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Gxd333's NFL Power Rankings
Published at 5/4/2020 9:56:28 PM

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The Ravens had the best regular season record, 14-2. They did get knocked out in the playoffs to a team with a strength against their biggest weakness (power rushing offense). They also had the best offseason of anyone. They signed/traded for quality defensive linemen and had an "A" draft. The picked 2 LB's that can help immediately as well as getting better on offense if that is possible with Dobbins and Dunvernay. Not to mention Jackson will be in his 3rd season and even better.



The Chiefs are the Super Bowl champs and they have pretty much the same team. They got somewhat better in the draft. I am not as excited on the Clyde pick as everyone else. I think they could have taken Swift who would produce more yards from the same opportunities. They could have taken a defensive starter and gotten Cldye with their 2nd round pick. They still have Mahomes and that is good enough to be at the top.



The 49ers lost in the Super Bowl last year and had a neutral off season. I think they could have done much better than Kinlaw and Aiyuk in the first round. They could have had Juedy and Trevon Diggs. As it stands Kinlaw and Aiyuk should be close to replacing Buckner and Sanders so it's a wash.



The Saints have a talented team especially at QB where they might have the best 3 headed monster in NFL history. Overall the Saints had a solid offseason and I think the top 3 draft picks (Ruiz, Baun, and Trautman) could all contribute as rookies. They also improved at WR#2 which should really help Thomas be even better, is that possible?



The Packers finished 13-3 last year and they still have Rodgers. Well, I would demand a trade if I was him because they wasted the first 3 picks of the draft. They still have a talented team and Aaron Jones to go along with Adams and Rodgers. They still have a Super Bowl window.



The Bills made the playoffs as a young team and had arguably the best offseason of any team. They filled their biggest area of need, signed some quality players and had an A+ draft. The Patriots dynasty is over so they have a real shot at taking the division.



The Vikings have had back to back solid seasons including beating the Saints in the playoffs again last year. People want to bash Cousins but this team understands who they are. They have a stud RB along with a solid #2 RB to go along with a QB that is great at play action passing. They spent their top 2 draft picks on replacing their most important needs (WR and CB). They also had an amazing draft class. They will be right there again as a top 8 team in the NFL.



The Bucs already had a very good team. Arguably the best WR duo, now 3 solid TE's, and a top ranked rush defense. Tom Brady improves the QB position as well as Tristan Wirfs will improve the RT position immediately. I am not sure if the rest of the team is ready for the playoffs but Brady will get them there and if they catch fire, you never know.



The Seahawks have possibly the best QB in the NFL. Wilson is a magician with the football, he evades defenders, the can throw any pass and he can run. If only his front office actually cared about him and knew how to draft they could actually been in contention for the Super Bowl. Instead Wilson has to carry them and they will only make the playoffs.

10 TEN


A lot of people think this team over achieved last year. Tannehill and Henry had all star/career seasons. Can they repeat it? Well, everything is in place for that to happen. The drafted a huge RT to keep their dominant ground and pound attack going so that Tannehill can make those play action throws. They improved in the draft and should be in the mix as long as everyone stays healthy. AJ Brown will also be in his 2nd year and should only improve. The defense needs more pass rush and if they sign Clowney they will move into the top 5.

11 PHI


The Eagles have a Super Bowl winning roster if they could just stay healthy. I liked their offseason, getting Slay is helpful and their draft was solid. I like the Hurts pick as Wentz had been hurt for every postseason run, they need a high caliber backup at the most important position. They also got a great pick at WR that should help were they have really lost talent and had injuries. If everyone stays healthy this is a Super Bowl team but that hasn't happened for 2 seasons.

12 DET


The Lions are my surprise bounce back year. They were very good until Stafford got hurt. They did trade away a great player but they got a superstar in Okudah. I think he could have the rookie impact of Denzel Ward at CB. They improved at OL, got edge rushers and got a rookie RB that can be dynamite. This team will be in the playoffs.

13 DAL


I loved the Cowboys draft. Their top 2 picks should start at WR and CB. They could have an offense that is possibly the bet in the NFL with Prescot, Cooper, Gallup, Lamb and Elliott. If their LB's stay healthy they could be a sneaky good team.

14 IND


The Colts had a Super Bowl team before Luck retired. Now with Rivers they have a potential to get back. Rivers is no Luck but the team improved in many ways plus they still have arguably the best offensive line in the NFL.

15 ATL


The Falcons have an all star offense that should once again be in the top 10 of the NFL. Hurst should be a solid replacement at TE, they needed to get a better at RB in the draft and missed it. If the defense can play like they did at the end of last season then they'll make the playoffs and contend.

16 PIT


The Steelers own a top 5 defense and if Big Ben is healthy they should be playoff team. I am not convinced that he will be anything close to what he used to be and the Steelers failed to pick a young QB which will be a huge mistake. They should sign Cam Newton. if they have a QB they are good.

