kkunert327's End of the Season Rankings

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kkunert327's End of the Season Rankings
Published at 8/28/2016 6:25:09 PM

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These are my last power rankings as this is my final prediction for where everyone stands when the dust clears after the Super Bowl. I tried to keep bias out and went week by week to try and predict end of the year records. Obviously it can all change with an injury or an unpredictable breakout season, but I will try my best. Please give constructive critiques instead of a fanboy stance of ignorance. Here are my Super Bowl winners as the Patriots much like after Spygate will be coming for blood once Tom Brady is back. Their defense will keep them in games enough for Jimmy Garoppolo as he develops and even with a few hiccups he should be fine. The teams they play the first few weeks is simple outside of a loss to the Cardinals Week One. The Jets are better and can cause problems, but they seem to play brain dead against their dreaded rivals. In the end the best coach and quarterback will find a way to continue their success. A record of 13-3 is not out the question even after the 4 game suspension.



I really like the Packers to have a bounce back season even though last year they made the playoffs even winning a couple games it still felt like a busted year which started with Jordy Nelson getting hurt and the o-line along the year fell apart. Now with better line depth and a healthy Jordy the team should find it's balance again plus it seems like Eddie Lacy he found a renewed love for the game to get back in shape. Their plan to move Clay Matthews back outside will prove fruitful since that is where he plays his best. Ted Thompson has also drafted well in recent years rebuilding the defensive backfield. They play their tough games at home and I think the division outside of a pesky Vikings team is really weak. 15-1 is the high end record for this team, but of course some games may go either way.



I also really like the Cardinals who are one of my other favorites to win the Super Bowl, but there are too many question marks for me to feel confident. The defense is getting a pass rusher with Chandler Jones, but now Tyrann Mathieu is out for a few weeks still and has holes in the back end in general besides Patrick Peterson. The biggest key is the health of Palmer if he is healthy they have a shot if not then they can have a difficult route to the playoffs with a pretty tough schedule. I like them to get a 14-2 record, but the games against Seattle can go either way.



If not for a DeAngelo Williams fumble this team would have had a shot at the Super Bowl last year and with Le'Veon Bell hopefully coming back after his suspension the offense should be even more explosive. The loss of Martavis Bryant however is bigger than people lead on since Markus Wheaton and the hyped Sammie Coates do not seem capable of providing the same firepower. The defense gained a few upgrades in the backfield through the draft, but they probably will not be able to provide an immediate impact which is why I can not see them beating the Patriots. 13-3 is a generous record as their games within the division can go either way since the AFC North is always a tough division.



Carolina may be the best returning Super Bowl losers I have seen in a while since the team is still all intact and even gain Kelvin Benjamin. However, the offensive line is still one of the worst in the league and was exposed mightily in the playoffs. The defense will be fine with the loss of Norman since they drafted a slew of talent and I think he was more of a product of the system than his true talent. They play a few tough games on the road, but thankfully they play in a weak division. 13-3 is where they will end up.



Oakland is everyone's favorite dark horse and they are one of mine as well. They have a nice balance on both offense and defense with youth and talented veterans. Hell might have frozen over since they seem to have figured it all out. Khalil Mack and Derek Carr are leading this team to bigger and brighter things. However, I think one more year of seasoning until they are truly contenders for the Super Bowl when all of their youth are in their prime. 12-4 is a possible outcome as the Chiefs, Broncos, and Chargers are not as talented as this team and they play a fair share of winnable games at home with limited trips to the East Coast.



Seattle still has the best defense and Wilson is developing into a better passer each week it feels like. Unfortunately, I think they have by far one of the worst offensive lines and Russell can only avoid hard contact for so long. Also, their run game does not seem as secure without Lynch no matter how much faith the coaching staff has in Rawls and Michael. As long as Wilson and the defense is healthy they will have a shot for a strong season hopefully the egos can stay in check on defense or else this may be the last season they are all together when they leave looking for better pay. 12-4 is a decent record in a division where they play the Cards twice and have tough road games to Green Bay and New England.



