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Ryan Fitzpatrick: The Greatest Backup QB of All Time
Published at 9/11/2018
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This Sunday, Ryan Fitzpatrick ruined pretty much everyone's hopes of winning their Survivor pools for this season by torching the Saints secondary in New Orleans to the tune of over 400 yards and 4 TDs. It was the most shocking display of football I've ever seen in my many years of watching the NFL. I still can't believe it. However, as a Bills fan, I have come up with the Fitzmagic Theory over the years, a strange and complex theory that doesn't make much sense. 

The Fitzmagic Theory is the belief that certain quarterbacks thrive as backups, yet falter when they are promoted to be the starter. The best examples of this theory in action are Fitzpatrick, Jeff Hostetler, Steve Beuerlein, and most recently Nick Foles. All of these passers (outside of Beuerlein's fluky season in 1999) have been fantastic, premium backups who have either choked, gotten hurt, or just can't handle the extra attention from a defense once they start taking him seriously. However, when they relieve the starter due to injury or suspension, they always seem to play lights out. This past week, when Fitzpatrick mercilessly destroyed the Saints defense, confirmed my theory and coined the term. 

Don't be surprised if Ryan Fitzpatrick gets named the starter in the near future, and the Fitzmagic disappears.

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