2008 Fantasy Football - Real Traditional Fantasy League Draft

Quarterbacks Running Backs Wide Receivers Tight Ends Kickers Defenses Top 150 Sleepers Busts

This is a real draft for one of my leagues that took place on AUG. 24, 2008, and uses traditional scoring. We start QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, K, Defense.

I've been in this league for a number of years, and I'm considered the Buffalo Bills among these 12 teams. On numerous occasions, including last season, I've reached the championship, but came up just a bit short.


(1) The AntiCure - LaDainian Tomlinson, RB, Chargers
(2) Ipes Real Dad - Adrian Peterson, RB, Vikings
(3) The Phoenix - Brian Westbrook, RB, Eagles
(4) The Prodigy - Tom Brady, QB, Patriots
(5) 7-ELEVENer$ - Joseph Addai, RB, Colts
(6) Drew Rosenhaus - Steven Jackson, RB, Rams
(7) The Plague - Marion Barber, RB, Cowboys
(8) Mad Dawgs - Frank Gore, RB, 49ers
(9) Debbie does the DALLAS Devils - Randy Moss, WR, Patriots
(10) WalterFootball.com
- Clinton Portis, RB, Redskins
(11) Team 20 - Marshawn Lynch, RB, Bills
(12) Lansdale's 100yd$tunna - Ryan Grant, RB, Packers

ANALYSIS: Again, I'm not going to list the worst pick each round because I don't want the Fantasy Gods smiting me. Instead, I'll praise the two top picks and discuss my selection each round.

MY PICK: At pick No. 10, I was hoping Marion Barber or Frank Gore would fall to me, but that wasn't realistic, as a lot of the guys in this league know what they're doing. As a reference, the past four winners of the league are: The Prodigy, Mad Dawgs and 7-ELEVENer$ (twice).

Anyway, I spent my two minutes (we had a timer) deciding between Marshawn Lynch and Clinton Portis. I settled for Portis because: 1) he's higher on my rankings, and I would look like an idiot if I went against them; 2) Lynch has an ugly mug (seriously look at my 2008 Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings. If he were a police offer or swim coach instead of a football player, he would never get laid); 3) Jason Peters' holdout; 4) Portis, while still young, has been doing this for years, while Lynch, though seemingly talented, is still somewhat of an unknown commodity.

All that said, I was close to picking Lynch.

BEST PICK NO. 1: Drew Rosenhaus obtained Steven Jackson at No. 6. Jackson is a top fantasy running back, who has been going a bit late because of his holdout. Well, that's over and Rosenhaus is going to reap the benefits. Next question!

BEST PICK NO. 2: Lansdale could have easily went Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne, as most people would have, but I love Ryan Grant this year. Brandon Jackson won't get many carries because he can't pick up the blitz.


(1) Lansdale's 100yd$tunna - Peyton Manning, QB, Colts
(2) Team 20 - Reggie Wayne, WR, Colts
(3) WalterFootball.com
- Andre Johnson, WR, Texans
(4) Debbie does the DALLAS Devils - Terrell Owens, WR, Cowboys
(5) Mad Dawgs - Larry Johnson, RB, Chiefs
(6) The Plague - Jamal Lewis, RB, Browns
(7) Drew Rosenhaus - Willis McGahee, RB, Ravens
(8) 7-ELEVENer$ - Braylon Edwards, WR, Browns
(9) The Prodigy - Maurice Jones-Drew, RB, Jaguars
(10) The Phoenix - Marques Colston, WR, Saints
(11) Ipes Real Dad - Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Cardinals
(12) The AntiCure - Tony Romo, QB, Cowboys

MY PICK: Andre Johnson is second in my receiver rankings, so I had to take him in a three-receiver league over the likes of Terrell Owens, Braylon Edwards, Jamal Lewis and Todd Pinkston. I don't think you can afford to go RB-RB in three-receiver leagues because the wideout corps is so ridiculously thin this year.

BEST PICK NO. 1: There's a reason the 7-ELEVENer$ has won this league twice the past four years. I really don't know how Braylon Edwards fell all the way to 2.08.

