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Gxd333's NFL Power Rankings
Published at 7/8/2020 8:46:05 PM

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The Saints have a dominate team with virtually no weakness. They have a stud offense with Dre Brees at QB, Thomas at WR and Karma at RB along with a top 3 offensive line. Their defense is solid, it would be even better if they could sign another edge rusher and there are several still on the market. As long as Covid-19 doesn't destroy the season I think this is the year the Saints lift the trophy again.



I am going to point out for the rest of my life that I stated in mock drafts on this website that Lamar Jackson should be the #1 overall pick by the Cleveland Browns (my favorite team). He showed why this past year. The Ravens are bringing everyone back plus they had an amazing draft along with great offseason. Jackson is dedicated to proving everyone wrong and I think the Ravens over take the Chiefs to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl this year.



The Chiefs won the super bowl and signed Mahomes to the biggest contract extension in NFL history. It is very hard to repeat as the best team in the NFL because everyone is gunning for you and it's only natural to not work as hard because you made it. Ask everyone not named the Patriots how hard it is to get back to the Super Bowl. I think the Chiefs might be the exception because Mahomes works very hard and Andy Reid is such a good coach. However, Chris Jones is unhappy with the franchise tag and no long term contract so his play could suffer to go along with their offensive line which is only middle of the road. Mahomes and Reid will keep them at the top but I don't see them repeating.



The 49ers have a dominant defensive line to go along with a strong offensive line and running game. Garoppolo needs to improve for them to make the leap and he has more experience now. I think the 49ers will be in it for the next few years but they will have a hard time getting past the Saints.



The Colts have a top 3 offensive line to go along with stud RB's and a good defense. If Rivers isn't washed up, TY Hilton stays healthy and their young draft picks (J. Taylor) pan out this team could be real dangerous as Rivers will be motivated to win a Super Bowl. I see a run heavy scheme with Taylor and Mack plus a well protected Rivers that eats up opposing defensives.



The GOAT Tom Brady has gone from a poor supporting cast to an extremely stellar receiving group to work with. The Bucs also had a tremendous run defense. If their RT (Wirfs) plays just average and Brady can hit his receivers then this team will be battling for a Super Bowl appearance.



The Eagles made the playoffs behind Carson Wentz even though they had a ton of injuries. Wentz showed just how talented he is, now if he can just play in the post season without getting hurt. The Eagles have a great defensive line, two stud TE's and a good to great OL if Dillard plays well. If their WR's can stay healthy they could be contending at the end of the season. PS - I like the Jalen Hurts pick, I think he is a potential stud, they can develop him and trade him for a 1st round pick or use him when Wentz gets injured again.



The Bills have a great team already as they have made the playoffs and improved in the offseason. Josh Allen is growing along with plenty of offensive weapons now. They defense is solid, the one weakness is the offensive line. It just isn't that good. The Bills are a playoff team but nothing more until they improve that area.



Oh, the Green Bay Packers, what on earth did you do? It has been overstated to this point but let's do it again just because it was so bone headed. Instead of taking one of the many dynamic WR's in this draft they picked Jordan Love who at best is a long term project at QB, then they took a RB in round 2 instead of a WR or TE to bolster their weapons. The Pack was 13-3 last year and they will have another good year but once again be let down during playoff time. Rodgers is still a top QB but like Tom Brady is no longer able to do it on his one, he needs guys that can actually get open and make plays.

10 SEA


Russell Wilson is the arguably the best QB in the league because he does so much with so little. For years the Seahawks have had a terrible offensive line and for years they continue to draft 4th round RB's in the 1st round or run stuffing linebackers that can be found in the 4th round. I mean really? What is the difference between Brooks and Malik Harrison whom the Ravens drafted in the 4th round? The difference being the Ravens are the most well run NFL organization and Seattle is bottom 10. Wilson will once again drag his team into the playoffs but they will not have the talent to beat the best in the league.

11 DET


The Lions are in a great place to really improve. Stafford was playing like a top 5 QB before he got hurt. With adding Swift to their already talented playmakers this offense could really surprise some people. If their defensive additions play well then this is a sure fire playoff team.

12 NEP


The signing of Cam Newton this is a playoff team again. As long as Newton is healthy than his running and passing skills will be maximized by the Great Bill. Look for a Ravens style offense that will put defenses in bad places. The defense was absolutely dominant last year and should be again as it was spear headed by the best secondary in the NFL.

13 DAL


They have a top 10 offensive line along with a trio of WRs and arguably the best RB in the NFL. This offense should contend for tops in the league especially if they trade for David Njoku TE from Cleveland. The defense will be average unless old pass rusher regain form which is why they only make the playoffs.