17 HOU


Bill O'Brien is a bum and I will once again offer my services as the Texans GM. I will take the job and only ask for half the pay. O'Brien has ruined the Texans which is sad because they have a dynamic young QB that has carried this team. If only they had improved the o-line and not traded away the best WR in football. Their defense has also slowly gotten worse so they could really struggle to make the playoffs this year.

18 CLE


The Browns hype train is running again. The Browns have won the offseason two years in a row. Great free agent signings and the best draft this franchise has had since they came back into the league. The Browns have seemingly filled their huge issue on the offensive line, they got more dynamic at TE got some good young players on defense. Mayfield needs to step up in his 3rd year and if he does the offense could explode. Garrett needs to keep his helmet on and just play the kind of football he was before he got suspended. They should be in the playoffs but we need to see the games before we move them any higher.

19 ARI


This team looked great last year as they were competitive and have the most important thing a franchise QB. They also had a great draft as Simmons should be defensive rookie of the year. I think it's a mistake to play him primarily at LB, he should be safety like he was in college. Jones was a great pick up as well. The addition of Hopkins will make this team dynamic and a fringe playoff team.

20 NYJ


Sam Darnold looks like he could be the real thing at QB. They just need to get better at offensive line and WR. They signed some free agents and drafted a raw but potential stud at LT. If this teams puts all the pieces together they could make a playoff run.

21 LA


The Rams have been a disaster since losing the Super Bowl. Their offensive line has gotten worse and they have done nothing to improve it. They traded away too much for a star CB which will hurt them long term because they don't have the $ to pay him anyway. The draft was okay but they could have done way better with their two 2nd round picks which will cause them to miss the playoffs again.

22 OAK


The Raiders were a fringe playoff team last year and they improved in free agency but missed some chances to improve more in the draft. They should have taken with Jeudy or Lamb over Ruggs and Bowden and Edwards seem like a lot of draft capital at WR when Ruggs and Bowden would have been enough. The biggest question is can Carr or Marriotta be the answer?

23 CHI


The Bears needed to get better at offensive line, not just QB. I think they missed what the real issue was. Trubisky might not be the answer but the o-line was bad last year. They should have spent more draft capital to fix it. I think they will continue to bottom out.

24 NEP


The Patriots have a top 3 defense and that will continue. The issue was on offense. If the Patriots hadn't butchered the draft, maybe they could have set themselves up to succeed with their young QB. Imagine if they had taken Shenault, Claypool or Mims at WR and then taken Trautman, Bryant or Hopkins at TE instead of two unknowns. The Patriots have struggled in the draft for several years now and it's starting to show.

25 DEN


The Broncos did a very good job of added great young weapons to their offense. If everything comes together they could be dynamic in the next few years. They also have Chubb coming back and if fully healthy those 2 (Chubb and Miller) could be the most lethal edge rushing duo in the NFL again. This team is still 1-2 years from making a playoff run. But heading in the right direction.

26 NYG


The Giants had a really good draft and they are setting themselves up for a good future. I loved their additions to the offensive line. Way to commit to your young QB. Imagine if the Seahawks or Texans had done the same thing. As long as Jones takes the next steps this team should be a playoff team in the next few years.

27 SDC


This team is a Super Bowl caliber team with a really good QB. They should sign Cam Newton. They could also try to trade for Aaron Rodgers as I am sure he is pissed, I would be. Taylor nor Herbert can carry this team to the playoffs. They need to make a big move as Herbert is 2 years away from being an NFL QB. Imagine if they had taken a stud LT at #6 and signed Cam Newton? They would be a top 10 team.

28 CAR


The Panthers have made some good offseason improvements and had a good draft. They signed a solid QB and then didn't give him the tools to succeed. They needed a starting LT over a DT and they needed a solid back up RB and a TE. Instead they spent every draft pick on defense which wasn't terrible because their defense wasn't great. I think they could have done better to be competitive right away.

29 CIN


The Bengals had an okay offseason. Yes, they got a franchise QB but they overpaid for some defensive players and didn't improve the offensive line enough. Burrow is a stud and will do great but this team is still several years for being a playoff team.

30 MIA


Miami had a great offseason as they got better in pass coverage which is vital and they drafted their franchise QB but he needs a year off and the offensive line is still really bad. They are headed in the right direction but still two years from being a playoff caliber team.

31 JAC


The Jags are a terrible franchise. None of their star players want to stay and they have a poor offensive line. Their defense was pathetic last year and it will take a while to fix it. Mineshaw could be the answer at QB but needs more talent around him.

32 WAS


The Redskins are in the right direction as they have a franchise QB and a stud defensive end but they have very little talent and are a long way off from being able to compete.

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