NFL Draft: Scout's Notebook

This is NFL Draft Scout's Notebook, where Matt McGuire will list the notes he took while scouting players for the 2011 NFL Draft, 2012 NFL Draft and beyond.
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Posted July 23, 2010

Ryan Mallett vs. East Carolina

Couple of nice throws from Mallett in 1st QTR on the same play, consecutively, but nothing worth really notating.

1st 9:50 (4th down) - Shotgun, 3-step drop ... too much back leg kick on follow through and needs to be more balanced in motion ... Ball tends to flutter ... Puts bad touch on football ... Difficult to tell intended receiver on this play.

2nd 6:56 - Poor footwork on PA, pistol-form ... Steps are very choppy and ineffecient ... Heavy footed and not particularly athletic ... Ball doesn't come out very sharp with average touch.

2nd 5:49 - Horrendous footwork on this play ... Doesnt' look very natural in the pocket with a poor presence ... Nice job stepping up slightly in pocket to get throw off ... Ball is very wobbly - somewhat inaccurate but still catchable.

Footnote: Seems to have a little bit of an Andre Woodson in his release in which he slightly takes his elbow up in his motion, but it isn't very exaggerated.

2nd 5:43 - Seems hesitant in pocket ... Very poor timing and ball is thrown couple yards over head of receiver.

2nd 5:38 - 4th down and 7 ... Excellent throw on slant to tight end ... Tight window and shows his gun ... Very powerful arm strength and nice accuracy ... Dropped pass but not Mallett's fault.

3rd 5:23 - Poor footwork on plant and drive - seems to have poor balance in lower body and might be too long-legged ... Solid throw to WR but WR comes back to ball a bit ... Throws off back foot but a solid TD pass.

Footnote: Footwork is consistently heavy footed ... doesn't seem to be on toes very much and is flat on heels.

4th 7:58 - Good job stepping up in pocket to escape pressure ... Nice pass to WR on hook route.

4th 7:25 - PA naked bootleg ... Very poor footwork in set up ... Off balance and causes erratic accuracy ... Ball is slightly wide but because of horrendous balance and footwork.

4th 1:03 - Really inexcusable drop from RB on flare route ... ball was slightly high but this is nitpicking ... nice checkdown by Mallett with space for 1st down.

OT 3rd & 4 - Ball comes out a half-second late and nearly Pick-6

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