The Colts with a healthy Luck is a dangerous team and even though his numbers are not the best he knows how to win and has brought a weak Colts team to the playoffs each season before his injury last year. The team realized that and overhauled his offensive line to try and keep their franchise quarterback upright. Their defense will let them down though, but Luck will drag this team as far as he can. The division is still not ready to compete with Luck's veteran ability 10-5 is where they will end up.



Everyone is scoffing at the Redskins success and do not want to believe in Kirk Cousins. I however think he is an ascending talent with a full offseason now to prepare as the teams undisputed starting quarterback. Even adding more talent on the outside of him and upgrading the defense with Josh Norman. I know I scoffed at him, but he is still better than the players they had before he showed up and he can help mentor the younger guys as his technique is above average for the league. Outside of the Giants they have 4 easy wins against the Cowboys and Eagles so a 12-4 record is not out of the question if Kirk keeps lighting it up.

10 CIN


I am not a fan of Andy Dalton, but the Bengals o-line and defense are some of the best in the league. The defense is scary even after losing some talent they drafted well to reload around the veterans even after losing Will Jackson for the season. Andy Dalton though will never be good enough to take over a game and win in the playoffs where the best qbs prove their worth. Even so this team is good enough overall for a 12-4 record maybe less in a tough division.

11 KCC


The Chiefs are in the same boat as the offense is okay and the defense is very good. Andy Reid who is an offensive coach by trade has become a good architect for building a strong defense. Sadly, Alex Smith is wasting it as he is a very average quarterback similar to Andy Dalton. The running game could help him out, but Jamaal Charles must stay healthy and for some reason finding Smith outside help across from Maclin is something Andy Reid does not seem to want to fix. 11-5 record is still not out of the question as long as Andy Reid does not do one of his poor clock management episodes.

12 NYG


I like the Giants this season especially if new head coach Ben McAdoo can avoid the fourth quarter blunders that plagued Tom Coughlin's career. The offense will be better if they can find a balance in their running back stable as it seemed like they lost their rhythm a lot last season. The defense got a lot of help in free agency, but as well all know free agency winners never pan out in the real season. I do think they made smart moves as they had one of the worst defenses. Just like the Redskins they get 4 easy wins against the Cowboys and Eagles so 11-5 is not totally impossible.

13 MIN


The Vikings are a nice team and much like the Chiefs and Bengals they just do not have the quarterback to make a difference in the postseason. Which is a shame since the defense is stacked with talent from the front to the back. AP should play one more high level season and even so his back ups are not bad and the o-line is solid. 10-6 is their record with a shot to sneak into the playoffs.

14 NYJ


I see the season going the same as last season for the Jets where they look great all season, but blow up in December. Let's be real Fitz is a below average quarterback and if anything is saving his job by making the Jets have a low draft pick so they cannot draft his replacement. The defense is great, but I think the secondary is shaky even with Revis who is aging quickly. 10-6 is where they end up and I do not seem them leapfrogging the Patriots anytime soon.

15 BAL


The Ravens are a team who will bounce back just by avoiding injuries that plagued them last season. They have the veterans on both sides of the ball to help keep the team in contention and thanks to injuries last season they found Buck Allen and Kamar Aiken can both contribute after being forced into big roles last year. They had 12 draft picks this past draft so depth issues should not be as bad as last season. 9-7 is a solid bounce back give it another year and they should be able to churn out draft gems again.

16 NOS


The Saints are a boring team on an upswing. Their defense has to get better since there is nowhere to go, but up. Unfortunetly, their rookie stud Sheldon Rankins is out for the season, but their draft overall was not bad so they have a shot to improve. Most importantly they have a new defensive coordinator instead of the overrated Rob Ryan. Drew Brees has a few more strong years left to be able to keep this team afloat. 8-8 is a nice record thanks to an easy home schedule.

17 JAC


This is one darling I am not buying into since a free agency winning team never pans out it just never works. They drafted great and their offense is nice, but this team is still extremely young and will not be ready to be on the big stage for at least another season. I think they messed up by giving Malik Jackson all of that money and they have a terrible o-line which can end up hurting Bortles after being the second most sacked quarterback behind Andrew Luck the past few seasons. 8-8 is a great record for a team trapped in the top 5 draft picks for a decade.

