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NFL Power Rankings and Playoff Predictions, Deadline Talk
Published at 10/30/2017
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Power Rankings post week 8: (Analysis posted Tuesday)

1. Eagles, 7-1: Eagles receive: Jay Ajayi Miami receives: 2018 4th rounder

Eagles: A+ Dolphins: D+

Great move by the Eagles, as if Ajayi could get back to the way he played last year, now with a good O-Line, they could seriously scare all the other teams in the NFL. I think the winner of the NFC will be decided when the Eagles visit Seattle.

2. Steelers, 6-2: Pittsburgh's defense is great, but Big Ben and martavis Bryant need to get into it, so both sides of the ball can be elite. If that happens, they will be in the Super Bowl.

3. Seahawks, 5-2: Seahawks receive: OT Duane Brown, 2018 5th rounder

                            Texans receive: 2018 3rd rounder, 2019 2nd rounder

Good move for both teams, better for Seattle, as they could now somewhat block. Oh, and they beat a good Texans team. So yeah, they're gonna be in the NFC Championship Seattle: A Houston: B-

4. Chiefs, 6-2: The Chiefs got a somewhat convincing win over Denver last week, but i mean, how convincing was it? The offense struggled, though Denver's defense is great. They got the ball inside the 30 twice and failed to score TD's twice. They're not as good as they were a few weeks ago, but they're still the second best AFC team.

5. Vikings, 6-2: After the bye, Teddy Bridgewater may return. This team isn't gonna win the super bowl this year, but when they get all the injured players back next year in Dalvin Cook, not banged up Stefon Diggs, they will seriously likely be the best team in the NFC North, even with Aaron Rodgers back/].

6. Patriots, 6-2: So, did the Pats switch from bad defense to bad offense? I dunno. Belicheck will use this bye week to get his team in shape, but they're not a top 5 NFL team. And also, why trade Jacoby Brissett now? He was great they should've kept

8. Panthers, 5-3: WTF WHY TRADE KELVIN BENJAMIN FOR A 3RD ROUNDER? DEVIN FUNCHESS IS NOT A NUMBER 1 RECEIVER, CURTIS SAMUEL IS A GOOD PLAYER BUT ISN'T READY, AND RUSSELL SHEPHARD IS A SIMPLE SLOT GUY. WHY? Besides that, good win in bad weather in Tampa. Too bad Cam Newton has one less target in an already depleted skill groups 

7. Bills, 5-2: Great trade by the Bills to get KB. Now that's a solid receiving core. Well not amazing, but not awful. Now TT has some good targets. A+ with the excess picks, with a D+ for Carolina. 

Can I just say something about the Bills? WTF ARE THEY? This team is like getting rid of every single player of the previous regime for some reason and grabbing solid replacements. Its really odd.

9. LA Rams, 5-2: OVERRATED. The Rams only have like 1 or 2 or 3 easy games. I doubt they get to the playoffs. Todd Gurley is great, and Goff has progressed, but they're just not good enough yet. Not yet.

11. Saints, 5-2: OVERRATED. The defense will falter, and they only beat the Bears because of awful officiating and the worst overturned TD in the history of football, and even still 2 FF by the Bears almost beat them. They're about to be exposed.

10. Texans, 3-4: The Texans are definitely the best team in the AFC South, and they could've made a super bowl run had Mercilus and Watt not gotten injured. They hung in with Seattle. But the defense just diddn't have enough rush. Too bad they couldn't get Jeremy Lane to help their secondary. 

12. Jaguars, 4-3: Overrated as well. Leonard Fournette is great, as is the defense. They have a bright future. If only there were a QB out there who didn't throw picks all the time and made it to a super bowl... (KAEP)

13. Cowboys, 4-3: So, Zeke is suspended. Or not. Either way, they play the next 6 games: Chiefs, Atlanta, Eagles, Chargers, Washington, and NY. Then a game at Seattle when he returns. If they can beat the Eagles once, and also go 5-2 in the other games, they still have a chance at the playoffs. Plus, they don't NEED Zeke. 

15. Bears, 3-5: UNDERRATED. The Bears could make a playoff run with an easy second half of the season. Run game and defense is good. PASSING game needs a ton of improvement, as Trubisky needs to limit TO's.

14. Falcons, 4-3:

16. Titans, 4-3:

17. Raiders, 3-5:

18. Lions, 3-4:

20. Broncos, 3-4

19. Ravens, 4-4:

21. Washington, 4-4:

22. Dolphins, 4-3:

23. LA CHargers, 3-5:

24. Buccaneers, 2-5:

25. Packers, 4-3:

26. Bengals, 3-5:

27. Cardinals, 3-4:

28. NY Jets, 3-5:

29. NY Giants, 1-6

30. Colts, 2-6

31. SF 49ers, 0-8: JIMMY G!

32. Browns, 0-8:

Playoff predictions:

NFC: 1. Seahawks

2. Eagles

3. Panthers:

4. Vikings

5. Cowboys

6/7. Bears

7/6. Falcons

8. Rams'9. Bucs

10. Saints

11. Lions

12. Packers

13. Cardinals

14. Giants

15. Washington

16. 49ers

AFC: 1. Steelers

2. Chiefs

3. Patriots

4. Texans

5. Bills

6,7,8,9,10. Broncos/Ravens/Raiders/Dolphins/Titans

11. Jaguars

12. Bengals

13. Chargers

14. Jets

15. Colts

16. Browns


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