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4.9 Bears Specific Big Board 3.0 (30 slot)
Published at 4/9/2016
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    Bears specific Big Board. This is a board that ranks players the Chicago Bears should take 1 -31. Of course they pick 11th, but they could also trade down. Chances are some on this board will be available for the Bears pick early in the second round as well. In my opinion there are three key factors to building a board such as this: 1) Need, 2) Money ( rookie deals are significant savings) We know that average salaries rank QB, Rush, WR, LT etc.

Based on the first two criteria logically the more expensive positions have a premium to draft because the estimated 2016 salary at number 11 is 2,368,521. The third criteria is valuing plug and play positions, in other words if we choose my number one rated QB (Wentz) or Goff we save a bundle, but they are sitting behind Cutler. Therefore choosing a player who should be an immediate starter (Hargraves, Tunsil, Elliott,Stanley etc) has a significant value as well. You might have figured out based on this I rate the injured players like Smith, Jack, Lawson Fuller slightly lower than others, However, I am a big fan of Fuller (as are Walt and Charlie) and specifically with the Bears because of the intangible of chemistry, pairing him with his brother could pay huge dividends.

Let's look at what I consider the Bears biggest needs. Generally it is defense and particularly the front seven, the back four,and QB. RBand WR are also areas of need. The other consideration is appraising this drafts strengths and weaknesses. Fortunately it is a deep and exceptional draft in our specific needs. My opinion is the weaker a draft is the more a team should opt for the best player available and the stronger and deeper it is at a teams specific needs the focus should be more on need as opposed to best available. Finally character and leadership are also factors

1)  Tunsil  zero chance he will be there.
2)  Wentz slight chance
3)  Ramsey no chance
4)  Jack slight chance
5)  Buckner slight chance
6)  Stanley chance 
7)  Bosa slight chance  
8)  Goff slight chance
9)  Elliott chance
10) Lynch good chance
11) Treadwell
12) Hargraves
13) Conklin
14) Dodd
15) Floyd
16 Robinson 
17) Lawson
18) Decker
19) K Fuller  Perhaps Charlie Campbell and I are alone in this high opinion (Charlie has him higher than Ramsey!)
20) Braxton Miller. Miller is a freak and could save a roster spot if you make him a 3'd QB too or he could be on Special Teams
21) Apple
22) WB Jackson
23) R Henry
24) Burns
25) Spence
26) Spriggs
27) Coleman
28) Billings
29) Ogbah
30) J Smith

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