BEST PICK NO. 2: Most of the other picks are solid, but nothing else caught my eye, so I'd like to give props to the fantasy owners who went RB-WR or WR-RB. That includes Ipes Real Dad, The Phoenix, 7-ELEVENer$, Team 20 and that WalterFootball.com guy. Man, it must take a shameless, self-promoter to name his team after his own Web site.

Missing Include


(1) The AntiCure - Brandon Jacobs, RB, Giants
(2) Ipes Real Dad - Wes Welker, WR, Patriots
(3) The Phoenix - Plaxico Burress, WR, Giants
(4) The Prodigy - Steve Smith, WR, Panthers
(5) 7-ELEVENer$ - Anquan Boldin, WR, Cardinals
(6) Drew Rosenhaus - Drew Brees, QB, Saints
(7) The Plague - Torry Holt, WR, Rams
(8) Mad Dawgs - Chad Johnson, WR, Bengals
(9) Debbie does the DALLAS Devils - Carson Palmer, QB, Bengals
(10) WalterFootball.com
- Thomas Jones, RB, Jets
(11) Team 20 - T.J. Houshmandzadeh, WR, Bengals
(12) Lansdale's 100yd$tunna - Calvin Johnson, WR, Lions

MY PICK: Thomas Jones is going down as my worst pick. Not that I think he's a poor fantasy player, but the running backs are surprisingly deep this year, as you'll see later on. If I had to redo this, I would have chosen...

BEST PICK NO. 1: Calvin Johnson! Damn you, Lansdale $100 Tuna! I seriously wrote down "Calvin Johnson" on my roster sheet right after the Thomas Jones selection. I had the same feeling you have when you walk to the parking lot and realize your car is missing. Not that I've ever had my car stolen, but I can imagine what that would feel like. Perhaps the same feeling of going three rounds and realizing that you have no running back yet (cough, Debbie Does the DALLAS Devils, sneeze).

BEST PICK NO. 2: I'm still too mad about Calvin Johnson to write anything else. He could have 1,400 receiving yards this year and I wouldn't be surprised. I guess T.J. Houshmandzadeh was a really good pick. Grumble. Grumble.


(1) Lansdale's 100yd$tunna - Jason Witten, TE, Steelers
(2) Team 20 - Michael Turner, RB, Falcons
(3) WalterFootball.com
- Santonio Holmes, WR, Steelers
(4) Debbie does the DALLAS Devils - Antonio Gates, TE, Chargers
(5) Mad Dawgs - Roy Williams, WR, Lions
(6) The Plague - Brandon Marshall, WR, Broncos
(7) Drew Rosenhaus - Earnest Graham, RB, Buccaneers
(8) 7-ELEVENer$ - Darren McFadden, RB, Raiders
(9) The Prodigy - Kellen Winslow Jr., TE, Browns
(10) The Phoenix - Reggie Bush, RB, Saints
(11) Ipes Real Dad - Kevin Smith, RB, Lions
(12) The AntiCure - Greg Jennings, WR, Packers

MY PICK: At my birthday party the night before, Mad Dawgs and I were drunkenly discussing our mid-round sleepers. I told Mad Dawgs I would have Calvin Johnson's babies, and he told me he'd roll out the red carpet and prepare a royal feast for Santonio Holmes if the Steelers wideout came to his house.

Well, Lansale's $100 Stunner Tuna had to ruin everything by taking Calvin Johnson. With my super sleeper gone, Holmes was the best player on my 2008 Fantasy Football Top 150 Rankings. I even showed this to Mad Dawgs when it was my turn, and announced that I would be taking Homes. Mad Dawgs gave me the death stare, shook his fist at me and muttered something under his breath. I've locked the door to my room when I've gone to sleep ever since.

BEST PICK NO. 1: Roy Williams was a solid pick, but I feel obligated to list it as a peace offering to Mad Dawgs. I'm sorry man!

BEST PICK NO. 2: The same night I had the drunken conversation with Mad Dawgs - and by the way, I was really hung over during this draft - my friend Kevin McHugh bet me $20 that Brandon Marshall would out-produce Calvin Johnson this year. I feel confident in winning this bet because Marshall is suspended for two games, and keeps doing dumb things like shattering nerves in his arm, crashing into telephone poles and smashing the anchor of his yacht into other boats.

UPDATE: Brandon Marshall's suspension has dropped to one game. I'm screwed!


