2010 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Taylor Mays

  • Extremely rare height and long arms
  • Tremendous bulk and strength
  • Athletic freak
  • Coordinated and can change directions quickly
  • Elite measurables
  • Physical nature
  • Big hitter
  • Deep closing speed
  • Good in run support
  • Eliminates space quickly
  • Experienced
  • Good durability

  • Takes false steps in coverage and poor angles
  • Lacks instincts
  • Zero ball skills
  • Not much of a playmaker
  • Poor tackling technique; throws body around without using arms/hands to wrap up
  • Hasn't improved his weaknesses going back to sophomore season
  • Occasionally not in position
  • Plays out of control
  • More of an athlete than a football player

    Summary: Mays isn't a free safety at the next level; no chance he pans out there because he is horrible in coverage and has zero ball skills. Mays idea of playing football is running and throwing his body around, which is why I am giving him the nickname �The Trojan Torpedo.� I think Mays can start at strong safety for some team, but he will be pretty average. Mays is the Vernon Gholston of safety prospects. Sure he has great measurables, but so did Gholston. I personally wouldn't draft Mays in the top 40 picks, but his draft range is all over the board. He could go top five to a team like Oakland or he could fall to the lower part of the first round.

    Player Comparison: Roy L. Williams. It's like someone cloned Roy Williams; Mays and Williams are the EXACT same player. Mays will struggle greatly in coverage at the next level, but he hits hard and is good in run support. Buyer beware.


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