NFL Draft: Scout's Notebook

This is NFL Draft Scout's Notebook, where Matt McGuire will list the notes he took while scouting players for the 2011 NFL Draft, 2012 NFL Draft and beyond.
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Posted July 18, 2010

Matt Reynolds vs. Oklahoma

Matt Reynolds vs. Oklahoma

1st 0:45 - 3rd down vs. Austin English, slow feet in pass pro, poor kick step

2nd 13:39 - Slow off snap, stone feet, over extends, straight legged-waist bender

2nd 13:14 - feet don't look very quick in slide pass pro

2nd 12:49 - nice power and strength, good job of bending knees; getting lower body into block

2nd 12:13 - false step-overanticipated, doesn't seal off angle, Austin English makes tackle, fails to lock on...poor technician

2nd 11:30 - doesn't use short, choppy steps in pass pro, great job of hand extension and placement vs. English

2nd 10:52 - very poor footwork - crosses over, great awareness on blitzing safety - nice vision

2nd 10:15 - gets way too high and doesn't bend at knees

2nd 6:33 - not very light on his feet

2nd 6:11 - bends at waist way too much, nice tenacity and aggressiveness

2nd 5:10 - slow, doesn't look very athletic

2nd 4:05 - Lacks agility and range in pass protection

2nd 3:33 - good awareness and picks up blitzing nickle, stays too high in pass pro

2nd 1:30 - Play action, locks on, tough to get around his wide body in tight spaces

3rd 14:54 - slow feet, gets unbalanced, way too top heavy and bends at waist, poor technique

3rd 12:33 - poor base and gets knocked off balance by English

3rd 10:20 - vs. Frank Alexander, much better job in pass protection, still gets too high but he had good balance and used his hands well, gave up sack but QBs fault + good coverage

3rd 2:07 - vs. Alexander, gets slapped up and off balance, too high, bad footwork

4th 11:43 - solid footwork and pass protection vs. English

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