(1) The AntiCure - Marvin Harrison, WR, Colts
(2) Ipes Real Dad - Donovan McNabb, QB, Eagles
(3) The Phoenix - Jerricho Cotchery, WR, Jets
(4) The Prodigy - Chargers Defense
(5) 7-ELEVENer$ - Willie Parker, RB, Steelers
(6) Drew Rosenhaus - Hines Ward, WR, Steelers
(7) The Plague - Dallas Clark, TE, Colts
(8) Mad Dawgs - Edgerrin James, RB, Cardinals
(9) Debbie does the DALLAS Devils - Laveranues Coles, WR, Jets
(10) WalterFootball.com
- Roddy White, WR, Falcons
(11) Team 20 - Dwayne Bowe, WR, Chiefs
(12) Lansdale's 100yd$tunna - Lee Evans, WR, Bills

MY PICK: I was lucky enough to grab the last really good WR3 off the board, soliciting a groan from Team 20. Victory is mine.

BEST PICK NO. 1: I've been praising Jerricho Cotchery ever since the Jets acquired Brett Favre. Great pick by The Phoenix, who was kind enough to host this draft. I was happy about this, as his home is five blocks away from mine. As I mentioned before, I was hung over. I don't think I could have driven more than 15 minutes without pulling over somewhere to go to the bathroom.

BEST PICK NO. 2: After I took Roddy White off the board, Team 20 had to go Dwayne Bowe. There aren't that many receivers worth starting this year. I guess Debbie Dallas Devils realized this because he has no running backs yet. Not that there's anything wrong with that...


(1) Lansdale's 100yd$tunna - Ricky Williams, RB, Dolphins
(2) Team 20 - Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Steelers
(3) WalterFootball.com
- Jay Cutler, QB, Broncos
(4) Debbie does the DALLAS Devils - Vikings Defense
(5) Mad Dawgs - Tony Gonzalez, TE, Chiefs
(6) The Plague - Laurence Maroney, RB, Patriots
(7) Drew Rosenhaus - Chris Cooley, TE, Redskins
(8) 7-ELEVENer$ - Jeremy Shockey, TE, Saints
(9) The Prodigy - DeAngelo Williams, RB, Panthers
(10) The Phoenix - Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Steelers
(11) Ipes Real Dad - L.J. Smith, TE, Eagles
(12) The AntiCure - Jonathan Stewart, RB, Panthers

MY PICK: During our drunken conversation last night, I told Mad Dawgs I was going to take Jay Cutler in Round 6. When I announced Cutler's name, Mad Dawgs said, "Wow, you don't mess around." Hey, I take my drinking and fantasy football very seriously.

BEST PICK NO. 1: Ricky Williams should have gone a round earlier. If I had gone Calvin Johnson in Round 3, I could have still screwed Mad Dawgs in Round 4 with Santonio Holmes and chosen the Pink Dragon Master in Round 5.

BEST PICK NO. 2: I don't understand how DeAngelo Williams goes before Jonathan Stewart. Williams may start now, but Stewart may have more carries, especially near the goal line, when all is said and done.


(1) The AntiCure - Javon Walker, WR, Raiders
(2) Ipes Real Dad - Donald Driver, WR, Packers
(3) The Phoenix - Bears Defense
(4) The Prodigy - Patrick Crayton, WR, Cowboys
(5) 7-ELEVENer$ - Matt Hasselbeck, QB, Seahawks
(6) Drew Rosenhaus - Chris Chambers, WR, Chargers
(7) The Plague - Nate Burleson, WR, Seahawks
(8) Mad Dawgs - Selvin Young, RB, Broncos
(9) Debbie does the DALLAS Devils - Nick Folk, K, Cowboys
(10) WalterFootball.com
- Matt Forte, RB, Bears
(11) Team 20 - Ronnie Brown, RB, Dolphins
(12) Lansdale's 100yd$tunna - Bernard Berrian, WR, Vikings

MY PICK: I was really shocked when Matt Forte fell to me at 7.10, as I considered him at 6.03. Lovie Smith loves to run the ball, and he has already announced that he's going to pull a Herm Edwards and give Forte way more touches than he can handle.

BEST PICK NO. 1: I was actually scared Debbie Dallas Devils was going to take Matt Forte right before me. Instead, he announced he was taking his kicker before his first running back. I would have made a funny remark if the alcohol still in my system hadn't made me nearly vomit all over my laptop.