18 TBB


I like the Bucs and where they are headed after drafting very well outside of a random kicker pick, but hey he can end up being the leagues best kicker for 20 years so that is not terrible. Jameis Winston much like Andrew Luck is a gamer and a winner who will find ways no matter how ugly to win. He is an underrated leader to the media after a year being named rookie captain for his team as voted on by his teammates. The defense is ascending drafting two possible studs in Vernon Hargreaves and Noah Spence to go along with Gerald McCoy. 8-8 is a solid record for a team a year or two out from truly competing.

19 TEN


Much like the Bucs I like where the Titans are heading adding talent around Mariota to protect him. They upgraded the line to help avoid him running for his life and added to bulldozing running backs for him to be able to lean back on. The defense is still a work in progress along with the receivers, but you cannot fix all of your woes in one offseason. 7-9 is a very good record for a franchise in need of hope.

20 MIA


Unfortunately, unlike the Bucs and Titans the Dolphins are the falling star after a solid season that saw Ryan Tannehill get paid he followed it up with a terrible year. In reality he does not deserve the money, but I cannot fault him for taking it since he is a lower version of Andy Dalton. Even Adam Gase will not be able to fix him the line in front of Tannehill can help assist him a little from being terrible. They still do not have a sure thing at running back which is usually the quarterbacks best friend. The defense could be better, but Ndamukong Suh's bad attitude I think is spreading across the team on that side of the ball and unless he plays to his talent the team will be in decline. 6-10 is a lucky record with an easy schedule.

21 DEN


Yes, I know the Broncos won with a poor Peyton Manning, but he is a huge step above Siemian, Lynch, and Sanchez all of whom is incapable of directing an offense to beat a defense. Manning's intelligence down the strech is what helped cover up his inefficiencies. The defense will be fine, but defense only wins championships they do not win the regular season, offense does. Plus they lost a lot of talent on that side of the ball this off season with more to leave after this season after Von Miller's massive contract. 5-11 is the record for the defending Super Bowl champs.

22 BUF


This team would be better if not for all the injuries and suspensions heading into the season. They lost both their first and second rounders in Shaq Lawson and Reggie Ragland to injuries, plus Marcel Dareus is out for the first four games. Sammy Watkins on offense is unable to stay healthy and I doubt Tyrod Taylor can either with his poor offensive line. Also the Ryans are two overrated coaches who cannot seem to recapture their defensive prowess that help them keep getting jobs. There's no chance this team beats the truly good teams being outclassed in the coaching realm they can beat up on the bad teams however. 5-11 is the record for a franchise mired in mediocrity.

23 SDC


I do not like the morale of this team especially since there could be distrust between players and the front office after the Joey Bosa issue, but from the very beginning I thought he would not help this team as he seems to not fit the defensive scheme to begin with. Rivers again will get beat up behind a poor o-line, but hopefully a healthy Gates and Keenan Allen can bail him out a bit along with Danny Woodhead. The defense is still pretty bad however and they play a tough schedule with a lot of long road trips. 5-11 is where they end up maybe worse if Rivers gets hurt which would not be surprising.

24 ATL


I think the Falcons have a shot at being one of the worst teams in the league which is half gut feeling, half factual thoughts. They play a brutal schedule with the Panthers twice, a better Bucs and Saints twice, the Raiders and Broncos on the road, a match up with the Seahawks and many more. This team drafted in my eyes poorly not addressing the pass rush and linebackers like they should have with Dan Quinn relying on his college recruiting past too much. Matt Ryan is okay and if not for Julio Jones being so good it would be more obvious that he's one of the most overrated quarterbacks. 5-11 is what is possible after the schedule from hell for a team who just simply did not improve over the off season.

