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Gxd333's NFL Power Rankings
Published at 4/5/2019 12:32:54 PM

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The #1 most important ingredient is a star QB which they have. The Saints should have been in the Super Bowl if it wasn't for the most blatant missed call I've every seen in an NFL playoff game. The Saints added Jared Cook at tight end which could just be amazing for their offense. I don't see this team regressing, I see them as mad and hungry.



Carson Wentz should be healthy and their defense should be better. These team is very talented.



A healthy Aaron Rodgers automatically makes your team a Super bowl contender. I love what they have done on defense. If they add some protection and weapons for Rodgers in the draft they could be the favorites.



Andrew Luck is healthy again and looking like himself. Plus his offensive line is amazing so he should stay healthy. I really like this team's chances now that Luck has a year under his belt.



Their offense is amazing but their defense has gotten worse. They did a really good job of out scoring everyone. Mahomes could be better but defenses will have had an entire off-season to mind a way to slow them down.



The Patriots lost some good players (Brown and Flowers) but that seems to happen every year and they seem to always be in the mix because of Brady and Belichick are geniuses.



DeShawn Watson and Hopkins along with their defense makes them a contender. Their issue is a bottom 3 offensive tackle tandem and weak cornerback play.



The Chargers have a very excellent team. If they improve at RT and depth wise they could make a real run at the Super Bowl.

9 LA


Jared Goff really struggled in the Super Bowl but a lot of QB's do against the Patriots. Their offense is great, their defense needs to improve and it's really hard to keep to the Super Bowl in back to back years.

10 ATL


Matt Ryan and the offense are great but they had so many injuries that they couldn't compete. If everyone stays healthy they have a chance to make a run.

11 CHI


Every team in my top 10 has a QB that I think can lead them to a Super Bowl victory. Maybe Trubisky can but I'm not sure yet. Their defense is dominate which really helps.

12 CLE


The Browns have the highest expectations since I was born in 1980. Can they live up to it as a franchise that has failed miserably, has a rookie coach and a 2nd year QB? I think they will be much better and compete for the AFC North crown but the Super Bowl dream will probably have to wait another year or two.

13 JAC


Nick Foles is a massive upgrade at QB, not statistically but in leadership, drive, and experience. They have a great defense just like Philly did to help Foles as well.

14 SEA


Russel Wilson is a stud and if this team would just draft some OL man what a QB he could be. But, they have no OL and their defense isn't dominate anymore. They are stuck in playoff land until those things improve.

15 DAL


Dallas might have a stud QB, time will tell. This team needs some pieces to make a real run.

16 SFO


If Jimmy can stay healthy they are a playoff team. Can he play a full year?

17 CAR


Newton is starting to wear down and they are paying for not having a better OL. Their window is running out.

18 PIT


The Steelers have no defense and I think the locker room is a mess. They probably miss the playoffs again.

19 TEN


Marriota has not proven he can stay healthy, until that changes they are a fringe playoff team.

20 DEN


This team really added some pieces to get better and make the playoffs but Flacco doesn't have enough juice for a super bowl run.

21 MIN


Their OL and defense aren't good enough for us to answer the question if Cousins is an elite QB or just good.

22 CIN


part of me wants to rate them higher, they were 4-1 before a string of injuries ruined their season. Can they stay healthy? Do they have the talent to actually compete? Their off-season free agent signings are pointing to disaster.

23 BAL


I know they made the playoffs last year but the Browns got better, the Bengals should be better by default and the defense got worse. Can Lamar Jackson learn how to make teams pay for loading the box? If he can, they team could be unstoppable.

24 NYJ


Good young pieces and they should be a contender in a few years.

25 BUF


Good young pieces and they should be a contender in a few years.

26 DET


They added a few players but can they actually win some games?

27 OAK


What in the world is this team doing? will they trade a ton of picks for Murray? Are they rebuilding or making a run now?

28 WAS


The QB position isn't stable so this team is going nowhere for now.

29 NYG


Umm, you trade away all your good players but keep the old, crappy QB?

30 TBB


This team can't be taken seriously with Winston at QB.

31 ARI


Rosen is terrible, I can't imagine them keeping him when they have the #1 pick. But even if they draft Murray they team will struggle.

32 MIA


Miami is clearly tanking to get a high draft pick next year. They will be terrible.

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