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NFL Picks - Feb. 5

2017 NFL Mock Draft - Feb. 5

2016 NFL Mock Draft - Feb. 4

2016 NBA Mock Draft - Feb. 2

NFL Free Agents

Fantasy Football Rankings - Jan. 15

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  • From Dan I.:

    It's terrible what your comments are about Jake Delhomme's kidknpped son.Sometime you get rewarded with cancer for a statement like that.GOOD-LUCK!

    --> Are you saying you want Jake Delhomme's son to have cancer? You monster!

    Look, if I were serious, I'd agree with you. But I'm just joking around and having some fun here. Delhomme doesn't even have a son. Try to loosen up a little - your life might become more pleasurable.

  • From Bobby G.:

    I have been picking against some of your picks each week and it never fails, at the end of the week your posting gains and me losses.

    --> WalterFootball.com - Losing money for people who bet against the Web site's picks since 1999!

  • From Kizzie J.:

    Why da f*** Vick gotta be called a dog killer on ur website...that's what pits are for fighting...them vicious dogs...the man got a second chance so leave him alone and stop actin like a stupid a**..

    --> Thanks for the asinine and humorous e-mail. I got a kick out of it.

    There is a small flaw in your logic. You say "pits" are for fighting, yet dog fighting is illegal.

    But I don't call that guy "QB Dog Killer" for just dog fighting. It's the fact that he hanged dogs in his backyard, drowned them in his pool, and electrocuted them with jumper cables. That's sick.

    If you don't realize that what he did is completely wrong, I would suggest psychiatric counseling for you. If you live in the Philly area, I know a guy who could really help you in this department if you are interested.

    Thanks, and hope you feel better.

  • From Vincent G.:

    Why isn't the Jamarcus Russell-eating-Skittles story not getting more attention, considering Mark Sanchez and Wienergate?

    --> Because people were actually surprised to see Mark Sanchez eating a hot dog on the sidelines! No one was shocked when JaMarcus Russell was caught eating Skittles during a game. In fact, I was amazed that he didn't devour a whole pizza while watching the Raiders get a rare victory.

    These are random/interesting e-mails or Facebook posts I've received. The e-mails are italicized and left mostly unedited. My responses follow them.

    12/5/09: Hate Mail, Vick Mail, Delhomme Mail

  • From Christopher M.:

    Nice pick with Carolina...how about you stop picking them idiot.

    --> Chris,

    Good to hear from you again.

    Thanks for the congrats. It wasn't a great week or anything, but I did go 5-2 with my multi-unit picks. Can't really complain, right? I'm glad you won money this weekend!

    As always, I appreciate your thoughts. I enjoy the creative insults.



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