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These are random/interesting e-mails or Facebook posts I've received. The e-mails are italicized and left mostly unedited. My responses follow them.

3/2/10: Al Davis Hate Mails/E-mails

  • Jim L.:

    As much as I do enjoy your football site, your Oakland Raider mock drafts kinda bug me. I know Al Davis isn't the best drafter, but it's a little childish and immature and unprofessional to have him taking 5-6-7-rounders in the first three rounds based on 40 times or height/weight ratios. Do you have something personal against Raiders and/or Al Davis? Maybe next mock update you could think as a real GM would.

    --> I have nothing personal against Al Davis. I'm just predicting what will happen in this 2010 NFL Mock Draft. Didn't Al take a 2nd-round prospect at No. 7 overall last year? And didn't he draft a 7th-round safety in the 2nd round? I'm just saying.

    I would think like a real general manager in terms of predicting Oakland's draft picks if, you know, the Raiders had a real general manager. Instead, Al Davis has gargoyles, cyclopses and zombies bring him the 40 times from the Combine, and then Undead Al decides which "great players" he wants (of course, this is after he sacrifices his daily virgin.)

  • From Ty L.:

    Im sick of seeing your mock draft.. your being an idiot walter the raiders are not going to go offensive line with there pick.. think a little harder

    --> What's there to think about? Bruce Campbell is athletic and ran a great 40. He's a... great... player...

  • From Michael L.:

    Your Raider speed jokes are tired, old and weak. But more than anything the picks you think are so funny actually make your mock the bigger joke. Your mock might be pretty good if you took the Raider selections more serious, no matter how you feel about Al Davis and the team.

    --> I'm not sure what you mean by Raider jokes? I didn't make any Raider jokes in my mock.

    If I were to make a joke about the Raiders in my mock, I'd have them take a 2nd-round receiving prospect in the first round because of his size/40 time. He would even have a snazzy nickname like DHB or something. I'd also have them take a 7th-round safety prospect in Round 2 because of his size/40 time. I'd give his first and last names the same initials.

    It's a shame I can't think of any specific Raider jokes...

  • From T.J. L. (via Facebook):

    Uh oh. Jacoby Ford ran a sub 4.3. Hopefully Al wasn't awake for that one.

    --> Even if he wasn't, you know his minions recorded the time and brought it to him later.

  • From Mike B.:

    Undead Al strikes again... Sebastian Janikowski to $4 million a year?! Does he realize that $4 million is more than Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson (just to name a few)? I understand that some coaches truly believe 1/3 of the game is special teams, but that doesn't mean that 1/3 of the salary has to go towards it? What a joke.

    --> But Janikowski... is a... great... player! A first-round pick! Surely he deserves $4 million - maybe more!

    You're right, this is a joke. This is why the Raiders haven't had a winning record since 2002. Al Davis was once a great football guy, but he really needs to give up the personnel duties if he wants his team to be successful again.

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