25 HOU


Unlike everyone else I do not believe in the Brock Osweiler hype train. He had a shot last season to lead the Broncos to the Super Bowl, but simply did nothing to prove he is a franchise quarterback. For such a large quarterback he looks scared in the pocket hardly throwing the ball deep relying on check downs. The Texans defense especially with a JJ Watt who is probably missing a few weeks is not good enough to cover up Brock's inefficiencies. Jadeveon Clowney is finally taking the game seriously, but the secondary and linebackers are nothing to brag about. A tough schedule and a division of up and coming teams saddles the Texans with a 4-12 record unless Brock proves he is a half decent quarterback.

26 CHI


I initially liked the thought of John Fox's second year turn around, but this team is not able to do with it's lack of depth and second year of training camps where key players go down. I like the GM Ryan Pace drafting and using free agency well, but this team is still rebuilding and it's not even on Jay Cutler this season as the rest of the offense is mediocre at best. The line is terrible, Jeremy Langford still needs to prove himself along with Kevin White and I cannot trust Alshon to stay healthy all year. John Fox also is to blame as many players have been hurt during practice which may be on him for going to hard during the week and then he talks cryptically to the media he is basically just like Jeff Fisher who the media hypes up, but has done nothing to prove it. 4-12 is the record for another frustrating year for the fans. (Me included)

27 SFO


This team can go one of two ways being a terrible team with Blaine Gabbert playing like he does. Or Kaepernick finally snaps out of his funk and decides to stop being a punk and actually play football especially since Chip Kelly's offense is built for a guy with his skill set. It will not help the team a ton, but it would make them competitive. The offensive talent itself is terrible, but the defense is not bad. If Chip Kelly can just coach and let his GM do player acquisition this team can turn around sooner rather than later. 4-12 is what it would be with Colin and could be worse with Blaine.

28 DET


This may be the end of the line for Matthew Stafford since this franchise's fans are growing more and more frustrated with his lack of progress. He plays well, but never well enough to push this team over the hump. This teams inability to help him is also an issue with a poor running back stable since he has been in the league and allowing his best option to retire early. The defense is just okay with a few studs like Ezekiel Ansah, but not enough to help Stafford. 3-13 is where they end up and within ear shot to draft Stafford's replacement.

29 LA


Goff will have a lot of growing pains and has shown to be a bit brittle during this preseason which may be best if he does not start right away. The defense is amazing, but lost a lot of talent last off season. Their biggest issues is on offense however, with a terrible o-line and absolutely nobody on the outside for Goff to go to. Teams will stack the box to stop Todd Gurley from beating him until Goff proves himself. This may take longer than the front office returning to LA thought 2-14 is not the best record for a homecoming.

30 PHI


The Eagles get lucky with being able to steal wins against the Cowboys to help their record otherwise they could be the worst team in the league. Carson Wentz should not start he is not ready for the speed of the NFL and his talent around him will make life very difficult to develop in. The defense transitioning to 4-3 is influx and void of depth to sustain that formation so I doubt they will help keep the offense in the game. Plus, in my opinion all rookie quarterbacks should sit and learn only a few are capable of jumping in and contributing and even then it's not pretty i.e. Luck, both Mannings, and Stafford. Meanwhile quarterbacks who sit tend to shine a bit more like Rodgers, Brady, and Romo. 2-14 is this teams best hope with or without Wentz.

31 DAL


Even before Romo's injury I did not think this team had a shot in hell to make the playoffs unlike their blind fan base. The defense is the biggest issue having 3 of their best players are suspended throughout the season. Even before then they had no pass rush, secondary, and one good linebacker in Sean Lee who is a walking zombie ready to break apart at any moment. The offense even with Elliott will be stagnant since Prescott who shined against the second team defenses will struggle against the real thing. Dez Bryant will probably mail it in just like last year when Romo got hurt. There is way to many negatives even before Romo going down that I do not understand why anyone had hope for this team. 2-14 is a good number maybe if Romo returns he can win a game, but at this point with so many back injuries he should just retire.

32 CLE


I actually have more hope for the Browns than the Cowboys especially if RG3 is anywhere as good as he could be. Hue Jackson is a good coach and should get the most out of him. Along with Griffin they drafted a ton of receivers to where at least one or two should shine. They also drafted a ton on defense with their endless supply of picks where at least a few should be serviceable. 1-15 is my prediction, but I would not be surprised if they play better than what people think.

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