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4.3 DRAFT Pandering to Walt and Charlie via
Published at 4/3/2016
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    Like most fans I look at a fair amount of Mock Drafts it is contagious and it is more contagious when your team is picking in the top half of the draft. The reason for this is there are less (or some might say) real possibilities the closer we get to the top. In my case as a Bears fan, my team holds the eleventh pick and this means I am looking at more mock's than I did last year at seven. To mention the obvious any team can pick or trade up or down, (they can actually pass also). Only a very few credible mocks have trades and if they do usually it is not more than a couple in the first round. Trades complicate any mock and erode credibility because the mocker goes from an almost sure thing ( making the pick) to a huge maybe (trading the pick). Furthermore it is not just determining if a pick is traded but with whom. I have a new idea for this that the experts might buy into and it is to add a percentage to each pick of the likelihood of the pick being traded. 

    I like Walt's site because it is not only informative and interactive it is progressive. I like the database, prospect writeups and the search as well. Other sites I frequent are Drafttek where I like the trade value chart and the second position option on their Big Board. I like CBS for their prospect analysis and projected round (as Walt offers also). I like Mayock at but lets show an example of why I am not as high on's other expects. You see if you consider yourself a strategist, evaluator or even a critic balance is important. Almost all experts will readily admit that this draft one where QB need meets supply and a lesser case (but still significant) can be made for tackles and corners where need is also substantial and supply varies. The example I mentioned is that all eight of the experts have Paxton Lynch going to Denver at 30 today. Neither Walt or Charlie do and wisely so. 
Should Paxton Lynch go at 30 to Denver I will kiss Eisen's butt at noon on a Friday of your choosing in Times Square. 

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