BEST PICK NO. 2: Taking a Mike Shanahan running back is fantasy suicide, but Selvin Young was solid value in Round 7.


(1) Lansdale's 100yd$tunna - LenDale White, RB, Titans
(2) Team 20 - Santana Moss, WR, Redskins
(3) WalterFootball.com
- Fred Taylor, RB, Jaguars
(4) Debbie does the DALLAS Devils - Deuce McAllister, RB, Saints
(5) Mad Dawgs - David Garrard, QB, Jaguars
(6) The Plague - Brett Favre, QB, Packers
(7) Drew Rosenhaus - Derek Anderson, QB, Browns
(8) 7-ELEVENer$ - Joey Galloway, WR, Buccaneers
(9) The Prodigy - Marc Bulger, QB, Rams
(10) The Phoenix - Eli Manning, QB, Giants
(11) Ipes Real Dad - DeSean Jackson, WR, Eagles
(12) The AntiCure - Heath Miller, TE, Steelers

MY PICK: Another running back for me. See why I could have waited on Thomas Jones? I'm an idiot. Well, I was an idiot in Round 3. In Round 8, I was a bit less hung over. Fred Taylor will once again total 1,000 yards this year.

BEST PICK NO. 1: You can see LenDale White's belly jiggle when he runs, and it's pretty disturbing, but good pick regardless by Lansdale.

BEST PICK NO. 2: Five quarterbacks were selected in this round. Sadly, Matt Schaub, who is better than some of them, wasn't drafted. But the top guy in this quintet was Brett Favre. Nice job by the Plague.


(1) The AntiCure - Vincent Jackson, WR, Chargers
(2) Ipes Real Dad - Patriots Defense
(3) The Phoenix - Eddie Royal, WR, Broncos
(4) The Prodigy - Ahman Green, RB, Texans
(5) 7-ELEVENer$ - Eagles Defense
(6) Drew Rosenhaus - Steelers Defense
(7) The Plague - Sidney Rice, WR, Vikings
(8) Mad Dawgs - Reggie Brown, WR, Eagles
(9) Debbie does the DALLAS Devils - Felix Jones, RB, Cowboys
(10) WalterFootball.com
- Chester Taylor, RB, Vikings
(11) Team 20 - Anthony Gonzalez, WR, Colts
(12) Lansdale's 100yd$tunna - Justin Fargas, RB, Raiders

MY PICK: Another running back? Hey, all I'm doing is taking the best player available on my draft board. Adrian Peterson will get hurt this year, and when he does, I'll have a solid back I can start, or someone I can trade to Debbie Does Dallas.

BEST PICK NO. 1: The Anticure pissed everyone off, especially myself, and drafted the final passable WR3 and great WR4. Now we'll have to settle for bums like Freddie Mitchell, Billy McMullen and James Thrash (i.e. the top guys on Andy Reid's fantasy football draft board).

BEST PICK NO. 2: Lansdale took Oakland's starting running back at the bottom of Round 9. Now, Darren McFadden will get more touches, but the Raiders will use Fargas often.


(1) Lansdale's 100yd$tunna - Jerry Porter, WR, Jaguars
(2) Team 20 - Vernon Davis, TE, 49ers
(3) WalterFootball.com
- Matt Schaub, QB, Texans
(4) Debbie does the DALLAS Devils - David Patten, WR, Saints
(5) Mad Dawgs - Ted Ginn, WR, Dolphins
(6) The Plague - James Hardy, WR, Bills
(7) Drew Rosenhaus - Bobby Engram, WR, Seahawks
(8) 7-ELEVENer$ - Kurt Warner, QB, Cardinals
(9) The Prodigy - Ronald Curry, WR, Raiders
(10) The Phoenix - Kevin Walter, WR, Texans
(11) Ipes Real Dad - Jon Kitna, QB, Lions
(12) The AntiCure - Robert Meachem, WR, Saints

MY PICK: I considered Matt Schaub in Round 9, but decided against him because he has the same bye as Jay Cutler. But he was too good to pass up just a few picks later. Seriously, why do they have the same bye? They're not even in the same division! Thanks, Roger Goodell, for single-handedly ruining the NFL. Jerk!

