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kkunert327's NFL Power Rankings
Published at 10/1/2020 10:15:54 PM

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I was a doubter of the Chiefs looking as good as they did last year this year, but man have they out done themselves. They have a true understanding of who they are with a balanced offense giving Mahomes a ton of time with the ability to fake defenses out with a strong run game. Their defense has been surprisingly stingy and difficult to match up with despite a young secondary. All in all they are 3-0 and they honestly made it look easy with Mahomes looking like he barely broke a sweat in any game thus far.



I had the Packers as one of my dark horse favorites to win the Super Bowl and so far so good on my prediction. Rodgers looks to be on a mission this year and as I expected after the drafting of Jordan Love. The former MVP works best with a fire lit under him and Love is just the thing to do it. Their defense is also a sneaky strong one from front to back. Granted they could always do better in the run, but they do enough to be a difficult match up for most teams they will face this year.



I sort of thought the Ravens rolling in with generally the same roster as last year with a few rookie additions was going to be a bit of a let down. Sure they look fantastic beating up lesser teams, but again when they meet a team that can smack them in the mouth they faltered. Their defense is lacking a pass rush and leaving their rather talented secondary out to dry. Meanwhile Jackson lacks a true go to weapon to look for on crucial third downs and in the red zone. He can only rely on his legs so much against top teams like the Chiefs and Steelers. It will be interesting if they can bounce back and make more noise in the playoffs this year.



I never doubted the Steelers would be back in contention with Big Ben back in the fold. They nearly snuck into the playoffs with Duck Hodges under center for peat sake. Their defense is still one of the best in the league and continue to harass quarterbacks with their terrific pass rush. Ben and JuJu seem to be picking it up right where they left off. All in all I really think this team could end up knocking off the Ravens for the top team in the AFC North.



The Seahawks to me are a Russel Wilson away from being the worst team in the league. This defense is nowhere near what it used to be during their Super Bowl run. However, with Wilson they will be a threat to be a Super Bowl winner come years end. He has been terrific and I dare say he might be the best football player in the league, just edging out Mahomes who has had better talent around him. At the end of the day however, this defense needs to get better for them to be a true threat to dethrone the Chiefs.



I am still not sold on the Bucs being one of the best teams in the league. Brady looks fine when he plays toothless defenses like the Panthers and Broncos, but he still has not had to battle another tough test like the Saints were. Actually, the Saints do not look like the world beaters everyone saw of them to begin the season. I do think long term they should be better than the Saints, but something just feels off on the offense. Brady and coach Arians do not seem to be meshing well together. It would not be shocking if the two split after this season.



Here we are again with the Patriots looking like one of the best teams in the AFC despite not having Tom Brady under center. Cam has surprised me a ton with how crisp his throwing mechanics and accuracy has looked. It looks even better than his peak down in Carolina, and his running is just as devastating to defenses. They could have been 3-0 if they just used some time outs and had a better play on that 1 yard stop against the Seahawks. All in all this team is right back on top and should still be a threat to reach the Super Bowl even without Brady.

8 LA


The Rams lost to the Bills, but I still see them as the better team between the two. They were down big at one point and battle back to being a bad call away from pulling off the "upset." They have a renewed interest in building a run game despite their top backs getting hurt and relying on guys like Darrell Henderson. Goff also looks much more comfortable than he did last year when a lot was put on his shoulders to pull off victories. They have been one of the more surprising teams in the NFL in my opinion and have the roster to be a threat in the playoffs again.



I am not one ready to crown the Bills as the new king of the AFC East. So far they beat up on a bad Dolphins and Jets team. Then they were one bad call away from blowing the game against an LA Ram team that had to make two trips to the East Coast in consecutive weeks. That is always a tall task for any West Coast team. Allen has looked well enough, but they struggle to find balance on offense with a run game. Their defense also lacks bite in their pass rush to sustain this sort of run they are on.

