Random Mailbag

These are random/interesting e-mails or Facebook posts I've received. The e-mails are italicized and left mostly unedited. My responses follow them.

1/25/10: Another Weekend of Hatemail

  • From P.Diddy (sent on MLK Day):


    --> Black 19? That's racist! And to send this on MLK Day... you should be ashamed.

  • From Sal J.:

    Now what? Can't wait to hear the excuses on why you lost this one... you stink bro. You shouldn't be so cocky when you're this bad.

    --> Congrats on your +3.8-unit day! I was a little worried about Penn State when they went into overtime and went down by seven right away, but they held on for the cover. Still, as a PSU fan, I'm frustrated that they couldn't hold on for the straight-up victory. They were up by 15. Ugh. This team will never be good.

    Thanks, and congrats again.

  • From Sal J. (Again):

    What the hell does the PSU game have to do with you blowing another NFL game?

    --> Penn State +13 was a 3-unit play. So was Mavericks -3.5.

  • From Sal J. (Yet Again):

    You won two bball games...great!!!!!! Overall you stink at those as well.

    --> Agreed. I'm only up $1,600 in three weeks of college basketball. If I didn't stink at that, I'd be up like $50,000. You're right - I should just give up and hang myself.

    See you in the afterlife.

  • From Andrew C.:

    I decided, after getting posted as the first hate mail of 2010, I'd give it a rest this weekend after yet another horrid performance, figuring that you'll prolly get enough hate mail anyway.

    I just logged on to read the inevitable hate messages that I'm sure flood your inbox, and in response to one of them u claim to have a 340% ROI (return on investment) because you are up $3,400 on $100 bets. At first I thought you were just running into bad luck lately, but this proves you are a complete moron/failure in all phases of life; not just picking winners. Return on investment is calculated with the following formula (should have learned this in a high school math class):

    Payback-investment / original investment

    Now im not gonna take the time to go through your picks and see how much you had to invest to get to +$3,400 but what you are claiming to have done by saying you have a 340% ROI is that you've won $3,400 on EVERY $100 YOU BET. Once again, ill say it. You are a blowhard and a complete JACKA**.

    --> Thanks for the compliments. I take pride in being a blowhard and a complete jacka**. It takes a lot of hard work, but it pays off in the end.

    Yeah, I added on an extra zero to make it look cool (actually it was 4 AM when I replied to that e-mail so my blowhard-jackass brain wasn't working at 100 percent). My original investment was $100, so $3400/$100 is 34%. Whoops.

  • From Stephen B. (Via Facebook):

    I ain't betting no more of my money on your loser picks! Can I get on your hate mail for this? lol.

    From Steven P. (Via Facebook):

    hehehe stephen is so funny. fa**ot.

    From Stephen B. (Via Facebook):

    At least he ain't a douche.

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