BEST PICK NO. 1: Chad Pennington automatically makes Ted Ginn a viable fantasy option. Nice pick, Mad Dawgs.

BEST PICK NO. 2: Kurt Warner has a shot to be a top-five fantasy quarterback unless Ken Whisenhunt wants to lose games. Despite my awesome Matt Schaub selection, the 7-ELEVENer$ may have the top backup quarterback in this league.


(1) The AntiCure - Seahawks Defense
(2) Ipes Real Dad - Rudi Johnson, RB, Bengals
(3) The Phoenix - Donte' Stallworth, WR, Browns
(4) The Prodigy - Todd Heap, TE, Ravens
(5) 7-ELEVENer$ - Muhsin Muhammad, WR, Panthers
(6) Drew Rosenhaus - Derrick Mason, WR, Ravens
(7) The Plague - Julius Jones, RB, Seahawks
(8) Mad Dawgs - Chris Johnson, RB, Titans
(9) Debbie does the DALLAS Devils - Jabar Gaffney, WR, Patriots
(10) WalterFootball.com
- Tony Scheffler, TE, Broncos
(11) Team 20 - Aaron Rodgers, QB, Packers
(12) Lansdale's 100yd$tunna - Steve Smith, WR, Giants

MY PICK: My first tight end, in Round 11? I hear the Dallas Devils snickering in the background, even though he lives like two hours away from me. Hey, after the top tight ends - Jason Witten, Antonio Gates, Kellen Winslow Jr., Tony Gonzalez and maybe Chris Cooley - they're all the same. The way I figure it is, if you're in a league with dumb managers who draft backup tight ends, you'll mop up regardless of your tight end being ranked in your teens. And if you're in a league with smart managers who don't take reserve tight ends (seriously, what's the point?) you'll land a solid one in the middle of the draft. Someone like Tony Scheffler. Go me. Scheffler's seriously just as good as some of the tight ends taken four rounds ago.

BEST PICK NO. 1: I'd give the Prodigy some props for grabbing the tight end I targeted in this round, until I realized that this was their second tight end.

BEST PICK NO. 2: Chris Johnson's going to get a ton of carries in Tennessee because Jeff Fisher loves to run the ball. Maybe if I keep sucking up to Mad Dawgs, his plot to strangle me in my sleep for taking Santonio Holmes will be forgotten.


(1) Lansdale's 100yd$tunna - Packers Defense
(2) Team 20 - Ray Rice, RB, Ravens
(3) WalterFootball.com
- Antonio Bryant, WR, Buccaneers
(4) Debbie does the DALLAS Devils - Kenny Watson, RB, Bengals
(5) Mad Dawgs - James Jones, WR, Packers
(6) The Plague - Jaguars Defense
(7) Drew Rosenhaus - Bryant Johnson, WR, 49ers
(8) 7-ELEVENer$ - Reggie Williams, WR, Jaguars
(9) The Prodigy - Justin Gage, WR, Titans
(10) The Phoenix - Cowboys Defense
(11) Ipes Real Dad - Shayne Graham, K, Bengals
(12) The AntiCure - Kevin Jones, RB, Bears

MY PICK: I needed a WR4. Antonio Bryant will start across from Joey Galloway this year. Not that that means much in Tampa Bay, but Bryant was the best receiver available. See what I mean about the wideouts being incredibly thin?

BEST PICK NO. 1: I would have eschewed the Antonio Bryant pick if Ray Rice were available. It wouldn't shock me if Rice became the starter at some point this season.

BEST PICK NO. 2: The Phoenix grabs one of the top defenses in fantasy football in the wake of the Shawne Merriman and Osi Umenyiora injuries. Nice selection, especially considering that so many crappy defenses (i.e. New England) went a few rounds earlier.


