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Through 2 weeks CFB 2017-18 Thoughts
Published at 9/15/2017
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We are about to begin week 3 in the College Football 2017-2018 season, and we have already had quite a bit of incredible action (as well as one extremely unfortunate injury). But before we get to the third week, let's look back on the first 2 weeks, as well as some revised predictions.


-Alabama looks a vulnerable team that may end up going undefeated, but I doubt they finish atop the country come January. They're definitely not gonna have more than 1 loss after beating FSU with help from an injury, but games against LSU and Auburn, as well as the SEC championship games pose challenges. But at the moment, I think they'll go 12-1 and lose in the first round of the CFP.

-Florida State is gonna probably end up 10-2, with another loss to Clemson, though the Louisville game will be dangerous. Losing Deondre' Francois hurts immediately, but the defense should still be amazing and the offense has enough talent to be solid without Francois. They could potentially still be a New Year's 6 team, but they should absolutely not be the favorites in the ACC anymore, as it should now be Clemson.

-Speaking of Clemson, they've done great through 2 weeks, though the offense with Kelly Bryant still needs some work, though they played a good defense in Auburn. The defense is arquably the best in the nation, especially the interior D-Line, but it's hard to see them getting to the championship game in the CFP against powerhouse defenses like OSU or Alabama or others without much talent around Kelly Bryant besides 2 solid receivers in Deon Cain and

-Oklahoma has been great through 2 weeks, beating Ohio State, who we will get to next. Baker Mayfield, though I dislike him, has been amazing through 2 games, destroying UTEP week 1 with only 1 incompletion, then getting the better of Ohio State most of the game, though missed field goals and dropped touchdowns ruined his stat line and the scoreboard. The Oklahoma defense also shut out OSU's offense most of the game, not allowing Parris Campbell to get free and limiting the Buckeye's great running attack with Mike Weber, JK Dobbins, and JT Barrett. Oklahoma is a sleeper team to win it all, and I think they are trending toward having a Big 12 team in the CFP, instead of a Pac-12 team (sorry USC)

-Ohio State, meanwhile, took some time to find their groove against Indiana in week 1, but they did solidly all around. Week 2, the defense wasn't as good, but they weren't that bad, as the Sooners got some good field position, and tired out the Buckeyes. There has to be some concern with the downfield passing game, and they NEED JT Barrett to do better in the passing game. The running game is mostly fine, and as long as they seemingly beat Michigan and Penn State, they should still make it to the CFP.

-USC is a confusing team as of now. They didn't exactly beat Western Michigan by a big margin, and also beat Stanford by the same margin. USC is obviously going to in contention all year with Sam Darnold, but with a tough schedule against Notre Dame, Washington State, and UCLA, and a struggling defense, I see them ending up as the Power 5 conference champions looking in. Oklahoma just looks better than them, and that makes it more likely Oklahoma and the Big 12 get in. USC should be in the top non-CFP game.

-Other notes of interest: Florida and Michigan, if they can get quality QB play, could be near top 10 teams. South Florida looks like the best non-Power 5 team by far. LSU, Georgia, and the SEC look good. Most teams have done as people expected, though with some surprises, like Maryland beating Texas.

New Predictions:

End of year top 10:

1. Ohio STate 11-1

2. Alabama Crimson Tide 11-1

3. Clemson Tigers 11-1

4. Oklahoma Sooners 11-1

5. USC Trojans 11-1

6. Penn State 11-1

8. Washington Huskies 10-2

7. LSU Tigers 11-1

9. Florida State Seminoles 10-2

10. Oklahoma State Cowboys 10-2


1 OSU over 4 Oklahoma

3 CLemson over 2 Alabama

1 OSU over 3 Clemson

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