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2014 NFL Free Agent Tracker: Quarterbacks

NFL Free Agent Tracker:
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2014 NFL Free Agent Tracker: Star rating is out of five. Age listing as of Sept. 1, 2014.
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  1. Josh McCown, QB, Bears. Age: 35.
    Signed with Buccaneers (2 years)

    Josh McCown credited Kurt Warner for his improved play. Perhaps Warner should be an NFL coach because McCown was prolific when starting in place of Jay Cutler, completing 66.5 percent of his passes and maintaining a 13-to-1 touchdown-to-interception ratio on an 8.2 YPA.

  2. QB Eagles No. 7, QB, Eagles. Age: 34.
    Signed with Jets (1 year, $5 million)

    QBDK is a turnover machine incapable of reading defenses or recognizing blitzes. He still has some athletic ability, but that's diminishing every single season.

  3. Matt Cassel, QB, Vikings. Age: 32.
    Re-signed with Vikings (2 years, $10 million)

    Matt Cassel had some solid performances down the stretch - his 26-of-35, 382-yard outing in a win over the Eagles in particular - but he's nothing more than a strong backup. If a team has plans for him to be its starter next year, it'll be making a big mistake.

  4. Josh Freeman, QB, Vikings. Age: 26.
    Signed with Giants

    Josh Freeman can be a decent starting quarterback if he ever gets his act clean up and is once again paired with a quarterback guru (like he was with Greg Olson). Unfortunately, Freeman is just a project right now.

  5. Shaun Hill, QB, Lions. Age: 34.
    Signed with Rams

    Shaun Hill is one of the top backup quarterbacks in the NFL, but he just turned 34.

  6. Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB, Titans. Age: 32.
    Signed with Texans (2 years)

    It's strange that the Titans cut Ryan Fitzpatrick when he was much better than Charlie Whitehurst, the new backup they just signed. Fitzpatrick handled himself well this past season, throwing 14 touchdowns to 12 interceptions while completing 62 percent of his passes.

  7. Mark Sanchez, QB, Jets. Age: 27.
    Signed with Eagles

    Mark Sanchez is a 1.5-star player, but I'm giving him a write-up because he's a big name. Sanchez, of course, is a former top-five pick in the NFL Draft, but he's not a starting-caliber quarterback; nor is he a capable backup. Sanchez, who happens to be coming off shoulder surgery, is a turnover machine. He's also never maintained a completion percentage higher than 56.7 or a YPA greater than 6.7. Some will incorrectly praise him for leading the Jets to a pair of AFC Championships in his first two seasons, but it was his defense that carried him there. Sanchez has since lost his confidence and endured a shoulder injury, so he's not even the mediocre quarterback that we saw back in 2009 and 2010.

  8. Chad Henne, QB, Jaguars. Age: 29. -- Re-signed with Jaguars (2 years)
  9. Tarvaris Jackson, QB, Seahawks. Age: 31. -- Re-signed with Seahawks
  10. Luke McCown, QB, Saints. Age: 33. -- Re-signed with Saints (1 year)
  11. Jason Campbell, QB, Browns. Age: 32. -- Signed with Bengals (1 year)
  12. Kevin Kolb, QB, Bills. Age: 30.
  13. Kellen Clemens, QB, Rams. Age: 31. -- Signed with Chargers
  14. Matt Flynn, QB, Packers. Age: 29. -- Re-signed with Packers
  15. Rex Grossman, QB, Redskins. Age: 34.
  16. Colt McCoy, QB, 49ers. Age: 27. -- Signed with Redskins
  17. Joe Webb, QB/WR, Vikings. Age: 27. -- Signed with Panthers
  18. Dan Orlovsky, QB, Buccaneers. Age: 31. -- Signed with Lions (1 year)
  19. Derek Anderson, QB, Panthers. Age: 31. -- Re-signed with Panthers
  20. Charlie Whitehurst, QB, Chargers. Age: 32. -- Signed with Titans (2 years, $8 million)
  21. Jimmy Clausen, QB, Panthers. Age: 26.
  22. Brandon Weeden, QB, Browns. Age: 30. -- Signed with Cowboys (2 years)
  23. Zac Robinson (RFA), QB, Bengals. Age: 27.
  24. Curtis Painter, QB, Giants. Age: 29. -- Re-signed with Giants
  25. Jordan Palmer, QB, Bears. Age: 30. -- Re-signed with Bears (1 year)
  26. Seneca "The Backdoor Bandit" Wallace, QB, Packers. Age: 34.
  27. Jon Kitna, QB, Cowboys. Age: 41.

NFL Free Agent Tracker:
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