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Random Mailbag

These are random/interesting e-mails or Facebook posts I've received. The e-mails are italicized and left mostly unedited. My responses follow them.

11/21/09: Vikings, Jerks Entry, Marriage Talk

  • From Eric E.:

    How excited do you think Brad Childress was when he used Jeff Dugan against the Lions? I thought he peed his pants. I can hear him talking to Favre. "Ok Brett. On this 4th down, we are going to surprise them and use Jeff Dugan, instead of Adrian Peterson. That will fool them"

    Favre says "Ok. You might lose your job though."

    Childress says "How? I will have fooled them. Do you get fired for being the coach who outsmarts the Lions?"

    On another note, you should have a new thing on your website where it's like the emails of the day or week. Just an idea.

    --> Good idea. And I completely believe this conversation went down.

    In fact, when Childress peed his pants, Favre probably splashed himself with water and exclaimed, "Of course I peed my pants, everyone my age pees their pants. It's the coolest. You ain't cool, unless you pee your pants."

  • From Vincent G.:

    Yeah, you make fun of Emmitt, but that's too obvious. I'll give you a hint:

    If you haven't already, look up a Percy Harvin audio interview and count the number of times he says "uh." It's amazing. He doesn't even change it up with "um" or "er" or even "uhhhh..." Just a short, succinct "uh."

    In fact, if you want to read more into this, Harvin talks at the exact same hot-dog-wrapper-in-the-wind pace at which Emmitt was famous for running, and Emmitt talks in a continuous style like Harvin runs. Just imagine all the uhs that newspaper reporters had to cut out just to make his comments safe for print.

    Seriously, as a UF student, I can understand the whole curse-of-the-skill-position players thing, but why do all of the ex-UF guys who actually make it have to have so much trouble with English? Harvin isn't even a Florida native!

    --> It's a fact that 97 percent of University of Florida graduates can't speak proper English. If you don't believe me, check out this YouTube Video: Go Gata!

  • From Awesome Kelly in Arizona:

    My friend Brandi wants to be in Jerks of the Week. She said: "Tell him I punk'd an old lady in the Walmart parking lot and told her I would shank her if she didn't get her Buick out of the way."

    --> Though that would be entertaining to see, you'll have to do a bit more to qualify for Jerks of the Week.

    Oh, and for legality purposes, is not liable for any old ladies who may or may not get shanked in any parking lots or in any other venue.

  • From Zach V. (via Facebook):

    Walter, when we gonna get some college bball picks?

    --> As soon as the NFL regular season is over, I promise that I'll post some crappy college basketball picks so that we can all lose more money!

  • From Wanita Efua:

    Hello, am a young single girl never married seeking true love for a long term relationship with marriage potentials,i am happy to contact you after going through your profile which got my interest! i -will love us to be good friends or a lot more,you can contact me through mail so that i will send you my photos,till i hear from you,bye and kisses!

    --> Whoa, whoa, whoa... we didn't even have our first e-mail exchange and this Wanita Efua chick is already talking about marriage? I think I will just stay "good friends" with this one.

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