10 IND


I sort of figured the Colts would be a pretty solid team this year, but their shaky start to begin the season had me worried. However, since then they have sported one of the better defenses in the league to go along with a well balanced offenses. Phillip Rivers looks mighty fine in a different sort of blue uniform and looks energized behind what could be the best o-line in the NFL. Their match up with the Bears is one of the juicier ones of the season and could end up defining both teams seasons for the rest of the year.

11 NOS


I sort of saw this downfall from the Saints and I always thought they were one Michael Thomas injury away to look pedestrian on offense. Lucky for them Alvin Kamara does not has as much wear and tear yet being only the beginning of the season. Brees with his lack of confidence in his arm seems plenty content to dump it off to Kamara until Thomas gets back. However, Kamara has never been known to be the most durable back ever since his days in college. Their defense has also been quite troubling so far to start the year. So much for the NFC South being one of the best divisions in football.

12 TEN


Personal opinion, I think every game the Titans miss due to their COVID issues they should forfeit their games. Breaking protocol should be a higher punishment than just rescheduling the game down the road. Now the Steelers are screwed out of a proper bye week and the Titans get no real punishment for slipping up. Besides that point, I think the Titans offensively are pretty bad with Ryan Tannehill and luckily only had to go up against a bunch of poor defenses. When it comes down to it, I think they are pretty lucky to only have to play in the AFC's weakest division. I would not be shocked once their schedule gets tougher than they start to drop off a bit.

13 CHI


The Bears are the least favorite 3-0 team in the league and I get that. Their defense has been a sieve this year in the run game and clearly they probably should have lost to the Lions and Falcons. However, there has to be something to say about pulling off victories in those two games. Their defense is pretty seasoned so a turn around to form would not be shocking. It also would not be surprising if Foles can stay healthy all year that this offense will be actually competent with his willingness to throw down field compared to dump off Mitch. It will show a lot if they beat the Colts if this team is for real or not.

14 SFO


The 49ers catch quite a break right now with all their injuries, but only having to face the Jets, Giants, and Eagles during that time to weather the storm. Of course, it would help a ton to get Jimmy G back with guys like Bosa, Sherman, and others being already lost for the season. However, the injuries to me will have them playing outmatched to better teams this year in division like the Rams and Seahawks, maybe even the Cardinals. All in all I sort of thought they would have a drop off after losing the Super Bowl and playing a tougher 1st place schedule like all Super Bowl losers tend to do.

15 ARI


The Cardinals are right about where I thought they would be this year as a young up and coming team. Unfortunately, for them they play in a division with the 49ers, Seahawks, and Rams who are all more seasoned and solid teams. Murray will continue to make this team competitive along with his new pal DeAndre Hopkins leading the way. Their o-line needs improvements as does their running game before they are ready to take a huge leap into the Super Bowl conversation.

16 DAL


Can I say, there is no other team more fascinated with being a sizzle team over substance than the Cowboys. They paid Zeke Elliott a ton of money, but suddenly they want to be a pass first offense with all these weapons. You know why they won a ton of games when they first had Dak, it was keeping the game in check with a strong ground game and winning the time of possession game. Their defense is certainly not capable to win many shoot out games and I really think they can go either way this season in the win column if this style of play continues. More so the losing side.

17 CLE


If the Browns maintain their identity as a running football team, then they have the ability to be this year's version of last year's Titans. However, unlike the Titans I do not think their defense is good enough to keep the score reasonable to play with a strong running game. If they get into shootouts, I really cannot see Mayfield coming out on top in many victories. Like the Chargers, with the expanded playoffs and lack of second tier teams in the AFC they could sneak into the playoffs.

18 SDC


This is the curse to me if you have to start a rookie quarterback this season. The Chargers had a terrific roster outside of maybe o-line and linebackers. However, the season will be certainly up and down as Herbert gets his feet under him. I did like what I see from him the past two starts, but this will go the same for him as it does for Burrow. They are both extremely behind the 8 ball with a lack of a proper off season having to learn on the fly. With a roster like the Chargers that is certainly less than ideal. The only bonus for them is that the AFC is a generally weak conference so making the playoffs is not that outrageous.

