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The Kirk Cousins FACTOR (2018)
Published at 11/10/2017
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Today we are going break down the soon to be free agent and his impact on the 2018 draft. Like some of you, I look at many “experts” mocks and many non-expert mocks. Most experts are timid about mocking trades, yet trades at the top are frequent and define a draft. Therefore it is always a bit ridiculous the “experts” shun trades in their mocks (or perhaps even lazy). The trade deadline has passed, so finally we will see the “experts” begrudgingly address 1st round trades, and this acquiescence will pick up steam all the way until the draft. Barring a proven younger QB being unexpectedly traded, or a superior veteran, Kirk Cousins future is the top game changer of the 2018 draft. 

He’s not happy in Washington; he already has buckets of money, so Mr. Cousins should have two main factors that will determine where he goes. Sure he might stay, but I’d only give that about a 33% chance. Mr. Cousins is a leader who is very much a family man; he is a God fearing man with traditional Midwestern values. I never thought San Francisco was a good fit for him as it is the cradle of liberalism in our country (not to mention Midwesterners also are apprehensive about earthquakes and hurricanes). I know the areas where he grew up in Illinois and Michigan and how family matters to him. Of course there are two sides to every trade and the fact is there are no QB slots available in the Midwest except one. The Midwest also has some great lake houses that come in handy in the off season. 

Of course I’m mocking a trade with Cleveland, because allowing Mr. Cousins to walk away for nothing would be a massive blunder for the Skins. Certainly they do not like it, yet the situation is what it is and demands a trade response. Neither do I think Mr. Cousins is not sympathetic to the situation Washington has put themselves in, fortunately for the Skins, Cousins is one of the rare good guys. In the end Washington helps Mr. Cousins because both can help the other and make a tough situation almost a Win-Win. The second side of the trade is the Browns and there are two major reasons why they pull the trigger. The first is they are one of the very few teams who have the draft ammo to pull this off painlessly. The second is their woeful history of drafting rookie QB’s. Having a QB of Cousins caliber should lift them out of the perennial cellar position and into respectability, plus they still have plenty of draft ammo left to further improve in 2018. Not only is this trade a safe bet for the Browns, it is the smart bet. 

The fact is that Detroit, Indy, Chicago and the Pack are set. The Vikes and Bengals do not have the ammo. Outside of the Midwest, Denver, Zona, Chargers, Jags or Miami don’t have the ammo. I doubt he would move to the Big Apple or either coast or the desert willingly. That leaves NE, Pittsburgh and Buffalo; sure it’s possible Tom Terrific or Big Ben get traded but unlikely. Buffalo has some ammo and might work, but they are less deserate as I see it. The tradeoff for Mr. Cousins is naturally not being traded to a winner, yet the prospects are not as bleak as it appears on the surface. I’d expect at least a three year deal with a 2018 and 2019 first and a 2018 2nd (via Texans) would get the job done. Because certainly Washington is in a bind, pickle and predicament, but all three parties can make it happen if they work together. Looking beyond the trade the Browns still would have the Texans 1st (middle of the pack), two 2nd’s (theirs and Philly’s), top of the 3’d, two 4th’s, two 5th’s, and their 6th and 7th in 2018. Yep they would be down their first in 2019 and that would indeed be painful, but well worth a proven leader like Mr. Cousins.

Are there other logical options? Not any that makes sense as I see it. My bet is that Mr. Cousins and his agents see this too, as do the Browns and Skins. It is not a usual situation, but then Mr. Cousins is not a usual NFL star either. Family and location do not yield to greed it is a scenario with a happy ending for all parties. For my part, I will continue to mock this trade until when and if I am proved wrong. 

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