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Dear Walt, Charlie and Dennis
Published at 12/8/2017
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. 

I wanted to thank you three (and the rest of your team) for the site and your work, but most of all for including WE the Fans for so many years. In Walt and Charlie's case it is a thankless passion, when I read some of the comments you two get, I admire your thick skins and restraint. For my part I've only been here for three years, but man some of the comments NON experts (like me) get are frustrating. The games some of these children play from trolling to doling out poor grades so their mock will look better on the board is I guess to be expected. Maybe I am just an old non geeky fart, but I try to be cognizant that there are two experts here and the rest of us are supposed to be part of a community. When the site is missing something or is down I send you guys a note, I don't bitch, I am trying to help. If someone's mock sucks or they are new I don't explode with personal attacks, I try to encourage them. When I see a detailed mock I realize the mocker has put some time in it whether I agree or not and this is a contribution to the community, We sure don't have to worry about those rah rahing because that rarely happens here. 

None of this is your fault as Kraft famously said "haters love to hate" For me (as my name suggests( I am a Bears fan and YEP like EVERYONE else here (except the experts) I give my team a favorable draft and sure, I hate giving the Pack a pick at all (let alone a fair pick) I'm sure NYG fans feel the same with Eagles or Cowboys. The Steelers vs Bengals, Pats vs anybody, Skins vs Cowboys,  etc... In any case that is the RANT  portion of this RANT and I'll sum up with just a simple thanks! 

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