Matt McGuire's 2008 College Football All-Overhyped Team

Matt McGuire's 2008 All-Overhyped Team.
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Posted Sept. 26

Every year, tons of players are overhyped going into the NFL Draft. Matt McGuire presents his 2008 All-Overhyped Team.

QB: Tim Tebow, Florida

Second year in a row Tim Tebow gets on my All-Overhyped team. If Andre' Woodson is going to fall to the sixth round simply because of a bad release, Tebow is going undrafted. Otherwise, there's a huge bias. I've never been impressed with Tebow's touch, footwork or ability to audible the pass protection (which he never does).

RB: Javon Ringer, Michigan State

He's been very productive this year, but don't mistake him for a Felix Jones-type scat back. He has average speed and he's small. Javon Ringer is a slightly more athletic Mike Hart.

WR: Demetrius Byrd, LSU

He's not nearly on the same playing field as Early Doucet or Dwayne Bowe. He has average size and doesn't have long speed. I will say he has reliable hands, but he's not the second-round prospect people are making him out to be.

TE: Travis Beckum, Wisconsin

Travis Beckum makes the All-Overhyped team at tight end, simply because I don't even consider him a tight end. Until you get up to 235 pounds, you're a wide receiver in my book. If Darren McFadden takes a direct snap, he's not a quarterback. Same thing with Beckum. Just because he lines up as a tight end doesn't make him one Bulk up, Beckum.

OT: Phillip Loadholt, Oklahoma

Phillip Loadholt is a penalty-prone waist-bender. He's not a left tackle prospect in the NFL at all because he doesn't have the footwork. I think he can project eventually as a starter on the right side, but his skills need to be developed.

G: Herman Johnson, Louisiana State

OK, let me make this clear. It's hard to find an overhyped guard (how many guards are hyped?). I'm just saying Johnson doesn't live up to his talent level. He could be a top 15 pick if he wanted, but he doesn't have the motor I'm looking for. In the end though, I'd be surprised if he didn't go in the second round.

C: Max Unger, Oregon

Before the season, Max Unger was a popular first-round choice in many mock drafts, but never one in mine. He has sluggish hips and doesn't play low enough for my liking at center. I do like his versatility.

DE: Auston English, Oklahoma

You have to be joking if you're going to put him in the first round of your mock. He's got some talent, but he's small and not very athletic. He reminds me way too much of former second-round pick Dan Cody.

DT: Fili Moala, USC

It's pretty rare to not find Fili Moala in the first round of a mock draft. But before the season I declared Moala the most overrated player in the country, and that still stands. Check out my scouting report on him. Against Oregon State, he was pathetic. He's not a very tough player and he's not very physical. I'm starting to wonder what scheme he can play in since I'm reconsidering if he is a five technique.

DE/OLB: Antwain Robinson, Arkansas

On tape, I just didn't see the pass-rushing moves out of Antwain Robinson that I would like out of a rush linebacker. He's been hyped because he can run a 4.6 40, but he needs to step up.

OLB: Clint Sintim, Virginia

Clint Sintim lacks the speed to play SAM in the pros in the 4-3. I like him as a rush linebacker, but he has a long way to go before being projected as an NFL starter in the 3-4.

ILB: Scott McKillop, Pittsburgh

Scott McKillop is Outstanding statistically with his tackle numbers, but he can't run and bites too easily on play action.

CB: Mike Mickens, Cincinnati

He's a beast in terms of his ball skills, but I don't see what I want in terms of run support. He needs to be a better open-field tackler and show more awareness in zone coverage.

S: Kam Chancellor, Virginia Tech

Kam Chancellor is good in the box supporting the run ,clogging running lanes and taking away big runs, but he simply doesn't eliminate the space I want to see in pass coverage. The awareness isn't there to play free safety.

Missing Include

Here's a review of Matt's 2007 All-Overhyped Team.

