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How an 8 team playoff should work with committee guidelines
Published at 12/3/2017
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I think it's already time for the playoff to expand. We're leaving out too many teams that deserve to be in. This is how an 8 team playoff should work:

First, a quick 8 team rule before comparisons go in: 

Every power 5 champ gets in

The best group of 5 team gets in

Any best 2at-large teams using the comparison tool they've been using (another version after these)They should have it so that the teams get 2 weeks to prepare and play these games in the middle of December. Then the winners move on to whichever 2 games are in rotation, and the losers are sent to fill 2 of the remaining 4 new years 6 bowls (the other 2 are filled out earlier). Then they get another 2 weeks of preparation and then play the semifinals, then another week of preparation for the National Championship. Quite simply, it is an amazing idea.

Then when comparing for rankings or which at-large team to put in, do the criteria like this:

1. Strength of schedule wins, losses, etc.

2. Conference Championship

3. Head to Head

4. Head to head vs common opponents

5. Weight of wins and losses

Through this criteria, you will get the best teams in the country into an 8 team playoff.

What the 2017-18 playoff would look like:

1. Clemson vs 8. UCF

2. Oklahoma vs 7. USC  / Auburn

3. Georgia vs 6. Wisconsin

5. Alabama vs 4. Ohio State


1. Alabama vs 8. Western Michigan

2. Clemson vs 7. Oklahoma

3. Ohio State vs 6. Michigan/USC

5. Washington vs 4. Penn State


1. Clemson vs 8. Houston

2. Alabama vs 7. Ohio State

3. Michigan State vs 6. Stanford

4. Oklahoma vs 5. Iowa


1. Alabama vs 8. Boise State

2. Oregon vs 7. Mississippi State

3. Florida State vs 6. TCU

4. Ohio State vs 5. Baylor

So, committee, would you take on this playoff? Please do. The whole country wants it. Plus, more money for you.

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