252lbs and timed in the high 4.6s/low 4.7s, much faster than anticipated.

The swiftest player on the field was cornerback Teverin Brandon, a UConn transfer. Brandon measured just under 5-10/180lbs, then ran 4.34s official in the forty.

One interesting note, Oakland Raiders director of college scouting was on hand to view offensive lineman Mike Hunchak.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Tuesday, March 11, 1:20 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

Despite no member of the Temple Owls receiving a combine invite, the team has at least a half dozen players who'll be in camp this summer.

Former tight end turned left tackle Cody Booth, who projects to guard in the NFL, measured 6041/295lbs, completed 21 reps on the bench press and posted a 29-inch vertical jump as well as a 9-4 broad jump. His times included 5.17s in the forty, 4.33s in the short shuttle and 7.15s 3-cone.

Levi Brown, who was highly rated by scouts entering the season, measured 6021/310lbs, completed 33 reps on the bench press, 28.5-inches in the vertical jump and 9-4 in the broad. He was clocked at 5.18s in the forty and 7.43s in the board.

Defensive tackle Kamal Johnson tipped the scale at 305-pounds and completed 29 reps.

Other marks of note include defensive back Abdul Smith, a bit of a sleeper who lined up at both corner and safety, touching 29-inches in the vertical jump and completing 27 reps on the bench.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Tuesday, March 11, 1:20 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

While everyone focuses on free agency today, the pro-day workouts move forward with a heavy day on the schedule. The workout at UConn is just finishing up, and here's what I can tell you.

Defensive lineman Shamar Stephen, who hurt his hamstring during the combine, completed position drills and stood on his numbers from the combine. The Detroit Lions ran the workout for Stephen, which is interesting.

Even more surprising is the fact I'm told linebacker Yawin Smallwood did not run but participated in position drills. Smallwood, whom I'm told has been struggling with a bad hamstring for more than a month, ran just one forty at the combine, timing an official 5.01s electronically and a hand-timed best of 4.99s. I've not been informed if Smallwood plans on trying to run before the draft.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Monday, March 10, 3:45 p.m.
By Tony Pauline,

Sixteen teams were on hand for the pro-day at Brown, but the star was a receiver from Bryant named Jordan Harris. The wide out, who totaled 64 receptions for 1031 yards and five scores last season, measured 6' 0.5'' and 214lbs entering the season. Today he timed 4.52s/4.53s in the forty, 4.22s in the shuttle and 7.08s in the 3-cone. His other marks included 35-inches in the vertical jump.

Brown junior ball carrier John Spooney did well in testing, timing 4.44s/4.45s in the forty after completing 24 reps on the bench. I'm told is struggled in position drills and completing some of the shuttle runs.

More than a dozen teams showed up for Troy pro-day. Eric Thomas, a sleeper of sorts at the receiver position, measured just over 6-feet/216lbs and timed in the mid 4.5's (4.53s) in the forty. Other marks included 37-inches in the vertical, 10-3 broad and just under 7-seconds in the three cone.

At the combine I discussed Thomas with a scout from the St. Louis Rams, who told me while he liked the senior's pass-catching skills, he wasn't sure he had the speed or quickness to separate at the next level. Today's numbers should give pause to that opinion.

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March 4 : Alabama State, Auburn, Buffalo, Northwestern, Purdue, Slippery Rock
March 5: Arkansas, Central Michigan, Fordham, Miami of Ohio, Mississippi State, New Mexico State, Northern Arizona, Texas A&M, Wisconsin
March 6: Alcorn State, Arizona, Cincinnati, Clemson, Illinois, Jackson State, Missouri, Nebraska, TCU
March 7: Arizona State, Arkansas State, Northern Illinois, Ohio State, Prairie View A&M, Savannah State, South Alabama, Southern Miss, Wofford
March 10: Brown, Louisiana Tech, Northern Colorado, South Florida, Toledo, Troy, Urbana
March 11: Bryant, Connecticut, Jacksonville State, Kansas State, Michigan State, Monmouth (NJ), Temple, Tulsa, Whittier
March 12: Alabama, Boston College, Colorado, Colorado State, Eastern Washington, Marshall, Michigan, Nevada, Oklahoma, Rutgers, South Dakota, USC
March 13: Emporia State, Idaho, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma State, Oregon, Samford, UNLV, Washington State, Western Michigan
March 14: BYU, Cal Poly, Eastern Kentucky, Kansas, Kentucky, North Alabama, Oregon State, Texas Tech
March 15: Appalachian State, Boise State, Florida, Houston, Lane College, Louisville, Memphis, Valdosta State, Virginia, Wake Forest
March 18: California, Delaware, Florida State, Montana State, Murray State, Old Dominion, Pittsburg State, Sam Houston State, Southern Illinois, Tarleton State, UC Davis, William & Mary

March 19: Baylor, Central Florida, Lindenwood, Missouri State, San Jose State, Utah, Virginia Tech, Youngstown State
March 20: Bethune-Cookman, California (PA), Fresno State, Hawaii, Kent State, Middle Tennessee State, Notre Dame, San Diego State, Stanford, Tennessee State
March 21: Akron, Austin Peay, Missouri Western, Stony Brook, Vanderbilt, West Virginia
March 24: Iowa, Maine, Midwestern State, N.C. State
March 25: Incarnate Word, Iowa State, Massachusetts, North Carolina, North Carolina A&T, Texas-San Antonio
March 26: Duke, Indiana, Louisana-Monroe, Texas, Texas State
March 27: Ball State, East Carolina, Georgia Southern, Northern Iowa, Yale
March 28: Georgia State, Georgia Tech, SMU
March 31: Texas A&M-Kingsville
April 1: Chattanooga, Jacksonville, Utah State
April 2: Carson Newman, North Texas, South Carolina, Tennessee
April 3: Florida International, Miami
April 4: Florida Atlantic
April 7: Louisiana-Lafayette, McNeese State, Morgan State, Towson
April 8: Maryland, Penn State
April 9: LSU, Southern
April 10: Bloomsburg, Nicholls State , Southeast Louisiana
April 11: Tulane
April 16: Georgia

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