QB: Tim Tebow, Florida

I still view Tim Tebow as an overrated player in a scheme that masks his weaknesses and emphasizes his strengths. Last time I checked, Alex Smith wasn't doing too hot. Tebow needs to continue to improve his footwork, release and general football I.Q.

RB: James Davis, Clemson

C.J. Spiller was the more impressive player last season; Davis was still very productive despite a below average offensive line. I still don't see him as a top three-round prospect, but he did prove me wrong last year.

WR: Dorien Bryant, Purdue

Undrafted. He had great speed, but he simply lacked the size and hands to be a draftable prospect. Great call here as many put him in the second round of their preliminary 2008 mocks.

TE: Martellus Bennett, Texas A&M

He snuck into the second round, but many weren't high on Martellus Bennett because of his lack of production.

OT: Ryan Clady, Boise State

Ouch. Dead wrong on Clady. Admittedly, I said time and again after last season he was the best left tackle prospect in the 2008 NFL Draft.

G: Adam Kraus, Michigan

Undrafted prospect. It was hard to find an overhyped guard in the 2008 class last summer, but I would have been money if I had put my money on Jordan Grimes. He went from first-rounder in August to unheard of throughout the draft process.

C: John Sullivan, Notre Dame

Drafted by the Vikings in the sixth round. He was the "consensus" top center prospect preseason, so I'm happy with this projection.

DE: Chase Ortiz, TCU

Chase Ortiz really fell off the map. He was a second- or third-round projection in August, yet another undraftee.

DT: B.J. Raji, Boston College

B.J. Raji was declared academically ineligible for the 2007 season.

OLB: Shawn Crable, Michigan

Shawn Crable had a very impressive senior season and was picked in the third round by the Patriots. Will he be the next Pierre Woods?

ILB: Rashad Bobino, Texas

Anemic junior season... eight less tackles than as a sophomore. Great call here.

CB: Jonathan Zenon, LSU

Undrafted prospect that struggled with speed all year long, save for the National Championship.

S: Tom Zbikowski, Notre Dame

Tom Zbikowski rose up draft boards late and landed with the Ravens in the third round. How this happened, I have no idea.

Here's a review of Matt's 2007 All-Underrated Team

QB: Matt Ryan, Boston College

No. 3 overall pick, yet wasn't in the discussion for most top five preseason quarterbacks.

RB: Tashard Choice, Georgia Tech

I still think Tashard Choice was underrated, yet he fell to the Cowboys in the fourth round.

FB: Jehuu Caulcrick, Michigan State

Jehuu Caulcrick averaged 5.5 yards per carry as a freshman and sophomore; 3.9 as a junior and senior. What the heck happened?

WR: Marcus Monk, Arkansas

Couldn't stay healthy as a senior and was a seventh-round pick. Recently cut by Chicago.

TE: Martin Rucker, Missouri

The Browns traded up in the fourth round as an insurance policy for Kellen Winslow Jr.

OT: Dace Richardson, Iowa

Dace Richardson suffered a bad knee injury last season, but still has immense talent.

G: Herman Johnson, LSU

Looks like one of the top two guard prospects for the 2009 NFL Draft; I had a second-round projection for him if he declared for the 2008 NFL Draft.

C: Doug Legursky, Marshall

Again, how many underrated centers are out there?

DE: Phillip Merling, Clemson

If it wasn't for the sports hernia, he likely would have gone in the top 20.

DT: Myron Pryor, Kentucky

Myron Pryor had a disappointing junior season with .5 TFL and zero sacks.

OLB: Tyrone McKenzie, South Florida

Outstanding call; Tyrone McKenzie could be the first outside linebacker off the board in the 2009 NFL Draft.

ILB: Jeremy Leman, Illinois

High production, but the athleticism simply wasn't there.

CB: Dwight Lowery, San Jose State

Dwight Lowery didn't live up to junior season hype, yet the Jets were high enough on him to invest a fourth-round pick. He looks outstanding so far and he has been a play-maker.

S: Jamario O'Neal, Ohio State

Viewed as a late-round 2009 NFL Draft prospect; bad call.

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