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Random Mailbag

These are random/interesting e-mails or Facebook posts I've received. The e-mails are italicized and left mostly unedited. My responses follow them.

12/29/09: Hate Mail

  • From Facebook:

    your a loser and your picks suck c**k just like you

    --> Thanks! I hear from my cousin that male porn is a great way to make money, so I appreciate you saying that my picks make money. If everything holds up, I'll be 7-4-1 on the day.

  • From Eryn M.:

    Nice picks yet again you idiot. Stick to college....oh wait, you suck at that even more....dips**t.

    --> Thanks for the e-mail. I appreciate it!

    Yeah, currently 7-5-1 if everything currently stands. Not my best week, but not terrible either. Thanks for the compliments!

  • From Eryn M. (Again):

    Obviously your an many units have you lost yet again? Nice pick on Jacksonville with 4 units and Denver with 5 units.

    --> Jacksonville was a misread on my part, but it's a good thing the Broncos are covering the spread at the moment. Thanks for the compliment!

    In all seriousness, if you're going to judge someone on one or two weeks, then perhaps you shouldn't be gambling. It's impossible to win every week. You can follow anyone you want, but if you keep reacting like this, you're just going to frustrate yourself all the time.

  • From Alex S.:

    Remember when you were a good handicapper?

    --> Yeah, still being up more than $5,000 on the year is horrible. I'm ashamed of myself.


  • From Nate P.:

    I am fed up with all this "QB Dog Killer" BS.

    What did he ever do to deserve that name? Sure he's killed dogs, but I don't recall him every really playing quarterback. You should be ashamed.

    --> Only one word can sum up that e-mail:


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