Emmitt Smith Quotes, Mock Drafts and Debacled

This is the hub page for all of the Emmitt content on this Web site. Listed are:

  • Three Emmitt Anthologies, which contain all of Emmitt's quotes from his ESPN Days.

  • Emmitt's (fictional) NFL Mock Drafts.

  • Debacled: Fictional writing depicting what would happen in 2013 if Bill Belichick got caught cheating again and Emmitt was asked to take over as the head coach. Follow Emmitt's progress as he, a drunk quarterback, a fat water boy and a very hungry owner attempt to bring a Lombardi Trophy back to New England.

    Emmitt Smith Anthologies: Emmitt's Quotes

    The Emmitt Smith Anthology Volume 3 - 2010

    The Emmitt Smith Anthology Volume 2 - 2009

    The Emmitt Smith Anthology Volume 1 - 2008

    Emmitt Smith's NFL Mock Drafts

    Emmitt Smith's 2010 NFL Mock Draft Coming Soon

    Emmitt Smith's 2009 NFL Mock Draft

    Emmitt Smith's 2009 NFL Mock Draft


    Debacled - First 2 Seasons

    NFL Free Agents

    NFL Picks - Feb. 7

    2017 NFL Mock Draft - Feb. 5

    2016 NFL Mock Draft - Feb. 4

    2016 NBA Mock Draft - Feb. 2

    Fantasy Football Rankings - Jan. 15



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