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Published at 9/27/2017
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Well, that weekend was crazy. But besides all the protests, there actually was some action happening. Let's recap with my thoughts:

-The Thunder did a great job of acquiring Melo for pennies on the dollar, as Enes Kanter was taking minutes away from Steven Adams while being woeful defensively, while McDermott was just a nice bench scorer. They didn't give up much, and they easily won the trade and became likely the second best team in the West. A semifinals trip is guaranteed, but it's not 100% that they're going to get to the conference finals\

-As for the Knicks, they begin rebuilding around Kristaps Porzingis on a team with centers making up a humongous amount of their salary cap. Phl Jackson pushed Melo's trade price way down, which was very unfortunate. The Knicks will be bad, but not worse than the Bulls, Hawks, Or Nets

-Speaking of the Bulls, they finally bought out D-Wade, which they should've done a while back. They get back 8 of his 24 mil, so it was solid

-The Cavs got Wade on a minimum contract, a great move, that unfortunately doesn't put them past the Warriors. He'll fit in well with LeBron, but he needs to shoot better and play better D. Also why is he starting? For real though, Why?


-The corrupt Rick Pitino is finally gone. Seriously, when the FBI gets involved, you know sh*t is going down.


-The Bears did an amazing job establishing their running game with Tarik Cohen and Jordan Howard while halting the Steelers dynamic offense to just 17 points and Le'Veon Bell to just 97 yards total. They also forced 2 turnovers. If they could continue that and get some mediocre play at least from the QB spot, they could be playoff contenders, even with all the injuries

-The Steelers have gotten off the a sluggish start, but I wouldn't be too worried. Bell missed all of camp, so it may take a few weeks to get into a groove. Antonio Brown already has been great. Big Ben just needs to play better and put his entire heart into it. And the defense needs to play better vs the run. Then they'll be fine. Can't get run over like they did vs Chicago

-The Rams offense looks like it could be solid for years to come, while the defense played well early but sucked at the end. It's usually the opposite, so expect things to be little less score heavy next time. Same for the 49ers, but they're gonna again be one of the bottom 5 teams.

-The Texans have finally found their QB in DeShaun Watson. He almost single-handedly pulled off an upset of the Patriots, (thank God picked Hou in the spread) but lost due to a last minute TD drive. He led his team down the field continuously, and if he keeps up that work, and the running game gets into it, and Duane Brown returns, and the secondary plays better, then they could beat the Titans for the AFC South

-The Patriots defense needs to play much better, as does the running game, but otherwse, things look good for the passing game. Brandin Cooks and Chris Hogan as well as Gronk had great games vs Houston, so continue to see the Pats do well there, although not as well as this game. The defense really sucks, though

-Seattle has been unable to get the running game and the passing game both going at once, as they had neither vs GB, run vs SF, and pass vs Ten. Their defense was great weeks 1 and 2, and while they struggled against Tennessee, should bounce back with relative ease. The key will be to get Chris Carson and Thomas Rawls going at the same time as the passing game.

-Tennessee looks good offensively, but the secondary still has issues, and so does the front 7.  They look like the favorites in the south, but they won't beat Houston with that struggling defense.

-Cincinnati sucks. There's no way around it. They finally threw to AJ Green vs GB, and it worked, then stopped in the second half and easily allowed the Pakcers to catch up, and then blowing it in OT. They suck. They're gonna have another top 10 pick this year.

-Green Bay is another team, like Chicago, Minnesota, Los Angeles Chargers and Ravens, that is suffering quite a few injuries. They're 2-1, but there is reason for a bit of concern as the defense struggled after week 1 and Aaron Rodgers has turned the ball over 4 or 5 times through just 3 games, which is abnormal. The running game is surprisingly doing fine, but watch ROdger's turnover count.

-Washington's win was a fluke. They hardly have a defense, so the Raiders just came unprepared. The offense is gonna be good but not great without the running game, but Cousins needs to spread the ball around a little more.

-The Raiders need to put the last loss way behind them and get back to what they were doing: Pound the ball and hit Crabtree and Cooper. Carr has been mostly fine. But their defense is extremely inept, so if that doesn't improve, a first round playoff exit is likely

-The Cowboys bounced back, though Zeke Elliot somewhat struggled, as did Dez Bryant, but if they can get back in a groove, along with the newfound pass rushing skills of Demarcus Lawrence and Dak Prescott's return, they will be a playoff team again.

-The Cardinals are mostly lost without David Johnson, except for Larry Fitzgerald. Carson Palmer wasn't too bad these few weeks, but the O-Line may be one of the worst in the leagues, and the defense is struggling. The defense will be fine, but the O-Lie problems will continue for this 1-2 team

-The Dolphins were atrocious vs the Jets, as they couldn't get a running game and the defense was constantly torched. The defense will be an issue all year, but if Ajayi can actually run well, it's ope up the passing lanes for Cutler to Parker and Landry, and it should happen next week.

-The Jets were bound to win a game with their solid defense and RB. They'll likely go 2-14 and get the 1st pick.

-The Browns are better than 0-3,but injuries to DeShone Kizer and Myles Garrett have hurt. They should be able to pull out some wins as long as those 2 come back healthy. 

-The Falcons are currently the best team in the NFL, but they are clearly vulnerable. Their offense has been fine, except for Ryan's picks. The defense has been great too. They're fine. They'll likely win the South

-The Buccaneers lost because of injuries, but there should be some concern. Winston needs to flow better in the offense, though he's not getting help from the running game. The defense will go back to solid once Kwon Alexander, Gerald McCoy and Lavonte David.

-The Panthers need a better offens and defense, but they should end up being great on both sides in a few weeks. They can't allow 34 points by the Saints next time

-New Orleans has a solid offense, but the defense is again terrible. Sure, they were average against Carolina, but that won't always happen.

-The Lions have surprised me, and they will probably keep doing what they've been doing, but still, they will end up being a .500 team, as they'll cool down the stretch,, even with a solid offense

-The Vikings will likely win the NFC North (unless my Bears do it) as their defense is great and the running game is great and Stefon Diggs has really stepped up, even with Sam Bradford and Case Keenum as their QB

-The Eagles are gonna win the East and the Cowboys will be runners-up, as the Eagles, if they can patch up the sd=econdary a bit more, already have a great air game and decent ground game with a solid front 7, and haven't shown a ton of flaws as of now

-The Giants need to bounce back badly, and their offense needs to better, ESPECIALLY the ground game. The defense is also uncharacteristically struggling, so they need to try harder

-The Ravens are not gonna make the playoffs without Marshal Yanda, but they will remain competitive with their defense and occasional good offensive drives

-The Colts will likely be 1-4 when Andrew Luck finally comes back

-The Jaguars have been good so far, but Blake Bortles will falter, though Fournette and the defense look legit

-The Bills are for some reason  not tanking. Anyhow, they'll remain compettitive and end up about .500

-The Broncos have been doing great, and they could easily make the playoffs

-The Chargers have too many injuries and are struggling anyways



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