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Wonderlic Sample Test Answer Key

How'd you do on the Wonderlic? The answer key is below.

Once again, some sample scores of other players include: Drew Bledsoe - 37; Steve Young - 33; John Elway - 30; Dan Marino - 16; Donovan McNabb - 14; Hakeem Nicks - 11; Sebastian Janikowski - 9.

Here are average scores for certain professions, per Wikipedia: Chemist - 31; Journalist - 26; Sales - 24; Bank Teller - 22; Security Guard - 17.

Please go to the offical Wonderlic Learn more about the Wonderlic Cognitive Abilities Test.

So, how many did you get right? Multiply the number you answered correctly by 4.167 to get your real Wonderlic score.

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ryan 02-25-2012 04:18 pm (total posts: 1)
10     11

10/12 or 41(multiplied by 4.167)
Allan 02-25-2012 03:56 pm (total posts: 1)
11     43

These 12 questions have very little to do w/ I.Q. By definition, anything that measures knowledge or experience is not I.Q. Number 1 and number 11 are clearly I.Q related questions. The rest are questionable to varying degrees since they are testing either math skills, word meanings, or knowledge (the months of the year).
Dang I'm good 02-25-2012 01:52 pm (total posts: 1)
10     144

I got a 50.004 score on this wonderlic test, I must be the smartest guy in the world, DRRRRRRRRR!
L.S. 02-25-2012 09:52 am (total posts: 1)
86     18

This is just a basic I.Q. test. Why is mathematical ability the preliminary basis for judging a player's potential in the NFL?
Willy 02-25-2012 09:41 am (total posts: 1)
12     39

Maybe this is more about time management than anything else! I think no one answers all the questions. If the real test asks 50 questions and you have 12 minutes the key is to answer the quick no-brainers and then go back and waste time on some of the questions like 9 and 10. BTW the reserve/preserve question is bogus!
lucas 02-25-2012 01:54 am (total posts: 1)
12     107

I have heard that this test is simular to the sat, surely the sat must be harder than this if you didnt get at least 11/12 than idk if you should have graduated high school
dino 02-25-2012 01:53 am (total posts: 1)
11     15

Ponder 02-24-2012 11:16 pm (total posts: 1)
11     11

Are people projecting out what they would score from just these 12 questions because that's not accurate. Or is there a link I'm missing to the entire test?

Within the time required I got 8/12. Of course I did play high school and college football.
Jake 02-24-2012 11:13 pm (total posts: 1)
12     12

????? I could have answered at least half of these right back when I was in 5th grade. I just lost all respect for football players.
ADog 02-24-2012 11:08 pm (total posts: 1)
13     12

I guess I got a 40, but don't remember how to multiply decimals.
Kyle 02-24-2012 09:47 pm (total posts: 1)
16     21

I understand that preserve and reserve have similar meanings, but they also mean neither the same nor the opposite...

Cap'n 02-24-2012 07:41 pm (total posts: 1)
14     10

The players have to get 50 questions in 12 minutes, so to be fair you should have to do this in under 3 minutes (not 5). Also, there will be a little mental fatigue after 40 questions.
1100 SAT 02-24-2012 06:52 pm (total posts: 1)
12     12

Wow I thought this was some kind of tough test, this is like a high school application test I took. You could get 15 out of 50 by just guessing.
Vince 02-24-2012 04:52 pm (total posts: 1)
12     14

Got 50, yo biotches wit less is foking retards
Jamarcus 02-24-2012 03:36 pm (total posts: 1)
13     14

Yo mayne, only got a 9. I tink dis test be to hard. Do ya tink so? Ima go sip some codeen and eat some skittles, then hit the buffay. Do ya tink so?

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