19 OAK


The Raiders had a fluky win against the Saints, but they have the talent to do that every so often. However, this defense is still the same since Jon Gruden's arrival. They have no pass rush to speak of and shaky corner play. It also does not help that their hopeful rookie speedster Henry Ruggs is not on the field and it also never helped that it looked like he and Derek Carr had no sort of rapport with each other. Carr is a nice quarterback, but something clearly happened to him from his promising possible MVP season to now. He is terrified to throw the ball down field and make a mistake. I think some of that is the short leash that Gruden has on him.

20 MIN


Maybe having 15 rookies on the roster is not such a good thing? They had all these picks for a reason since they lost so much talent the past two seasons on the defensive side of the ball. Then they lost even more with the losses of their top corners Trae Waynes, Mackensie Alexander, Xavier Rhodes along with Linval Joseph and Everson Griffen on their defensive front. No wonder they have one of the worst defenses in the league right now, but it also gets compounded when they never upgraded the o-line in front of Kirk Cousins. Oh did I mention they kicked Stefon Diggs to the curb also. All in all there is no shocker that a team with so much turnover and no off season looks so terrible right now.

21 MIA


I have the Dolphins highish here just on the fact that I think Brian Flores is a very good coach that I can see being one of the best in a few seasons. He gets the team to play hard on both sides of the ball despite a lack of terrific talent. His defense has a little more talent now with the amount they spent on it last off season, but a lack of a real off season made it hard to gel together and it might take another off season before we see it flourish. That is also why I think there should be no rush to see Tua on the field and sitting would be just fine for his development. I have no clue why people are so in a rush to see these young guys go out there and play with bad talent around them on offense. There is a reason why the teams that drafted them could get them, the teams are pretty bad. Playing with a bad team can create bad habits like we have seen with Darnold, Mayfield, and Trubisky. Patience is just fine just ask the Ravens and Chiefs with their star quarterbacks.

22 DET


Detroit to me is always an okay team and somewhere in the middle thanks to Matthew Stafford. That man has propped up a terrible organization for awhile now and continues to get blasted by the media for not being a good quarterback. He has never had a good or even solid defense to back him, never had a very good running back, and never had a top coach to help him out. I hope Stafford gets a second act elsewhere to be properly appreciated across the league and media.

23 HOU


Ah Houston is right where we expected after three weeks with three tough opponents. It also shows how badly coach and GM Bill O'Brien has built this team. I do not blame him for trading away disgruntled DeAndre Hopkins, but how do they get so little back for him. Same could be said for giving up so much to get Brandin Cooks to "replace" Hopkins. Then the year prior trading for Laremy Tunsil giving up a ton. He clearly has been cashing checks he cannot cash and after giving Watson a massive contract he has dug himself a hole to build this roster up moving forward. This would be a difficult job to sell to a prospective GM moving forward. If not for Watson this team would be in contention to be one of the worst and at 0-3 they are pretty close.

24 PHI


I know how it looks in Philly with the vitriol all ready gaining on coach Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz, but getting rid of either of those guys would be a terrible idea. Pederson is still a great coach and Wentz still is one of the better quarterbacks in the league. This team just needs to reload talent along the o-line and the back half of their defense. However, that is been an issue for awhile now and if you ask me this is Howie Roseman not being proactive enough to prepare for those issues after winning a Super Bowl. Also can I say how dumb guys like Pederson, Lane Johnson, and Chris Long were by saying it was more "fun" winning in Philly than say elsewhere. How does it feel now for the two still on the team now? It's all fun and games when you win, but a real dynasty knows what it takes to be good year in and year out. They wait until they retire to even think about writing a book on winning.