(1) The AntiCure - Kevin Boss, TE, Giants
(2) Ipes Real Dad - Owen Daniels, TE, Texans
(3) The Phoenix - Tim Hightower, RB, Cardinals
(4) The Prodigy - Nate Kaeding, K, Chargers
(5) 7-ELEVENer$ - Ahmad Bradshaw, RB, Giants
(6) Drew Rosenhaus - Chris Brown, RB, Texans
(7) The Plague - Jake Delhomme, QB, Panthers
(8) Mad Dawgs - Vince Young, QB, Titans
(9) Debbie does the DALLAS Devils - Dominic Rhodes, RB, Colts
(10) WalterFootball.com
- Josh Morgan, WR, 49ers
(11) Team 20 - Steve Slaton, RB, Texans
(12) Lansdale's 100yd$tunna - Stephen Gostkowski, K, Patriots

MY PICK: I had Mad Dawgs announce this pick for me. We both agreed that Josh Morgan was a fantasy stud in our drunken conversations the night before. Hey, this party was more than just talking about fantasy football. Check the albums in my recent Facebook pictures if you don't believe me.

BEST PICK NO. 1: Ipes Real Dad takes the other tight end I was considering in Round 11. True, this is his second tight end, but I have a feeling he'll be starting Owen Daniels over L.J. Smith because Smith sucks. So, in a sense, Ipes Real Dad grabbed his starting tight end in Round 13. Awesome pick.

BEST PICK NO. 2: Half the people in the draft room were disappointed Tim Hightower went off the board to The Phoenix. The other half went, "I didn't know Tim Hardaway is still playing football!" Guess which half was basing their selections off outdated fantasy mags? Hint: The same people who were considering Greg Smith.


(1) Lansdale's 100yd$tunna - D.J. Hackett, WR, Panthers
(2) Team 20 - Giants Defense
(3) WalterFootball.com
- Andre Hall, RB, Broncos
(4) Debbie does the DALLAS Devils - Kolby Smith, RB, Chiefs
(5) Mad Dawgs - Bills Defense
(6) The Plague - Phil Dawson, K, Browns
(7) Drew Rosenhaus - Colts Defense
(8) 7-ELEVENer$ - Ravens Defense
(9) The Prodigy - Amani Toomer, WR, Giants
(10) The Phoenix - Adam Vinatieri, K, Colts
(11) Ipes Real Dad - Jerious Norwood, RB, Falcons
(12) The AntiCure - Philip Rivers, QB, Chargers

MY PICK: Mike Shanahan is a raging lunatic who believes his backup running backs are more talented than his starters. Last year, Travis Henry was the worst thing since sliced bread compared to Selvin Young. Now, Young sucks compared to Andre Hall. I actually believe Shanahan is in a couple fantasy leagues and purposely plays obscure backups he takes in the final rounds of his fantasy drafts. That's the only explanation behind this.

BEST PICK: Anyone who didn't take a kicker. Why would you draft a kicker before the final round in any non-touchdown league? I feel like Matthew Berry here. Thanks for reading this Web site, my friends!!!


(1) The AntiCure - David Akers, K, Eagles
(2) Ipes Real Dad - Devin Hester, WR, Bears
(3) The Phoenix - JaMarcus Russell, QB, Raiders
(4) The Prodigy - Leon Washington, RB, Jets
(5) 7-ELEVENer$ - Mason Crosby, K, Packers
(6) Drew Rosenhaus - DeShaun Foster, RB, 49ers
(7) The Plague - Brandon Jackson, RB, Packers
(8) Mad Dawgs - J.T. O'Sullivan, QB, 49ers
(9) Debbie does the DALLAS Devils - Darren Sproles, RB, Chargers
(10) WalterFootball.com
- Chris Perry, RB, Bengals
(11) Team 20 - Isaac Bruce, WR, 49ers
(12) Lansdale's 100yd$tunna - Maurice Morris, RB, Seahawks

MY PICK: My 5,000th running back is Chris Perry, the starting running back for the Bengals. The fact that he lasted this long proves that no one in this league reads my site.

BEST PICK NO. 1: Taking any Mike Martz starting receiver in the late rounds is never a bad idea. Taking an insurance policy out on a Mike Martz starting quarterback is an even better one.

BEST PICK NO. 2: Maurice Morris could start for Seattle. Julius Jones isn't that good, and Morris has looked more impressive this preseason.