14 CLE


The Browns have upgraded the #1 weakness from last year with 2 new offensive tackles. This should allow Mayfield to thrive as the skill positions of the Browns are 2nd to no one. Nick Chubb finished 2nd in rushing and his back up is Kareem Hunt who could start for a dozen NFL teams, Beckham and Laundry are as dominant as a WR duo as any team and the TE position is loaded especially if the keep Njoku which I think they should (Hooper, Njoku and Bryant). If their young CBs stay healthy to go along with the best pass rusher in the NFL, Myles Garrett, then this team could make the leap that people thought they would last year. In the end I think it's a playoff run as a rookie LT and weak LB core hold them back.

15 MIN


Thw Vikings have been a very solid team. Cousins gets too much criticism for a solid starting QB. They have lost too much talent to be anything morw than a playoff team espe3if Cook holds out. Mattison is solid but not enough to carry them in that scenario.

16 TEN


Will the real Tannehill please stand up? If Tannehill and his WRs can repeat last year then they can really contend. The other issue is Derrick Henry, players that have lead the league in carries just don't hold up long. I know Henry is a beast but can he continue mauling the big and strongest players in the world? Too many obstacles to buy anything other than another 9-7, 10-6 finish with a playoff game.

17 PIT


This team has a dominant defense that could take them to a Super Bowl with an average offense. Is Ben healthy? Can he he make the offense magical again? If so Pittsburgh is a legit contender with its defense and offensive line. I am better that Ben is just average.

18 NYJ


The Jets looked much better at the end of the year when Darnold was fully recovered. They made some solid additions in the draft and free agency. They offensive line and pass rush are a weakness but they are flirting with the playoffs.

19 OAK


The Raiders had a very solid off-season and if all the peices come together they could make the playoffs but I am guessing that Ruggs struggles as a rookie and Carr doesn't enter the MVP race which is what they need to be a contender.

20 ATL


The Falcons have really fallen. Their offensive line is half good and their defense just doesn't have what it takes to be more than an average team.

21 HOU


The Texans are going to fall flat this year. Watson has been their saving grace but he can't do everything. The offensive line isn't great, the defense is poor and they have the worst Head coach/General manager in football.

22 DEN


Lock didn't get a full season of experience and some of their offensive weapons are young. They do get Chubb back to form a dynamic pass rushing duo again but Lock and,company will need a year before they reach playoff status.

23 ARI


The Cardinals made some good moves but not enough to reach the playoffs. Their offensive line is still bad, Drake isn't going to make it a full season without getting hurt and the plan to play Simmons at LB is bad. Simmons barely played LB in college. He pkayed safety and slot which is where he should play in the NFL. All of this points to being better than 5 wins but still not there.

24 NYG


The Giants are trending up but Jones is going to need to actually show me that he wont have a billion turnovers and their defense is going to stop who? Barkley will get it exciting but they need more talent to compete.

25 LA


People seem to have forgotten what a dominant offensive line does for a team. Everyone keeps talking about Goff this and Goff that. Frankly, when they made it to the Super Bowl he had a top 5 OL, it had only gotten worse. This year will be no different as they have 3 high priced players and nothing else.

26 CHI


See above about offensive line. It won't matter who the QB is as the OL can't block. They defense is top 10 but that just won't be enough.

27 MIA


Making moves in the right direction. Please, please sit Tua foe the entire year so that NFL fans everywhere get to see a star in the making instead of someone thrown to the sharks that never develops. Love the secondary commitment as pass civerage is vital to elite defenes but that won't be enough this year but hopefully in the next 3 it includes a Super Bowl run which they can do if they sit Tua and continue to have excellent drafts with all the capital they have acquired.

28 CAR


The Panthers made some weird moves this off-season. They signed a QB to a big contract, traded a young OL for and old injury prone OL and then went all defense in the draft while bringing in a new regime. If it had been me, I would have brought in the new regime, went with Kyle Allen for a year to see what I have and probably get another high draft pick to get one of the stud And in next year's draft and take an OT instead of DT but whatever. I guess they want to waste the best RB in the league.

29 SDC


Their offensive line is crap just ask Rivers. Their stars are always getting hurt and they have an average QB and a rookie QB. All things point to a high draft pick next year.

30 JAC


The NFL really needs an exception clause for bad owners that maje stupid decisions over and over again. How does an organization chase away all of its top talent? Ask the Jags. This team is mediocre with maybe 1 stud. It has a poor OL, young untalented defense and a 2nd year 6th round QB. Good luck.

31 WAS


The Redskins are on the right track. I hope they don't spin the wheels of young Haskins too fast. This offense has zero talent. They will need at least 2 years to draft some playmakers and OL. At least they have a dominant defensive line. Now, seriously, if I was in charge I would run a 5-1-5 defense. I would put 5 stud DL on the field to take advantage of the teams strength.

32 CIN


Oh Joe Burrow, your reward for having the greatest college football season ever is to get crushed like a 5 year boy trying to play high school football. The offensive line is GARBAGE. Jonah Williams isn't going to fix everything. He is essentially a rookie starting at LT. The team also overpaid for washed up DBs from the Vikings. They won't be able to block anyone nor covet anyone. Hopefully, they make some good draft choices over the,next 3 years and Burrows cant eventually turn this franchise into a contender but it won't be this year.

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