25 CIN


I would put the Bengals in the same boat as the Jags where they have young talent and they play hard, but it just will not equal to wins this year. Joe Burrow has proven me wrong and I can already see him being one of the better young quarterbacks in the league much like Josh Allen has become. Unfortunately, for him he plays on a team unwilling to spend money and clearly overlooks improving the offensive line. Burrow will have tough sledding, but luckily he looks the part of being willing to put up with it.

26 CAR


The Panthers are much worst than I thought they would be. I thought their draft class of Derrick Brown, Yetur Gross-Matos, and Jeremy Chinn would enhance their defense, but that has yet to materialize. It also does not help that Teddy Bridgewater looks awfully pedestrian away from New Orleans, but you could chalk that up to a new coach in Matt Rhule with no proper off season to grow with. This team will be better next year, but for the moment they look terrible against the run and pass, which is never a good thing.

27 ATL


Arthur Blank has to be the nicest owner in the league and it shows with how long a leash he has given coach Dan Quinn. Year in and year out their defense plays like a sieve giving up yards to even the most mediocre of quarterbacks. What is worst is that they have many high drafted players on that side of the ball so it's not a talent issue, but to me a coaching one. Quinn's "specialty" when hired was supposed to be defense, but it clearly did not travel with him from his previous gig in Seattle when had a team full of All-Pros. Side note: Trading away Matt Ryan or blaming him is ridiculous, the man puts up a perfect game week in and out, but the play calling late and weak defense is not his fault. If you move off from him, I doubt you even draft a guy that will be half as good as him in the next few years.

28 JAC


I never thought the Jags were totally "tanking" just because they jettisoned two disgruntled players in Leonard Fournette and Yannick Ngakoue. While both are great players, I do not think they would have made a difference regardless. Minshew has the makings of maybe the next late round gem at quarterback, but he certainly needs more help on offense from his lack of talent at receiver and a leaky o-line. Overall, I think this team is a team you do not want to sleep on, but also not really good to win many games this year.

29 WAS


The Football Team have what could be a very scary defense if they figure out how to find some quality corners to pair with their terrific front seven. However, that is not the issue for this team. Their offense is inept and relying on just Terry McLaurin to be their top offensive threat was a huge oversight by their GM and Coaching staff. On most teams McLaurin is a very strong 2nd option or slot receiver, but probably should not be a top go to weapon. Haskins is still looking like a disappointment and is now not helping the case for fellow Buckeye Justin Fields to be a high pick in my opinion. No Buckeye quarterback in recent memory has made a proper transition to the NFL. Overall, with a retooling of the offense I would not be shocked if Washington with this terrific young defense ends up being a strong sleeper pick.

30 DEN


I think it's terrible for a team with such high hopes to begin the season is now looking like they can lose to the lowly Jets. Injuries have certainly wiped this team out of contention and I truly hope that John Elway will be willing to stick with Drew Lock for another season. Hopefully he can get a real off season to work with his teammates unlike this past off season. I also hope they land a new offensive minded head coach. I love Vic Fangio, but it's clear to most now there was a reason why he took so long to get a head coaching gig, he is just an excellent defensive coordinator.

31 NYJ


Now if the Jets win tonight against the Broncos this may change, but not really. That's a game they should win with the Broncos playing so many back ups. From top down this organization is a mess from their owners Woody and Chris Johnson to their head coach Adam Gase. I really hope Darnold gets to go elsewhere after this season so Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields can replace him in this nightmare. Darnold can play and I can see him having a Ryan Tannehill type resurgence on another team. Joe Douglass has his work cut out for him, but he found possibly the best left tackle in Mekhi Becton so maybe hope is not all lost for the future.

32 NYG


I really think the Giants are the worst team in the league. What excuses do they really have besides having their best running back out? There are teams like the 49ers on their 3rd string back and still shredding them to a 20 point victory. After focusing so much on defense they seemed to forget how much talent that Daniel Jones needs to be successful. Plus, I think Jones has taken a huge step back and has yet to figure out his fumbling issues. There might be a quick pull on the Jones experiment in New York under a presumably new GM.

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