(1) Lansdale's 100yd$tunna - Chris Henry, WR, Bengals
(2) Team 20 - Mark Clayton, WR, Ravens
(3) WalterFootball.com
- Rashied Davis, WR, Bears
(4) Debbie does the DALLAS Devils - Derek Hagan, WR, Dolphins
(5) Mad Dawgs - Zach Miller, TE, Raiders
(6) The Plague - Steve Breaston, WR, Cardinals
(7) Drew Rosenhaus - Robbie Gould, K, Bears
(8) 7-ELEVENer$ - Ladell Betts, RB, Redskins
(9) The Prodigy - Titans Defense
(10) The Phoenix - Dustin Keller, TE, Jets
(11) Ipes Real Dad - Warrick Dunn, RB, Buccaneers
(12) The AntiCure - Limas Sweed, WR, Steelers

MY PICK: Announcing "Rashied Davis" drew some quizzical looks from some people. Somehow, Davis has become the No. 1 receiver in Chicago, meaning he'll score as many fantasy as the No. 4 wideout on every other team.

BEST PICK NO. 1: I'm against drafting backup tight ends, but in an 18-round league, maybe that's OK really late in the draft. Both Zach Miller and Dustin Keller are intriguing fantasy options with lots of upside.

BEST PICK NO. 2: There was no way I was going to draft Chris Henry because I don't want felons polluting my fantasy team locker room. But the fact remains that Henry was the best available player when Lansdale took him off the board.


(1) The AntiCure - Tatum Bell, RB, Lions
(2) Ipes Real Dad - Redskins Defense
(3) The Phoenix - Ben Watson, TE, Patriots
(4) The Prodigy - Josh Brown, K, Rams
(5) 7-ELEVENer$ - Ben Utecht, TE, Bengals
(6) Drew Rosenhaus - Alge Crumpler, TE, Titans
(7) The Plague - Laurent Robinson, WR, Falcons
(8) Mad Dawgs - Sammy Morris, RB, Patriots
(9) Debbie does the DALLAS Devils - Pierre Thomas, RB, Saints
(10) WalterFootball.com
- Cardinals Defense
(11) Team 20 - Donald Lee, TE, Packers
(12) Lansdale's 100yd$tunna - Jason Wright, RB, Browns

MY PICK: Cardinals defense? Cardinals defense!? Hey, they force a lot of turnovers, they're going to garner a lot of sacks this year, and Steve Breaston has the ability to score a few touchdowns. Arizona was a top 10 fantasy defense last season, a fact that no one knows.

BEST PICK: Debbie Does the Dallas Devils didn't take a running back until Round 8, and he didn't take his best running back until Round 17. Deuce McAllister will get hurt this year, and when that happens, the talented Pierre Thomas will take over.

I'd actually like the opportunity to guarantee something. I guarantee Debbie Does the Dallas Devils will win this league and sweep me along the way (we're in the same division). His tactic of not drafting running backs until the eighth round, was heavily criticized, so there's some major karma on his side. Not only will he win the league; he'll completely revolutionize the way fantasy football owners draft. I can see it now - next year, Matthew Berry will scold anyone who takes their starting running back tandem before the final two rounds.


(1) Lansdale's 100yd$tunna - Greg Olsen, TE, Bears
(2) Team 20 - Neil Rackers, K, Cardinals
(3) WalterFootball.com
- Rob Bironas, K, Titans
(4) Debbie does the DALLAS Devils - Tarvaris Jackson, QB, Vikings
(5) Mad Dawgs - Kris Brown, K, Texans (coin flip)
(6) The Plague - Marcedes Lewis, TE, Jaguars
(7) Drew Rosenhaus - T.J. Duckett, RB, Seahawks
(8) 7-ELEVENer$ - Brian Leonard, RB, Rams
(9) The Prodigy - Hank Baskett, WR, Eagles
(10) The Phoenix - Shaun Alexander, RB, None
(11) Ipes Real Dad - Jason Campbell, QB, Redskins
(12) The AntiCure - LaMont Jordan, RB, Patriots

MY PICK: The Titans can run the ball well, so they'll be able to move the chains on occasions. However, Vince Young can't even score against Green Bay third-stringers, so the Titans will falter in the red zone. Enter Rob Bironas!

BEST PICK: Anyone who took a kicker in this round. If you didn't take a kicker in this round, that means you drafted one earlier. If you drafted one earlier, you've insulted Matthew Berry, who preaches that you should wait until the final round for your kicker. And if you've insulted the Matthew Berry, you are not his friend anymore. Next e-mail, my enemies!

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